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St. George’s College Old Boys’ Association, ON, Canada                                         Newsletter, Issue #55 (pg.3), June, 2009

Front (seated): Bernie Chin, Dennis Charley, Derek DeMercado, Robbie Venon  
2nd Row: Barbara Stanley, Patrick Terrelong, Ramond Steele, Stephen Hill, Najat Khourieh, Daine Hill, Gloria Thompson Braham, Robert Hill, Patrick Wilmot, Trevor Munroe, Peter Lue, Hilary HoSang, Dennis Lawton.
Back Row: Godfrey Lue, Claudette Comrie-Chin, Richard Chang.

What a memorable 50th high school reunion of the graduating class of 1959 where nostalgia permeated every event. On Thursday May 28, the ’59 graduates from Alpha Academy and St. George’s College joined to celebrate a historic reunion beginning with a most memorable mass at Holy Trinity Cathedral with Archbishop Lawrence Burke, SJ as the chief celebrant. The Archbishop told us about the cathedral restoration project and reminded the audience that the resources needed to complete the project rested in our pockets.

With a resounding chorus of devotion the cathedral once again echoed the reverberations of our uplifted voices like it did so long ago to please Fr. Feeney at First Friday Mass.

Thanks to the principal Margaret Campbell for allowing us to freely tour the campus. We witnessed a dramatic generational and cultural divide between our era then and now, and acknowledged the challenge that Principal Campbell has undertaken. I was extremely impressed by her enthusiasm and commitment in carrying on the legacy that has made St. George’s graduates informed citizens and models of academic excellence. I feel confident that under her stewardship, fine young men such as student body head boy Craig Jervis and executive prefect Jezeel Martin and others, who were our tour guides, will soon carry that  enviable mantle of becoming a St. George’s graduate.

The 50th reunion nostalgia continued into Friday evening’s formal cocktail and dinner program at the Knutsford, where the early arrivals greeted old friends with high spirited enthusiasm and bantered on about the old days to what’s happening now. As the dinner hour approached the organizing committee was pressed into performing a small miracle of seating those who did not RSVP or who were fashionably late in true Jamaican custom.

Thanks to our MC, the ever likeable impresario of comedic quip, Paul Bitter, for keeping us laughing at ourselves or others throughout the evening. There was no faux pas that he couldn’t turn into his advantage, usually at your expense.

We leisurely dined on the main entrée of North Street Chicken and filled our sweet tooth with O’Hare Pudding for dessert while enjoying old standards provided by our own Keith Lyn of Byron Lee and the Dragonaires fame. 

Professor Robert Hill

After a satisfying meal, we were treated to two keynote speakers, the Hon. Beverly Lopez CD, OJ and our own Prof. Robert Hill, class of ’59. Bobby gave us a rare glimpse of his verbal acumen and shared his research on the puzzling origins of why the school was named St. George’s, despite the fact that St. George was not a Roman Catholic saint. He also presented artifacts that traced the move of the school to its present location at Winchester Park.

St. George’s College has always been about setting the standards, and it must have been in this vein that a debate “Jamaica Then and Now” was scheduled into the reunion program. To the delight of most who attended, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, the Hon. Bruce Golding, StGC class of ’62, was one of the panelists, as was Dr. Trevor Munroe, class of ’59, Prof. Patricia Anderson, class of 1959 Alpha and Mrs. Jean Lowrie-Chin JP class of 1967 Alpha.

The debate was moderated by Ronnie Thwaites, class of ’59, and MP from Central Kingston. Ronnie provided color commentary on the panelists and moved the program along so as to accommodate the PM’s tight schedule.

From the introduction and opening remarks given by Stephen Hill, class of ’59, whose pace and eloquence set the tone of the debate to the last comments from the floor, the substance of the debate kept the audience sharply engaged.

Saturday evening came too soon, and probably provided the most entertainment. What would you give to see Michael King, Trevor Summers, and Stephen Hill, members of the Manning Cup championship team of 1959, try to maneuver a miniature soccer ball, without the use of their hands, tied to a string that extended from their waist to the floor in a race to move a small object across the floor by striking it with their balls. Trevor Summers handily won the race showing off the speed and ball control he possessed while playing on the right wing. What you also missed were Georgian icons, the great footballer Ambassador Anthony Hill; football legends Walter “Blubber” Campbell and Winston, “Dynamite” Lyn. And who knew that Lloyd Chung could sing with the best of them and that Dennis HoSang would be the 50s rock and roll dance King.

Georgians traveled from far and wide to be there: Patrick Wilmot from England, Dennis Lawton, Anthony Wong, Philip Wong, Raymond (Bull) Steele, Robert Hill, and myself from the USA and Robbie Vernon, Trevor Summers, Godfrey Lue, Lloyd Chung from Canada.

Yes, the Alpha/St. George’s 50th reunion ended with fond goodbyes as some retreated with tired feet but all glad that they had passed this way one more time. Good & True STGCOBA Newsletter 2009[2018-06-27 10:13:49 AM] Our thanks to the StGC & Alpha Reunion committee for the effort put out to make this a most memorable occasion.

Patrick Terrelonge StGC and Claudette Comrie-Chin, Alpha, co-chaired an excellent team with Richard Chang, Dennis Charley, Stephen Hill, Jean Fairweather Wilson and Joye Reid in Jamaica: Robbie Vernon and Barbara Stanley in Canada and Owen Cooke, Dennis Lawton, Bernard Chin and Hilary HoSang in the USA.

Front Row: [L-R]: Patrick Terrelonge, Marcia Chin, Pam Summers, Heather Vernon, Trevor Summers. Behind [L-R]: Craig Jervis – Headboy, Robbie Vernon – School Tour Guide, Bernie Chin, Lloyd Chung – School Tour Guide, Hervin Chung, Raymond Steele.

Caught going toe to toe with Gloria Thompson Braham pictured on the right are [L-R]: Janet Kirlew Stewart, Winsome DaCosta, Ambassador Anthony Hill, Pat Terrelonge, Hilary HoSang Dennis Hosang, Pam Chang Michael King.

Greetings Old Boys and Friends of St. George’s College.
The 2008-2009 academic year is fast coming to a close. Our fifth and sixth formers are currently sitting their CSEC and CAPE examinations and we pray for their success. Our valedictory service for the fifth form students was held in April. The unfortunate absence of electricity threatened to compromise the ceremony but the school community, including the guest speaker, Georgian Fr. Howard Thompson, rose to the challenge and the service was a beautiful one. You may view pictures of the event in our gallery on our website

We had our election of student leaders in April and our Head Boy for the upcoming academic year is Craig Jervis and deputies Alex Moulton and Alexander Linton; three wonderful young men.

Repairs to the buildings on the campus continue with the Adrian Chaplain building which is receiving a face lift. Windows long missing have been replaced and we are now in need of equipment for the industrial arts classes which are housed there. The O’Hare is next on the agenda; a project I have affectionately dubbed “Repair the O’Hare”. Though it breaks my heart to rip out the wonderful old wooden flooring, alas . . . what must be, must be. We have turned this into a positive and are creating plaques from the wood which we will give to donors who contribute towards the project. The wood is from the original flooring of 1913.

O’Hare Restoration in progress at June,2009

As contributions continue to come in toward the construction of the Archbishop Lawrence A. Burke Centre,we would like to thank those of you who have been so generous. We are still in need of funding and anticipate your continued support. The Centre will allow us to improve the academic offering to our students and we anxiously await its completion. We would like to start construction in the summer. A very special “thank you” to Carl Chang who continues to contribute so much toward the building construction and maintenance repairs so desperately needed at the College.

Our successes in sports continue. We recently won the all island under 19 basketball competition and placed seventh in the Grace Kennedy/ISSA Boys and Girls Athletic Championships, additionally receiving an award for being the most improved school. Kemarki Absolom of fifth form placed first in the Penn Relay high jump and we are currently in the semi-finals for rugby.

We have started distribution of a monthly e-newsletter to keep you up-to-date on the happenings at the college. Please send us an email at if you are interested in receiving the newsletter.

We have been very blessed at the College this school year. Thank you for your support and may God bless you all.

Margaret Campbell, Principal

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