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St. George’s College Old Boys’ Association, ON, Ca                                                               Newsletter, Issue # 59, Nov. 2010 (pg3)

2010 Annual Summer Ball

On Friday July 30, we held our 14th annual summer ball, the main fundraiser for our alma mater which is celebrating its 160th anniversary.  We were also celebrating the  25th anniversary of our Ontario chapter.

At the Pearson International Centre, a crowd of 700 guests danced away the evening to the music of Jay Douglas and the All-Stars and to our own, Pluto Shervington.

President, Milton Hart opened the evening by welcoming special guests headed by Mr. John Sprovieri, Regional Councilor for the City of Brampton, who brought greetings from the City and presented a special “Thank You “ Plaque to our association. Other special guests from Jamaica were The Most Hon. Edward Seaga, former Prime Minister, the Hon. Marlene Malahoo Forte, Senator and Minister of State, Justice Ian Forte and school principal, Margaret Campbell.

Thanks to all our very hardworking executive, and especially our Ball chair Daniel Ho Lung for the planning and execution of a most successful  event  which included raffles, door prizes and a silent auction. Thanks too to all our supporters, many coming from outside Canada; Drs. Errol & Joy Reid from Maryland- they never miss the event: Patrick Simpson from Chicago; Bernie & Marcie Chin, all the way from Simi Valley California. A special thanks to our sponsors and donors to whom we are extremely grateful:  CI Investments, Jamaica National Building Society, Red Lobster, Scotia Bank, CIBC, Western Union, Hitachi Canada, Victoria Mutual, Grace Kennedy (Ontario), Appleton Estate, Air Jamaica, Atlas Tire, Delta Hotels, Sandals, Wilson Niblett, Feature Fitness, Nicey’s, Alliance Films Inc, Master Gardeners, and artist, Sarah Kennedy.

We are already in the planning for next year’s ball held traditionally on the Caribana weekend in Toronto.  See you again then.

Fred Kennedy

2010 StGC, Alpha & Immaculate Picnic

Rain a Fall, Breeze a Blow, John and Milton Out -A – Door

Well, one Sunday near the end of August, I arose to an overcast sky and blowing rain.

Normally I would bless the day and lay for another hour. But no, couldn’t do that this day. StGC was having a Picnic with Alpha and Immaculate, and it was always an inborn desire to seize the opportunity to interact with ladies from both schools. So I packed up my things and headed off (silently hoping that the sky would clear).

As I entered the park the rain stopped. I took that as a sign, my faith was now tested and I had passed.  Well ??

Two things greeted me as I drove in, Fred Kennedy’s smile and John Flynn with Ray Chang’s Ice Cream, One warm, One Cold – both heartwarming. Needless to say I had to unload while my three women wondered off to explore what the park had to offer.

The common table was loaded with great food. What a spread it was, lots of jerk and whatever went with Jerk. Of course I had to engage with Ray’s Ice Cream prior to doing any serious exploring, well, I suppose once a year is not so bad. (Better had in at least a pint sized cup to appreciate the great bouquet – rum & raisin/grapenut)

How can I describe the warm welcome from those gathered, Robbie Vernon, my fellow Georgians and the Alpha and Immaculate Ladies, “Could we say it was such warmth that forced to rain to go elsewhere? (I think so).

Yvonne Lyew had name tags ready for everyone. Presidents Milton Hart -StGC, Katie Sani –ICHS and Karen Yee, Alpha were kept busy ensuring all had a good time.

Now I would be remiss if I did not mention a certain stew peas pot that was emptied as soon as it appeared. I believe next year I will have to quarantine that stews peas pot for further scrutiny (all in the name of quality control, of course).

We all ate, laughed, ate some more, drank, ate some more; and then it was time for the games.  Now Richard Saunders and Pat Garel came all prepared to test and stress us, well someone had to give us an opportunity to work the meal…did I say meal…oops… Meals off. (Did I tell you all about Ray’s Ice Cream?) So Pat seems to have had a problem with the sun. Either that or he chose to broaden his horizons, (minno know whe im get dem deh Eye Glass from?)

However, both Pat and Richard did an excellent job in organizing the games and getting those in attendance to participate. You know they say pictures tell 1,000 words.

What a classic photo finish with Richard Saunders and Fred Kennedy’s athletic daughter Julia in the egg and spoon relay.

Notable adult participants of the day were the wives: Annette Flynn, Georgie Kennedy, Catherine Thompson, not to mention the great efforts of the children and the encouragement and cheering of the crowd.

Well, after all was said and done, it was time to go  (did I tell you about Ray’s Ice Cream?) Well seeing that is how I started the day, it was only fitting that I end it so … (best had in a pint sized cup.)

This year we chose to go with a central Food table, no better person to organize this than our own John, without saying any further he did an excellent job.

All in all we had fun, we had good company and the Lord smiled on us with his gift of dry weather (while we were there) cannot wait for next year…. Hope to see you there.

— Gary Thompson

The Signature Grand was again the venue for this, another fun evening of dining, dancing and entertainment as the Florida Chapter showcased the best of local Florida talent for their fundraiser for the school.

What a lovely Georgian get together. We missed the presence of beloved Fr. Jim  Hosie, who was due to do the invocation but alas had a bad last minute knee injury.

President Trevor Palmer welcomed all to the function and acknowledged the special guests including our own president Milton Hart, who along with Robbie & Heather Vernon travelled down from Canada to support our brother chapter. Our Liaison Director Carl Chang and wife Paula also attended.

Principal Margaret Campbell gave an update on the school.

Laddie Kong did a masterful job as MC and during the event showcased his brainchild fundraiser Knights Fund project for the school and introducing the other Knights of St. George in attendance, Dennis Barnett, Van Hitchener, Dennis Lawton, Carl Chang, Robbie Vernon, Philip Wong, Richard Wongsam and the new inductees- Dr. Gene Burkett, Michael King and Robin Mahfood.

Spotted in the crowd, out of town Georgians Peter Chavannes and wife Debbie from Atlanta, Walter (Blabba) Campbell, Jamaica.

Congrats to President Trevor and his Board and special Kudos as well to energetic Past president Dennis Barnett and wife Donna who were busy  all evening ensuring guests were welcomed and  enjoying themselves.

— Robbie Vernon

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