Ontario Chapter – Originals

[L-R] Roy McCatty, Mike (Mello) Lym, Patrick (Skedron) Smith, Neil Dalhouse, Peter Rickards, Robbie Vernon, Ray Jackson
[Founding Members - STGC|OBA] [Archive Photo circa. 1984]

Honouring 34 years of St. George’s College Old Boys’ Association | Ontario Chapter.

“Fellow Georgians, family and friends, since 1985 we have done great things together for our Ontario Georgian family and for St. George’s College in Jamaica. Come celebrate with us…”

Spearheaded by Patrick Skedron Smith; a small group of Old Boys in Toronto, Ontario got together on 29th April 1984 and selected a chairperson, lawyer Peter Rickards, to oversee a Steering Committee comprised of Neil Dalhouse, Robbie Vernon, Winston Cooke, Roy Mc Catty, Dennis Chang, Ray Jackson and Patrick Smith himself.

They would during the ensuing year draft and framework a Constitution, recruit potential members for the formation of a chapter and also engage in some fellowship and fund-raising activities for the school.

On March 3, 1985 the Chapter was formed at the first AGM with the Election of Peter Rickards as its first President and a Board comprising the original Steering Committee members.

From those humble beginnings and guided by its Presidents and Board, the Association and its members, many leaders in community service in our adopted country Canada, have become a heavy provider of financial support to the school. It grants a C$1500 annual scholarship to the children and grandchildren of Ontario members.

Our two annual newsletters Spring and Fall are mailed to most of our nearly 700 members and their families living mainly in Canada, the States, Jamaica and other countries worldwide, helping to keep alive school awareness and also the activities and accomplishments of its members and families globally.

Four members of our Ontario Chapter have been inducted into the St. George’s College Hall of Fame in Jamaica. They are,  Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong (2000), G Raymond Chang (2006), Robbie Vernon (2008), and Carl Chang (2012). They join renowned Georgian’s who include  Monsignor Gladstone Wilson, Archbishop Lawrence Burke S.J, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Anthony Chen.

St. George’s College Old Boys’ Association Presidents

Peter Rickards (1984-1985) | Neil Dalhouse (1986-1987) | Derek Potopsingh (1988-1989) | Peter Hitchins (1990-1991) | John Chavannes 1992-1993 | Bob Wills (1994-1997) | Warren Abbott (1998-2001) | Donald Barnett (2002-2003) | Robbie Vernon (2004-2005) | Daniel Ho Lung (2006-2007) | Chris Chin (2008-2009) | Milton Hart (2010-2011) | Fred Kennedy (2012-2013) | Gary Thompson (2014) | Benito Palomino (2015- 2017) | Andre Gregory (2017-)

The newsletter and other information is available on our main website www.stgcfundraiser.ca