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St.George’s College Old Boys’ Association, ON, Canada                                                      Newsletter, Issue # 58, June,2010 (pg 2)

In the Jewish tradition of Passover the youngest male at table is asked why is today a special day? That question was top of mind to me, as along with my fellow Georgians, we applied our skills to transforming the Thornhill Community Center into a temporary bastion of the 160 year old Georgian North Street Culture. Think about it… did those Jesuits who came to Jamaica 160 years ago ever envision that their work would reach this far? Did those stalwarts who had the vision to start the Ontario chapter 25 years ago ever think that we would be able to wield such influence and power to be able to transform the Thornhill Community Center into a, temporary it may have been, colony of North Street?

May 23, 2010 saw the Ontario Chapter of St George’s College rise and gather to celebrate mass and share a meal. It was Fr. Gerald Mclaughlin S.J. who once reiterated to me that you cannot preach to an empty stomach. So in true Georgian Spirit we gathered to feed the mind, soul and body.

Our celebrant this year was someone whom I had grown to admire, fear for 3 years (1st to 3rd form), and respect for life, Father Kenneth Hughes S.J. It was indeed joyful that as I drove into the parking lot trying to avoid the jay walking of Danny HoLung and Fr Hughes that, Fr Hughes with his characteristic pointed finger called out my name, not bad for someone I had not seen or spoken to in over 20 years. (By the way Danny darted out of the way so no harm to him). Fr Hughes, a man who with a quiet and calm demeanor was always able to take control of whatever tumultuous situation we could develop and create calm and some order, sort of like Jesus walking on water.

The mass itself was a powerful statement of the faith we were taught, our sustainment and continued practice of it. The crowded room, two Georgian Deacons; Peter Rickards and Patrick Chang and approximately 150 old boys and their families gathered to break bread, renew their spirit and faith. The sermon was characteristically a Fr Hughes special, gentle, thought provoking and leaving us with something to take away. These thoughts were reiterated by our guests for the day Armand LeBarge, Chief of York Regional Police and his wife, Denise, who took the opportunity during a break to congratulate Fr. Hughes on his moving and thought provoking message.

After Mass we gathered in the adjoining room to commence the brunch segment of the day. This had all the elements of a characteristically successful Georgian affair, Prayers, Praise, Acknowledgement of Achievement and a Wonderful Meal. The meal commenced after prayers with a welcome from our newly minted president, Milton Hart. The Chief of Police, Armand La Barge, brought greetings on behalf of the men and women of York Region Police. He also shared with us the connection that his organization shared with our community, an annual pilgrimage to Jamaica by members of York Regional Police to support and work with, our alumni, Fr. Richard HoLung. It being our 25th year of existence we honored all the past presidents; Peter Rickards, Neil Dalhouse, Derrick Potopsingh, Peter Hitchins, Bob Wills, Warren Abbott, Don Barnett, Robbie Vernon and Chris Chin presenting  them with commemorative pins and plaques. As I witnessed them assembling at the front of the hall it reinforced for me the popular phrase that today we stand on the shoulders of great men who have passed before us. Indeed the past Presidents gathered there on that day are indeed great men.

Our Scholarship recipient, Melanie Chin, the daughter of our esteemed past President Chris Chin, had a curriculum vitae that was very impressive and reinforced how well deserving of the award she was. The day itself was encased in an environment of love, fellowship and sharing, one just had to witness the coming together of all the men and women in setting up, engaging in conversation, cleaning up and taking care of the children. Mention must indeed be made of the concerted effort each year for our organizers to remember and accommodate the children by providing a room for them to engage their own and have fun.

At the end of it all indeed a day well spent, indeed a day exemplifying the true spirit of what it means to be a member of the community of Georgians as we all strive ,”For the Greater Honor and Glory of God”

As for the question why the day was a special one? The answer was in the spirit and experience enjoyed by all.

— Gary Thompson

Editor’s Note: Past Presidents John Chavannes & Warren Abbott were unable to attend. Gary Thompson is one of the newest members on our Executive Board.

REMARKS: During the summer of 2009, the interior of the O’Hare Building was completely renovated. To assist in this one time expenditure, your Board approved a substantial increase in assistance to the school.
In addition, a fund-raising drive spearheaded by Carl Chang resulted in over $130,000 being raised and remitted to STGC via the Canadian Jesuits International

G.Raymond Chang, Treasurer

July 30th, 2010- Friday (1st Day of Caribana Weekend)- 7:00 PM

  • Annual Summer Ball
    Pearson Convention Centre
    2638 Steeles Ave. East
    Brampton (At Airport Rd.)
  • Featuring : Jay Douglas & the All Star Band (Pluto Shervington guest artist)

August 22nd, 2010- Sunday- 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM

  • Family Picnic with Alpha & Immaculate
    Milne Park, Lakeview B-Shelter Area
    McCowan Road (East Side), South of Highway 7
  • Florida Chapter Event

September 3rd,2010-Friday-7:30 Onwards

  • Grand Ball
    Signature Grand
    6900 State Road 84
    Davie Fla.33317
    Tel: 954-424-4000
    Tickets: Dennis Barnett- Tel 954-347-1092

Jamaica Event- Saturday September 18th

  • Hall of Fame Banquet- The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel
    Kingston- Contact Donovan Chen See : Email:

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