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St. George’s College Old Boys’ Association, ON, Canada                                                         Newsletter, Issue # 58, June, 2010 (pg 3)

Winners are often made through persistence; the recipient of the 2010 STGC-OBA $1500 scholarship award proved just that. Not being undaunted by the prior year’s result, Ms. Melanie Chin stuck in there and was recognized as this year’s winner from a respectably qualified group of applicants.

Currently pursuing Communication Studies with the Management Option at the Wilfred Laurier University with the eventual aim of Corporate Law, Melanie continues to strive for academic excellence while demonstrating selfless leadership skills in the broader social world of volunteerism. Among her accomplishments are traveling to the Dominican Republic as a D.R.E.A.M.S. (Dominican Republic Education and Medical Service) ambassador and organizer assisting with housing and school building, receiving the Lieutenant-Governor Award for volunteerism, and the creator of Dancers for Cancer, a charity dance show in Georgetown, ON, raising more than $30,000 over two years toward the fight against cancer.

Congratulations, Melanie, on a job well done. No doubt you will continue to make an impression wherever you go.

Our thanks to the independent selection panel of Drs Louis Lee, Derrick Haddad and Herbert Ho Ping Kong on their valued contribution in choosing each year’s winner.

— Dominique Nash

It was a wonderful bright, sunny day; the Cathedral was in splendid shape and colors as the morning sun glimmered through the windows and open doors and the students all 1200 of them filed into the pews.

Mass was short and sweet. But it was the singing that was moving, reminding me of those days when 300 boys filled the Cathedral with their voices.

After Mass the students with the Band marched via South Camp Rd. then North Street (giving KC students a disturbing moment) and up the school entrance ending in front of the O’Hare. The cheer leaders then gave a superlative demonstration of their dancing. Thereafter it was checking out the class displays in separate tents and the usual clamouring for drinks and food. Soon after it was assembly time in the auditorium where the principal gave a short speech thanking all the past headmasters, and presenting a gift to Mr Van Hitchner the only one present.

Thereafter it was games time matching up students against teachers

I really was happy I went and enjoyed the day immensely. I was really impressed with the turnout of students and how well the event was organised.

Sorry for those who missed it.

Enjoy the images.

Lloyd Tenn

Editor’s Note: Our thanks to Lloyd for capturing this event in word and pictures and allowing us to share the experience with our readers.

Enjoying St. George's Day celebrations (L-R): Principal Margaret Campbell, Coach Neville (Bertis) Bell, Past Principal, Van Hitchner.
Enjoying St. George’s Day celebrations (L-R): Principal Margaret Campbell, Coach Neville (Bertis) Bell, Past Principal, Van Hitchner
Enthusiastic Georgian horn blower in marching band.
Enthusiastic Georgian horn blower in marching band
Student display tents on STGC Day.
Student display tents
Greetings Old Boys and Friends of St. George’s College

My congratulations to the members of the new executive of the chapter.  Thanks to both the outgoing executive and new members for being such a wonderful example of service to others.  On a point of interest, Milton Hart and my husband started at St. George’s College in the same year so I know (bias admitted) that he will do great things.

As we approach the end of the academic year, we thank God for all His blessings despite the challenges that we have faced.  This week we had our final assembly; a Thanksgiving Service, before the start of final examinations.  We are now preparing for graduation when Fred Kennedy will return to us for an afternoon, to deliver the graduation address to a group of young men that he ushered into first form five years ago.

You would no doubt have heard of our most recent challenge, when our CXC students were displaced as a result of violence in West Kingston.  We were hosted at Ardenne High School for one week.  The experience while difficult, reminded us of the best of St. George’s when teachers and parents sacrificed time, talent and treasure to provide for the welfare of the students.  Parents and teachers contributed daily for lunch for students in need, teachers intervened swiftly to ensure that all students from the area were safe, and one parent housed students from the affected area for the week to ensure that they were able to safely sit their examinations.  The week was a study in the compassion of members of the school community and the extent to which we are a community that concerns itself with others.

We had a break-in at the College during the week of disruption but through the help and support of many of you and with special thanks to Carl Chang, we were able to resume school with minimal inconvenience the following week.

On a happier note, our teachers have jumped on board in assisting with the improvement of the campus. Mathematics teacher Alphonso Christie took on a project in the lower school area to create a Sacred Heart Garden. It is now a beautiful green and peaceful space. We also have a fabulously redecorated Supervisors’ office thanks to First Form Supervisor and English teacher Stacey Wilson-Reynolds, an impressively refurbished Religious Education foyer thanks to R.E. H.O.D. Eugenie Ffrench and a striking new podium courtesy of Orville Jamieson H.O.D. of Industrial Arts.

These are exciting times for the College when members of the school community are working together in love of God and others. How could we do otherwise than to declare the year a successful one, where we have risen to the challenge of producing excellence for the greater glory of God.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and may God bless you all

— Margaret Campbell, Principal

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