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St. George’s College Old Boys’ Association                                                                                 Newsletter, Issue#56, (pg2) Oct, 2009

Milton Hart

Defending Champions St. GC Return to the Final

The St. George’s College Manning Cup team of 2009, nearing the end of a phenomenal season, has done much to lift the spirits of Georgians at home and abroad.

After losing in the final game of the Walker Cup to Jamaica College (on penalty kicks), StGC has regrouped to make consecutive appearances in the final of the Manning Cup competition.

The stakes will be extremely high on Saturday, November 28, 2009 when St. George’s College and Bridgeport High School vie for high school football supremacy. The winner will have bragging rights for at least one year.

The success of this team underscores Coach Bertis Bell’s excellent tutelage and the ardent support of the school’s administration. Outside of the administration, there are many other past-students who have used their expertise in promoting and sponsoring the team.

A great example of exemplary assistance from past-students is Tony Wong, a Georgian who resides in Jamaica. Tony has been instrumental in informing the Ontario chapter of the team’s exploits. His reports have been very comprehensive – complete with pictures of the players and spectators.

While there have been many excellent StGC teams, only a few have repeated as champions. The most recent was the amazing 1983/84 team with the likes of Chris and Nick Ziadie, Richard Strachan, “Chippa” Morgan, Andrew Price and Michael Forbes (just to name a few).

Whatever happens on Saturday, this Bell-led team has proven its worth.

Roper CupToronto 2009

On a rainy Saturday afternoon in September when many StGC and KC supporters read the weather forecast and thought the game would be cancelled, the battle of North Street waged on a soggy field during the late afternoon.

Special thanks must go to Kingston College’s Sports Director Norm Wallace for arranging the game and keeping this friendly rivalry alive.

During the game goal-keeper Richard Saunders used his great height and reach to hold-off the challenges made by KC. Photographer Chris Chin, who stuck to the task of supporting the team though the rain kept coming, was correct in stating that Richard accepted the responsibility of goal keeper even after getting injured.

Honorable mention must go to Skedron who brought along well known Georgian Monsignor George Bardowell to the game and ensured he was well known to all, and too to our staunch supporter Mike Chen See who never misses any of our games. Neville McDowell was instrumental in giving the necessary pre-game encouragement to a StGC team that responded very well.

Though the score seemed lopsided, the game was entertaining and fiercely contested. Both teams showed great sportsmanship. This annual event is important as it ensures the fellowship between the two chapters remains vibrant.



A number of the Executives, accompanied by their spouses, made it out, October 22nd, to Richard Saunders’ Red Lobster in downtown Toronto to say an official farewell to outgoing Consul General,  Anne – Marie Bonner (ICHS alumna).

Anne Marie has been very close to the Jamaican community in Toronto and brought great enthusiasm and a very high level of professionalism to her job.

What an approachable person, and so beloved by her community. I am sure there were difficult times and we and the community certainly rallied to her calls for support for Jamaica.

Anne Marie graced us with her presence at most of our functions and will be greatly missed. We wish her every success in her future endeavours. Gift Presentations were made of a desk set and the
historic O’Hare memorial floor plaque on behalf of our association and in the relaxed atmosphere, great fellowship, warmth and goodwill prevailed.

We understand a school will be named after Anne- Marie Bonner, in Seaforth, St. Thomas. It is to be built by the Canadian Government. How appropriate.

Sharing in this happy/sad occasion were Danny and Jo Jo Ho Lung, Pat and Sheila Haddad, Robbie and Heather Vernon, Tony and Arlene McDowell, Pat Garel, me and my wife, Charmaine.

Thanks for your support Anne-Marie and all the best in your future endeavours.

(Anne – Marie’s brother is also a Georgian).

Carl Chang:

Carl painting O’Hare

On March 9, 2008 at our Annual General meeting Carl Chang was elected to our Board as School Liaison Director, filling the vacant position of long serving Neil Dalhouse.

Neil felt it was time to let some younger fresh blood grab the reins. His was a tough act to follow but as we said at the time to Carl- “You are the man for the job”, and in he stepped, accepting the daunting gauntlet.

Carl is a successful self-made businessman and travels frequently between Canada and Jamaica. His enthusiasm and drive fully equipped him for this post and he continues to be our point man on location in Jamaica, taking on many projects as personal challenges including Emmett Park renovations, proper garbage disposal and The O’Hare restoration and Lawrence Burke S.J Building projects.

What we didn’t foresee was Carl going into full overdrive. He has gone way beyond the call of duty on our Board and taken on as his special mission in life the welfare of our beloved alma mater “ St. George’s College. His copious work behind the scenes and many accomplishments are largely unknown outside a close circle. He labours on undaunted, pushing, cajoling, in efforts to bring Georgians on side to support the school. Sometimes he is gritty and acerbic when confronting obstacles but always in evidence a genuine kindness and concern for others and fierce loyalty for the school. He is quite willing to get to the down and dirty to get the job done- Don’t mess with him !.

What a Georgian !

Next Year, 2010, marks the 160th anniversary of the school and it would be fitting for them to honour him. The many challenges to the schools survival have been met head on with his enthusiastic response and much sacrifice of time and personal money.

Ray Chang:

Ray doing the Limbo

G. Raymond (Ray) Chang has been on our Board since 1994, occupying the post of Treasurer for most of this time. A chartered accountant, he holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and a bachelor of applied science degree from the University of Toronto.

He is Chairman of CI Investments, one of Canada’s largest investment fund companies & Chancellor of Ryerson University . He sits on the Boards of both as well as Toronto General & Weston Hospital Foundation & Grace Kennedy Limited. Ray holds honourary Doctorates from the University of the West Indies and Ryerson University and a honourary degree from Ryerson University. He is on STGC’s Hall of Fame. His business interests are global and demands on his time extensive.

Ray is constantly in the news and latest newsflash on October 31st. “Millions from Ray Chang for mental-health research, addictions”

This it went on to say highlighted an extraordinary gift of Can$5 million from G. Raymond Chang, chancellor of Ryerson University and chair of CI Financial, which will go towards furthering research and education about the treatment of mental health and addictions, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Foundation announced on Wednesday.

This is one very generous and one exceedingly busy man-grass is not allowed to grow under his feet. This same G Raymond Chang ( our Ray) amidst all this, rarely misses our monthly Board meetings, is a prime mover and shaker on the Board and seizes all opportunities in all his connections to promote his alma mater His magnanimous behind the scenes contributions to St.GC are largely unknown outside of a small circle. His gifts of time and talent go far beyond monetary contributions and with his philosophy To teach you to fish rather than give you the fish, his blessings spread worldwide and embraces as well in no small way his beloved Jamaica. Not many know this. We on the Board know both sides of Ray; the acute businessman’s approach with a great drive to
succeed in everything attempted and a fierce loyalty and devotion to St. George’s College, and the other down to earth “ordinary man of the people ” visage, with a love of family and friends. Yes !-There is a flip side to this avid go- getter. We share with you this lighter side of Ray on display among friends at the recent Alpha Dinner dance. He is truly one of us. Here he was quick to accept the Limbo challenge- “man watch u back!”

— Robbie Vernon

The Most Reverend Archbishop Lawrence Burke S.J., D.D. was presented the Order of Jamaica (OJ), the country’s fourth highest honour, on National Heroes Day, October 19, 2009, at Kings House in Jamaica.

Archbishop Burke, who has worked tirelessly within the Jamaican society, was deservedly recognised for outstanding contribution to religion and education. Archbishop Burke was ordained a priest on June 16, 1964 at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kingston, Jamaica. He taught, as a Jesuit Scholastic, at St. George’s College from 1958 to1961. He also taught at the school as a priest from 1966 until 1969.

In 1973, he was appointed Regional Superior of the Jesuits in Jamaica, the first and only Jamaican to be
appointed to that post, which he held until 1979. While Chairman of the Board of St. George’s College, Archbishop Burke was instrumental in raising money for the construction of the Adrian Chaplin Building for Industrial Arts. His innovative and effective approach to fund-raising was referred to by the donor as “The Burke Plan”. St. George’s College was one of the first traditional high schools to offer Industrial Arts.

Archbishop Burke was appointed Archbishop of Nassau, Bahamas, on June 22,1999 and became the Fourth Archbishop of Kingston, Jamaica, on February 9, 2004. He was installed on May 2, 2004, at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Kingston, and was in Toronto with us at our Family Dinner a mere six days later. Our Chapter’s ties with him have been close ever since. He retired as Archbishop of Kingston on April 12, 2008.

Following the Awards ceremony at Kings House, a luncheon reception chaired by Principal Margaret Campbell was held at the Courtleigh Hotel, New Kingston, in the presence of many notables and dignitaries including Archbishop Donald Reece (Archbishop of Kingston), Bishop Charles Dufour (Bishop of Montego Bay), Bishop Neil Tiedmann (Bishop of Mandeville) and the Jesuit representative Fr. Lester Orville Shields, S.J. Archbishop Burke was lauded by many in attendance and congratulatory messages as well were read from Jamaica and overseas, including this from our Chapter:

“We have you to thank for the zeal and commitment of many of our members to our beloved St.George’s College. We will never forget your first visit to our chapter in 2004, a mere six days after taking office as Archbishop of Jamaica, and your very moving address at our Family Dinner. This, and many visits after, left an indelible impression on us of a man constantly on the move for Christ. It says a lot about you, and also about Jamaica, that your own country has recognized this in you and sought to honour you. Our heartiest congratulations – it is much deserved.” — Milton Hart.


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Noting on Cheque: specific donation “School Building Fund”

Another son of Jamaica and St. George’s College was recently honoured (October 17th), this one in Toronto. In the Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton Centre, downtown Toronto, and attended by over 400 of his peers, family, friends, students, and fellow physicians, the work of the ‘legendary’ Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong was celebrated.

Through the course of over twenty-five years of medical teaching, Dr. Ho Ping Kong has received numerous hospital based teaching awards, university departmental teaching awards, and faculty wide teaching awards at the University of Toronto. Most prestigious of these were the Dr. Mary E. Hollington Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Final Medical Year in 1989, and the Aikins Award for Individual Excellence in Undergraduate Clinical Teaching in 1990. In 1999, he was awarded the most prestigious 3M Teaching Excellence Award of Canada, placing him at the top of the teaching pyramid across all university disciplines throughout the nation. In 2003 he was awarded the distinguished lifetime Osler Award of excellence by the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine for exemplary practice and teaching of general internal medicine.

Quoting from The Globe & Mail Saturday Nov 21, “Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong, the diminutive HPK – as he is known to his peers – is in medical circles a giant, a diagnostic magician with an encyclopedic memory and a winning bedside manner. But the titles and accolades don’t begin to encompass the range of his achievements. Nearly two generations of his disciples are now teaching and practising in universities and hospitals around the world.”

To top the night off, the University Hospital Network announced that the recently created Centre for Excellence in Education and Practice (CEEP) would be renamed the Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong Centre for Excellence in Education and Practice. CEEP was founded in September 2008 by Dr. Rodrigo Cavalcanti and Dr Herbert Ho Ping Kong to serve as an incubator for innovative practice oriented programs in medical education, to provide support for senior trainees in academic general Internal medicine, and to recruit and train staff in high level General Internal Medicine consulting practice.

The highly successful fundraising event was capped off by an anonymous donation of C$2,500,000. Well done, “Herbie’.

On hand to share in this celebration of Herbie’s work were his life-long friend Ray Chang (who toasted him), Donette Chin Loy, Robbie and Heather Vernon, Danny and Jo Jo HoLung, Vernon and Tanya Hugh, myself and Charmaine.

Ray in his tribute referenced St. George’s College several times and there was no doubt the influence of this Jesuit learning institution on Herbie and himself and indeed, the other Georgians in the room. I felt proud to see, at this function, three StGC Ontario Chapter Alumni inductees into our schools Hall of Fame; Herbie, Ray & Robbie, who have all learned to bloom where they have been transplanted.

Ray also read a tribute from the Prime Minister of Jamaica, the Hon Bruce Golding, himself a St.George’s graduate.

— Chris Chin

Whenever great Jamaicans gather to celebrate a significant event, or just to enjoy themselves, the result is usually phenomenal – fun galore. The 2009 version of the StGC/Alpha/ICHS annual picnic held at Milne Park ( McCowan Highway 7) was no exception to that rule.

The three presidents, past-students, and friends in attendance on Saturday August 16, 2009, made this picnic a memorable occasion. Much thanks must go to Katy Sani, Jo-Jo HoLung, and Chris Chin, presidents of Immaculate Conception High School, Alpha Academy and StGC respectively, for their collaborative work in making this event a success.

The excellent Jamaican cuisine on display, supplied by various attendees, went a far way in feeding the multitude. Rice and peas, jerk chicken, oxtail, curried goat and the stew-peas and rice were quite delightful. Of course, I would be remiss in not mentioning the Sour-sop ice cream arranged by Ray Chang (and delivered by Danny HoLung) and Jo Jo HoLung’s delicious soup.

Accolades must go to Richard Saunders for the energy and organizational skills that he displayed in getting the games arranged. Many in attendance participated in domino games of which Deacon Patrick still boasts about “dropping” a six-love on the great Tony Sani. Danny HoLung and Fully Chin Choy were also gloating winners. The Egg-and-spoon, three-legged and crocus-bag races (presided over by the alwaysreliable Richard Saunders) created a friendly rivalry among the past-students, young adults and especially the kids. StGC again this year won the adult four person team games on the skis between the three schools and there were great shouts of joy when ICHS, made it to the finish line.

Alisha and her cousins Matthew & Joanna Garel dominated the junior adult games. It is a sign of the success of our picnic when we see the bringing together of different generations and this year we had the added joy of having present five of our previous scholarship winners: Alex Vernon (1995), Aaron Sani (1996), Brian Mitchell (2003), Joe Vernon (2004) and this year’s winner Alisha Garel (2009).

We were pleased to have StGC basketball coach Clifford Brown and his very supportive wife Donna with us to experience again, after the Summer Ball, the warm StGC spirit in Canada. The over 150 in attendance had a wonderful time. Don’t miss-out next year on these great family gatherings of our St.George’s, Alpha, and Immaculate communities. Join us next year.

–Milton Hart






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