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St. George’s College Old Boys’ Association, ON, Canada                                                                      Newsletter, Issue #59, Nov., 2010

Milton Hart STGC|OBA ONT. Chapter, President (2010-2011)

It is my pleasure to convey greetings to you on behalf of the St. George’s College Old Boys’ Association in Canada.

My sincere thanks go to the spouses of our executive members. These ladies of the St.GCOBA continue to give extraordinary support to our association as we strive to help the less fortunate.

To our StGC community and well-wishers, thanks for your continued work and prayers in ensuring that St. George’s College, in Jamaica, continues to be an institution of effective education for our youngsters.

Our annual fundraiser Ball, held at the Pearson International Center, 2638 Steeles Ave. East, in Brampton, on Friday July 30, 2010, was a success. I am grateful to all our returning guests for the unwavering support and urge first-time patrons to return for the 2011 edition of this important fundraiser (see Part 3).

Mr. John Sprovieri, Regional Councillor for the City of Brampton, presented our association with a special plaque in recognition of our association’s 25th anniversary as a vibrant community association. Special guests at our annual Ball included former Prime Minister and past-student of Wolmer’s High School, The Most Hon. Edward Seaga, his wife and daughter. The former Prime Minister’s visit underscores his commitment to education

The attendance of Senator and Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, the Honourable Marlene Malahoo Forte and her husband, Justice Ian Forte was highly significant. I commend them for their effort in supporting our association and alma mater.

Margaret Campbell, Principal of St.George’s College in Kingston, Jamaica, gave an encouraging speech in reminding us of the wonderful progress that the administration, educators and students of StGC have made over the years. Her address to the audience stated the importance of alumni associations in enhancing the lives of high school students.

Honourable mention must be made of our executives who worked tirelessly in hosting this event. Past president Neil Dalhouse did a masterful job in the capacity of Master of Ceremonies.

On August 22, 2010, Alumni from the ICHS, Alpha Academy, and StGC joined forces in hosting (perhaps the best ever) our annual picnic at Milne Park in Markham. This social gathering, through the years, has proven to be a vitally important mechanism in creating fun and fellowship among Jamaican/Canadians (see Part 3).

Congratulations to this year’s Hall of Fame Inductees: Ambassador Anthony Hill, Tommy Lyew, the late Fr.Denis Cruchley, Robin Mahfood and Dr. Donald Clarke. The Hall of Fame event, honouring extraordinary Georgians, was held on October 5th at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. Based on all indications, this was a splendid event (see Part 4).

Canada's goodwill ambassador York Region's Chief Armand P LaBarge presenting plaque to Principal Margaret Campbell on visit to St. George's College, Kingston Jamaica.
Canada’s goodwill ambassador York Region’s Chief Armand P LaBarge presenting plaque to Principal Margaret Campbell on visit to St. George’s College, Kingston Jamaica.

Armand LaBarge, Chief of York Regional Police and guest-speaker at our recent family dinner, has further cemented his close ties to Jamaica by visiting St. George’s College in October of 2010. Chief LaBarge and a group of York Regional Police Officers travel to Jamaica on an annual basis in order to help the less fortunate. While visiting StGC, Chief LaBarge presented the school’s Principal with a plaque that read: “Deeds Speak”.  This wonderful gesture and interaction with the school-population have undoubtedly created a most positive image of the Canadian police force and police forces in general.

As this is the last newsletter before Christmas I take this opportunity to wish you God’s richest blessings over the festive season.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.
Milton Hart

President:MILTON HART(905) 841-9771
1ST V.P/President Elect:DR. FRED KENNEDY(905) 471-4982
Secretary:                             DOMINIQUE NASH(905) 486-0059
Treasurer:RAY CHANG(416) 364-1145
Regional V.P. (East):TYRONE HOLLBROOKE(905) 726-2469
Regional V.P. ( Central):NEVILLE MCDOWELL(905) 883-3416
Regional V.P. (West):RICHARD SAUNDERS(905) 454-8780
Liaison Director :CARL CHANG(905) 887-9407
Communications Director:PATRICK GAREL(905) 475-3430
Membership Director:ROBBIE VERNON(416) 622-9408
Social Director:JOHN FLYNN(905) 796-9735
Sports Director::TARIQ WRIGHT(905) 783-1957
Care Committee Director :PAT FERGUSON(905) 837-9442
Director at Large:GARY THOMPSON(905) 881-5489
Director at Large:HOWARD SHEARER(905) 821-0290
Director at Large:DANIEL HO LUNG(647) 891-0489
Imm.Past President:CHRIS CHIN(416) 436-3540

Our Thanks to so many of our members on sharing with our chapter  the “Happenings” in your little corners of life  The photos, too, are a big help to our readers.  Lloyd Tenn (Tenno), Tony Wong, Carl Chang and others, our heartfelt thanks in that area.

Since our June 2010 newsletter, our Good & True has been flooded with news of Georgians who have passed on or suffered losses in their families.

In November, the Georgian community and indeed Jamaica suffered a huge loss in the passing of Professor Barry Chevannes, 1999 recipient of the Monsignor Gladstone Wilson Award.  A leading sociologist and anthropologist and outstanding Professor at UWI, he was a champion for the marginalized in the ghettos of Kingston.  Tributes were paid by Prime Minister, the Hon Bruce Golding, who said his death was a tremendous blow to the academic, religious and cultural Jamaican community. On November 9, Members of The Jamaica House of representatives paid special tributes to him. He has also posthumously been awarded the Order of Jamaica- the nation’s fourth highest honour, and our own school’s Knight of St.George .

His St.George’s College circle of friends included Horace Levy and classmates Norman Wright, Trevor Appleton, Walter Campbell, Tony Wong, and Peter Judah. He was also a contemporary of Trevor Munroe and Ronnie Thwaites.

Philip Samms in Jamaica also said a final farewell to his beloved mother in November.

In October, Maurice Sale lost his first granddaughter, Britanny Mapstone in a car accident in Texas; apparent victim of a drunk driver; Derek Hall, class of 1957 died in Costa Rica.

We got this tragic Email from Carl Chang in September “My Godson has been murdered”, lamenting the snuffing out in Jamaica of the life of Raymond Wong Chew Onn, son of Eddie & Cutie Wong Chew Onn.

Michael Connell, class of 1963, succumbed to stomach cancer in Seattle; Carlos Lopez passed away peacefully in Jamaica leaving brother Francis here in Ontario. Carlos was a recent recipient of the Knight of St. George. September also saw the loss of Pat Lopez’s beloved wife, Daisy after a long battle with cancer.

Ken Keating, class of 1959 passed on in August in Jamaica. Former Prime Minister, Hon P.J. Patterson  was part of the large turnout at his funeral  mass at Holy Cross Church. The chief celebrant was Most Rev. Donald Reece,  Archbishop of Kingston. Ken was part of an altar boy group at Holy Cross church, under the guidance and mentorship of Fr. Denis Cruchley. This group included Deacon Patrick Chang, Freddy Campbell, Richard Mais, Gary Williamson and my late twin brother John and me.

Fr. Bill Raftery S.J. died at Campion House in Boston after a fairly long illness with cancer. Known from the student’s perspective more for his quiet demeanour and movie star looks, he became a very popular campus figure in the 50’s/60’s. ICHS & Alpha- remember him?

Lily Cheong, mother of Chris and brother of Philip Young, passed on peacefully in Toronto on Sept 9th.

In July Matthew Lym was laid to rest; son of Docky and Rosa Lym and nephew of Mike (Mello) Lym.

Another big loss for Jamaica was the passing on August 1st of Anthony Aarons, valedictorian of the class of 1970. A noted nautical archaeologist he wrote “Port Royal, Jamaica: from cataclysm to renaissance” and was awarded the Jamaican Centenary Medal for his contribution to archaeology and conservation, 1982. His death came one week before that of his mother Joan Aarons, a former teacher at St.George’s College Extension School and one of the pioneers of the Credit Union movement in Jamaica. She did not know of his death as she was in a coma in hospital.

On the eve of our July 30th Summer Ball, Neil Dalhouse’s beloved wife Louise lost her mum: Neil our thanks for going ahead with your MC duties despite the huge strain on your family. Most at the Ball never knew at the time what you were going through. God bless you and yours, my friend.

There is happy news to share as well.

In September Neil & Louise Dalhouse had their second grandchild Salem Elliott Dalhouse.

On November 5 2010, Keith Loundes and wife Pauline  celebrated  50 years of marriage. Keith is from the class of 1954 and remembers well John Issa, Francis Tulloch, Winston Bogues, Earl Bernard, Denzil  Lue.

Some people never find the love of their life, but for Keith and Pauline, they both say it was a brief courtship and they were married.  They are the proud parents of four wonderful children – Mitzi, Donna, Deborah and Gavi.

In August 2010 they returned to Jamaica to renew their marriage vows.   The event was celebrated at a resort in Negril with their children and grandchildren present.  With all the family there it shows how far they have come since they left the island over 50 years ago. They now reside in Mississauga, Ontario.

When asked about their secret to a long and successful marriage, Keith only  replied “Always say -Yes Dear!”

Our Treasurer Ray Chang has been selected as Outstanding Philanthropist of the year by the Greater Toronto Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). This award recognizes an individual that has demonstrated outstanding civic and philanthropic leadership through a proven record of exceptional generosity and financial support.  Ray was nominated jointly by Ryerson University and CAMH and the nomination was supported by several other institutions including the ROM Governors.  He will receive the award at the AFP’s annual Philanthropy Awards Luncheon on Thursday, December 2nd.

Congrats, Ray. The AFP says that his generous gift last year enabled them to create two new funds; The G. Raymond Chang Accessibility Fund and the G. Raymond Chang Children’s Education & Family Programming Fund in support of wide reaching projects in accessibility, programming and education.

Also in the news was our newest Director, energetic Gary Thompson, who was the winner of the Regional Municipality of York’s Police Services Board 2010 Award for Civic Leadership.The board recognized his commitment to community service and safety as well as volunteer work.

In addition to duties on our Board Gary holds several positions. He is the chairperson of the Police/Community advisory council in York Region; was a co- founder of the Thornhill African Caribbean Canadian Association and is involved with Vaughan’s diversity committee and the United Way.

In an interview for York Region news Gary remarked on the influence of his community-minded parents and Roman Catholic grounding which instilled in him a strong sense of social justice.

Gary opined that Police in a modern community, such as York Region, should not exclusively function in a “guns-blazing, sirens-wailing” traditional law enforcement role, he says. Rather, police should assist in community development through dialogue. He believes the need for law enforcement will never be eliminated, but points to the celebration by York police of Black History Month and the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination as unique.

Most of us by now all know that Yendi Phillips was 1st Runner Up in the Miss Universe contest, creating history as the highest ever finish by a Jamaican in that contest.  Yendi is the niece of our own Herb Phillipps jr.

Recently crowned Miss Jamaica World Chantal Raymond also has a Georgian connection. She is the daughter of Collin Raymond… class of 75.

There was a huge turnout in Streetsville for the book launch of a collection of short stories by Peta-Gaye Nash, wife of our secretary Dominique Nash.  Peta-Gaye read selections from her stories. There is an obvious connection to interesting real life experiences in Jamaica and Canada, and some will no doubt relate to some of these – I know I did.  Once started on the stories, I couldn’t put the book down and both Heather and grandma had the same experience – Go grab a copy.

Our VP/President Elect Fred Kennedy had an extract from his book  Daddy Sharpe – a narrative of the life and adventures of Samuel Sharpe  used  in this year’s Pantomime Letters for Emancipendence.  This year’s production features dramatized events in the lives of National Heroes – Nanny, Sam Sharpe, George William Gordon, Paul Bogle, Marcus Garvey, Alexander Bustamante and Norman Washington Manley.

Got an update from Bill & Jeannie Look-Hong on their daughter Nicole, who was our StGC Ontario 2002 scholarship winner. Bill says she has always treasured that scholarship award.

After completing her B.Sc. degree at Queen’s University on a chancellor’s scholarship, she went on to complete her M.D. degree with honours at the University of Toronto, and deciding to pursue a career in General Surgery did her residency at the University of Toronto. During this residency program, she took advantage of an opportunity to complete a master’s degree in Clinical Epidemiology and did her thesis researching cancer statistics in the Province of Ontario.  She has now completed her Surgical Residency and was recently successful in the Board’s examination which allows her to use the designation of a certified General Surgeon, i.e.  Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada (F.R.C.S.C)

Nicole’s interest in cancer surgery has now taken her to Boston, as Harvard Medical School has offered her a Clinical Fellowship for the next two years in Surgical Oncology.  During this period, she will be involved in both teaching of medical students and residents along with honing her surgical skills focussing on the surgical treatment and management of malignant disorders.

Nicole’s plans, following this additional period of training, are to return to Ontario to practice and serve the community.

On most Fridays our Care Committee Director Pat Ferguson (Uncle P) selects a West Indian restaurant and gets together in the Scarborough area of Toronto with other old boys over lunch. A great way to keep in touch, a great opportunity to “shoot the breeze” with some wonderful guys in a very informal atmosphere.  Sometimes the wives join the boys. The regulars are  Uncle P, Mike Brandon, Skedron, and Lloyd Chung. This has been going on for years and when able I meander over from the west end of the city. Many  StGC visitors to Canada now know to make it their first order of business  to contact Uncle P at: 905-837-9442 or Pat Smith (Skedron) at 416-292-6423 to find out  “Wa Ah Gwan” and join in on the Friday session. On October 1st Msgr. George Bardowell  was in town and joined the group.

In the luncheon session on October 7th, our honorary member Derrick (Mello) Melvin, who was recently honoured by his own school, Excelsior, joined the group as did Past President Peter Hitchins.

Guys, when able, check this out – It’s relaxing and fun – and you never know who you will run in to there.

Heather and I had lunch with Barbara Burke in that pretty little garden town of St. Catharine’s in the Niagara Falls area.  It’s been  ten months since Archbishop Lawrence Burke S.J.  died in Kingston, Jamaica and my last recollection of Barbara  was her tearful reflection at the memorial service for her beloved brother  in Toronto on March 24th. Hadn’t seen her or sister Madge since.

Archbishop Burke was very close to his three sisters;  Madge, Barbara and Cynthia  and in his later years in visits to Toronto and gatherings with the old boys; often at Ray and Donette Chang’s, Madge and Barbara were always there. They were too a part of our St. George’s family.

Barbara was in good spirits – flying to Bermuda the following day and updated us on Madge and Cynthia who were all fine.

She  guided us into the special reflection nook  in the basement housing Archbishop Burke’s Mitre, His Order of Jamaica, Knight of St. George medallion and other personal religious  effects. You could see that she was in there often. We discussed the Lawrence Burke building, a fitting memorial to this outstanding Georgian and Jamaican.  Fellows, we have to get the job done.

After much detours, putting out other StGC fires – O’Hare termite infestation, hurricane Nicole damage, disastrous effects of the State of Emergency on the school, the indefatigable Carl Chang is in action- firing on all cylinders again on The Lawrence Burke S.J Building.  Carl sent in to Good & True these latest pictures of  work  on the foundation. “Robbie, I don’t know how to go back to the same people for more money”, he apologized – but it’s needed.”

Fellows,  we will never be able to repay Carl for the time and money spent on our school. I know these are difficult times, but  “si wat u can do”.  Family comes first, but  any little you can put to this much needed building or any other StGC school need  would be welcomed.  Contact Carl directly at Email:,   or  Fr. Peter  McIsaac at:,   if  you would like to make a donation. See Part 4 DONATION INSTRUCTIONS

Hey- Those historic gates are back on campus – again, thanks to Carl Chang. They were refurbished, repainted and restored to their former glory; retaining visible evidence of our distant past. Thanks Carl – ever feel you are running out of Thanks?, man you are something else.

Below the historic reinstalled gate: Lennox Robinson & Anthony Hill.

1st VP/President Elect, Dr. Fred Kennedy and wife Georgie  led the group of  StGC  Directors and their spouses to support our  North Street neighbours, Kingston College at their annual Dinner/dance on November 6th.  It was the evening of the now famous Manning cup match against KC, when we came back from a 0-3 deficit in the last half to win 4-3. The news had not reached Canada as yet, and Carl Chang’s quick Email of the final results armed us with ammunition for some interesting and good humoured banter and one upmanship- all in good taste. One thing I like about our Ontario executive is the way we and our spouses all seem to have a great time together.   Wonderful !  Thanks Georgie, Charmaine, JoJo and Heather.

At KC fundraiser: Front L-R: Georgie & Fred Kennedy, Robbie & Heather Vernon Back L-R: Danny HoLung, Charmaine Chin, Jo Jo Ho Lung, Chris Chin.

Professor Terrence Forrester of the Tropical Metabolism Institute, U.W.I, was the recipient of the Musgrave Gold Medal Award for 2010.

An outstanding researcher, he heads a Unit that has done a lot of work in malnutrition in young children and has produced valuable protocols for its treatment.

A past Head boy of St. George’s, class of 1968, he is a Doctor of Medicine in Internal Medicine. He is also a member of the StGC Hall of Fame.

The University of Technology (UTech) will confer an honorary degree on Georgian Earl Jarrett during the graduation ceremony for Utech’s class of 2010 at the National Arena. Earl is general manager of Jamaica National Building Society, the region’s largest building society and the third-largest financial institution on the island. He is a member of the Order of Distinction, Commander class and is chair of the Jamaica Cancer Society. He holds a Master’s of Science in accounting from the University of the West Indies.

Joe & Marcel Henry

Georgians crop up everywhere and on a recent visit to Washington, D.C.  ran into Joe Henry, who remembers Uncle P (Pat Ferguson)- He went to StGC in the early to mid 40’s. Joe lives in Crofton, Maryland with his lovely wife Marcel, and had fond memories of StGC and his mentor Fr. Denis Cruchley – that we share in common, as Fr.Cruchley was a big influence on my life at Holy Cross parish in the 50’s when he was in charge of the altar boys.

With the success of our Chapter’s fundraising endeavours we were able once again to make our annual donation of Cdn$20,000 to the school.  We had originally committed to raising and sending down  $10,000 per  year but with our successes have increased this to the $20,000 level for the past few years. Our Thanks to our Board and members who work so hard to ensure the success of our fundraising efforts for the school. In these tough economic times, everyone feels the pinch, but more so in Jamaica and especially the schools and every Canadian dollar sent goes a very long way. Our liaison Director, Carl Chang, made the presentation on our behalf on November 12th  at the school’s Prize giving Event. Carl, himself, was given a special Award for his work on building repairs and maintenance. Also receiving Awards at this exercise were Tony Wong, Lennox Robinson, Richard Lake and Lloyd Tenn for their  assistance to the Manning team.

Yes, the school needs all the help it can get and here Principal Margaret Campbell is elated as she receives another cheque – this time from former Ontario Director Francis Cooke who made a special trip to Jamaica and the school, where he was given a guided tour by our Liaison Director Carl Chang. Francis with his generous donation has now become the latest Knight of St.George and urges all to give back to the school. “Every mikkle mek a mukkle” they say and money is always welcome but so is time and effort and this is just as valued and needed. Francis exhorts all to make an effort to visit the school- this is great encouragement to the students who are given a glimpse of where others have gone before them and the fact that they witness them coming back to the source of their success has an impact on their psyches that is immeasurable.

Great late breaking news – The Old Boys’ Assoc. Florida Chapter donated US$10,000 to the Archbishop Burke building and 20 laptops to the school.

Florida Pres. Trevor Palmer made the presentation in Jamaica on Friday Nov 26th and later that same day  was surprised by the Jamaica Old boys at their Christmas luncheon with a special cake in honour of his birthday.

Trevor’s message: The Florida Chapter looks forward to working with the other chapters and the school in completing meaningful projects that will return our Alma Mater to the “Oxford” of high schools in Jamaica .

Sentiments shared by us all, Trevor.

Robbie Vernon

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