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St. George’s College Old Boys’ Association, ON, Canada                                      Newsletter, Issue #55 (pg1), June, 2009

Chris Chin.

Greetings fellow Georgians, friends and well wishers. Summer is here …that means it is time for our Annual Summer Ball. This year the Summer Ball will be held on Friday, July 31, so make sure that you book your tickets now. Fify/50, with our own Aggrey Irons, will be back. Contact any member of the Executive to secure your tickets … see listing, bottom right of this page.

Both St. Georges College and Alpha garnered much media attention in the Jamaica press, radio and TV with the staging of their 50th Anniversary reunion of the graduating classes of 1959. The bevy of activities over three days (May 28-30) including mass at the Cathedral, School tours, formal & informal get-togethers and a panel discussion with the Prime Minister put us in the public spotlight and gained us most welcome and positive publicity. Our Canadian contingent included Robbie Vernon, Trevor Summers, Lloyd Chung and Godfrey Lue. They all reported a most unforgettable experience. Robbie was actually a guest on Trevor Munroe’s morning radio talk show “The Breakfast Club” discussing the reunion event. (see part 3).

If you have been keeping up with the news, you know that Fundraising for the O’Hare Building is taking the number one spot in our priorities right now.

The termite infestation was in far worse state than imagined (see part 4) and the danger to students from a collapse was very real if we attempted to keep it in use. To rectify this, it was necessary to begin work immediately on the O’Hare Building and use the summer holidays to get it gutted, termite free and rebuilt before the school reopens in September.

Everyone is being called on now to get involved to make this a reality in the shortest possible time. Are you involved? We need you! Contact a member of your Executive to see how you can help.

Despite the infrastructural weaknesses, the school continues to do well academically, improving year over year, matching their prowess in the sporting world. They claimed the Under 19 Basketball title and made us very proud with their showing at the recently concluded Penn Relays.

Kudos to Principal Margaret Campbell and her team in continuing to do a great job at the school. The challenges are many but we can overcome them. The joint efforts of the various Associations and individuals who have stepped up need to be supported by all of us. Let us do our share and lend our support when it is most needed.

See you at the Ball!

— Chris Chin

Class 1959 Reunion Panel Discussion speakers & panelists. [L-R] Professor Trevor Munroe, Professor Patricia Anderson, PM Hon. Bruce Golding, Mrs Jean Lowrie-Chin JP, Ronald G. Thwaites MP, & Stephen Hill
Robbie Vernon.

Since our last newsletter there are, sadly, several deaths to report on in our extended St. George’s family and friends.

Hunter Yap, brother of Arthur. Arthur, we are pleased, is recovering well from surgery.

Garth deLeon lost his daughter Mara on March 30th and sadly Fr. Michael Lewis, shepherd at Stella Maris Church, lost his Dad, Aston, in April.

In Jamaica, Dudley Hall passed on, as did Ronnie McKay (JC) but well known with the Emmett Park Georgians.

Tragedy again struck for Dennis Chung who, following the loss of his sister, reported in our February issue, has since lost his mother-in-law in March.

Noel Lopez, brother of Francis and Carlos, also passed away in Brantford, Ontario in April and Warwick Lyn, that giant of a footballer, who shot to prominence in Manning Cup football, playing for St George’s College and also Jamaica College.

In the 1960s, Warwick got involved in the music business, working as a sound engineer and A&R (Artiste and Repertoire) man for producer Leslie Kong’s Beverley’s Records. He later gained fame as manager of Toots and the Maytals and is credited as co-producer of two of their best albums. He emigrated to the States in the 1980’s and with his wife, 1973 Miss Jamaica, Patsy Yuen, also ran the Miss Jamaica Miami beauty pageant.

Our Social Director, John Flynn, suffered the lost his cousin in Maryland in April.

May all the deceased rest in peace and our prayers go out to their families.

Here is some good news:

Our President-Elect, Milton Hart and wife Nov, are celebrating the birth of their second son Nickolas born
March 5th; now Matthew has a soccer partner. Go for the team, Mil.

Ray Chang & Savanna Grace

I hear his face just “lights up” whenever he pays her a visit; yes sir, our Treasurer, Ray Chang, joins us granddads with the birth of Savanna Grace Addorisio on May 29, daughter of Brigette and
Anthony. Life will never be the same, Ray!

Harry & Meta Anderson with Joe Burrell right.

Joe Burrell (Class of 1957) and his wife, Gail, returned to their home in Brighton, Ontario on June 1st after a “trip of a lifetime” motor voyage across the North American continent. They travelled over 16,000 km over two months. One of the highlights of Joe’s trip was a 3-day visit with Harry Anderson (Class of 1957) as Harry’s guest in his beautiful Adobe-style home in El Ancon, New Mexico. Joe and Harry had not seen each other in about 50 years. Joe and Gail, in their tour, visited many cities including New Orleans, San Antonio, Austin, San Diego, San Mataeo, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Anaheim and Chicago in the U.S. They crossed over into B.C., Canada visiting Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Whistler, Tofino and Kelowna. What a trip! Joe, thanks for sharing.

Adrian Chang (Class 1969) , brother of Herman, was in the news recently when invited to be a speaker at a major conference in resource-rich Calgary for CFO’s of some of Canada’s major companies. The conference was to examine best practices for evaluating mergers and acquisitions. This was held on June 16 & 17th and major participants included Deloitte & Touché LLP, Ernst & Young Corporate Finance Inc., Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP, Grant Thornton LLP, Meyers Norris Penny LLP, Nexen Inc., RSM Richter Inc. and TransCanada Corporation.

Adrian Chang CGA, CFA, P.Eng, has over 30 years experience in the power, oil and gas and petrochemical fields; proving that Georgians are succeeding and creating an impact worldwide.

Robin Mahfood left gets a warm greeting from President Ma Ying-Jeou.

But that’s nothing new! Just look at this other outstanding Georgian, Robin Mahfood (Class 1960)

President Ma Ying-Jeou of Taiwan met with the visiting head of the American aid organization Food For The Poor recently. The President had nothing but praises for its founder and CEO, Robin Mahfood. President Ma said that Taiwan could tap into the experience and global network of major international groups such as Food For The Poor, which is the largest charity organization in the United States.

President Ma made these comments in a meeting at the Presidential Office with a visiting delegation of representatives from Food For The Poor. According to Taiwan’s International Cooperation and Development Fund, an implementation arm of the government foreign aid program, Taiwan and Food For The Poor have been working on several joint aid programs since 2005 in Central American and Caribbean countries that have diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

St. George’s College has indeed equipped many to succeed and prosper in the international market place and moreso, taking as well, the message that “we are our brother’s keeper”.

Lancelot Jones & Chris Chin.

Our President, Chris Chin, has also been doing some travelling and was recently in Nashville, Tenn. with first lady, Charmaine, for a mini reunion of her Holy Childhood high school classmates. He was not to be alone as along came Georgian, Lancelot Jones, all the way from Houston, Texas. Turns out he is married to one of Charmaine’s former classmates. They had a grand old time line dancing and bar hopping reminiscing on St. George’s.

Allie Binns

Great hearing from Allie Binns (Class 1947). Allie, thanks for sharing a bit of your life after cricket.

Allie played cricket for Jamaica and the West Indies; many of the older Georgians will recall that record sixth wicket partnership of 277 runs with the young Collie Smith, playing for Jamaica in 1955 against Australia. His decision to retire from cricket after the New Zealand tour and take up teaching was primarily due to the influence of Archbishop Joyce of Christchurch. Upon learning that Allie had graduated from St. George’s College in Kingston, Jamaica, he introduced him to St. George’s High School in Christchurch where the faculty and students made him an honourary Student- teacher. “I had a wonderful time in New Zealand and even taught them our school cheers, including “the June Bug”, the Archbishop’s favourite. Allie graduated from Wentforth Institute of Technology in 1959 with an Associate Degree in Engineering. He later gained a B in Education and MEd (Hons) in Administration from Northeastern University, and taught for the next twenty five years in Massachusetts with the final sixteen years in the Boston School System. On May 17th, 2009, Allie received an Honourary BSc in Engineering Technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology. He retired from teaching in 1987 and spends his retirement years in Weston, Florida with his lovely wife, Henrietta. Congrats, my friend, and thanks for spreading the Georgian culture and values – it’s what we expect of Georgians.

Michael Rogers.

Just got word from Georgian basketballer, Michael Rogers, that he has been selected and invited to return to Jamaica to play with the Jamaica National Senior Basketball team this Summer. They will be participating in the Caribbean Basketball Championships (CBC ) in the British Virgin Islands. Mike, one of StGC Basketball Coach Clifford Brown’s outstanding protégées, attended Redemption Christian College and is now at Valparaiso University in the States. He was one of six Georgians who came to Canada with the Jamaica schoolboy team led by StGC coach, Clifford Brown, in December 2004. The team was aided, feted and entertained by our association during this memorable tour.

Keshaun Saunders

A younger basketballer in the making -“Rising Star” Keshaun Saunders led his Oakville Venom Basketball team to a fourth place finish in the AAA division at the Ontario Provincial Championship in Chatham, Ontario. Keshaun is the son of VP West, Richard Saunders, and wife, Michelle.

No.20-Adrianna McCatty in action.

More than thirty years after her father, Roy McCatty, traveled to Trinidad and Tobago, under the leadership of the legendary Easton “Bull” McMorris, to represent Jamaica in the Shell Shield Cricket Tournament, Adrianna (Adrie) prepares to make the same trip as a member of the Vin Blaine-led Jamaica women soccer team, to contest the 2009 U-17 World Cup of Soccer.

At 15 years of age, Adrie is one of five young USA-based Jamaicans who were selected to the squad.

The team’s agenda includes training camps in Florida and Jamaica before heading off to Trinidad and Tobago for the World Cup from July 28 to August 9.

A very talented, all-around athlete, Adrie demonstrated great prowess at (figure) skating, gymnastics, swimming, basketball and soccer at a very early age. But it was soccer that won the greatest attention, and by her ninth birthday became, by far, her favourite sport.

At more than 5’7″ tall and blistering fast, Adrie is considered one of the “most dangerous” strikers in Florida at her age. Her thunderous left-foot shot and her unselfish approach to the game, coupled with the unbelievable ability to “thread the needle” with precision passes, make defending her extremely difficult.

Her dad Roy McCatty was a former Director of our Ontario OBA Association before moving on to Florida.

1st VP & President Elect Milton Hart [4th left], Robbie Vernon [far right], representing us at Jesuit alumni/ae social with Fr. Winston Rye S. J.

On Wednesday May 20th, 1st VP and President Elect, Milton Hart, represented us at the Spring Social Gathering of the International Jesuit Alumni group. This was held at the new offices of the Jesuits in English Canada at 43 Queens Park in Toronto. Spearheading these sessions is Fr. Winston Rye, SJ, who has successfully brought together alumni of Jesuit institutions, not only in Canada but India, Scotland, England, Guyana, Holland, Jamaica, Japan, Africa and elsewhere – all who reside in the Toronto area. It’s a wonderful forum for exchanging ideas. From time to time, Fr. Rye also brings in special guest speakers on wide ranging topics of interest. With Fr. Jim Webb, SJ, who spent over 22 years in Jamaica and is quite familiar with St. George’s College now the new Provincial Superior for the Jesuits in English Canada, we see greater involvement from the Old Boys here.

Fr. Michael Lewis with our Ontario Executive L-R- Robbie Vernon, Danny Ho Lung & Pres. Chris Chin

Just got news that ever popular Georgian priest, Fr. Michael Lewis, has been made a Monsignor. This is wonderful news and certainly well deserved. You could not meet a stauncher supporter for StGC than Fr. Lewis. He was in Toronto recently for the ordination of Jesuits Rohan Tulloch and Michael Davidson to the diaconate and is shown here catching up on StGC news with members of the Ontario executive. Understand that Fr. Ken Richards (Holy Trinity Cathedral) and Fr. Gregory Ramkissoon (Mustard Seed Community) will be Monsignors as well.

[L-R] -Danny HoLung, Charmaine Chin, Chris Chin, Dwayne Campbell , JoJo Holung.

It’s good to see not only the athletic but the academic tradition preserved in the alumni. Dwayne Campbell has just received the top scholarship for doctorial candidates – the Scandling Scholarship, from the University of Rochester in New York State. He will be researching Educational Leadership: Policy & Theory. Prior to this, Dwayne completed at Boston College two masters degrees (M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction, and CAGS in Educational Administration). There he was – a Practicum Supervisor- responsible for assessing, guiding and mentoring student-teachers.

Dwayne graduated from StGC in 1997 with Dwayne Henclewood who is presently doing his PhD in Transportation Engineering at Georgia Tech. 1998 graduate, Andre Watts, is also doing his PhD in Organic Chemistry with the University of Pennsylvania, and his fellow 1998 class graduate, Azizi Seixas, is pursuing his PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fordham University.

During the break, Dwayne is now in Jamaica lecturing for the summer at graduate and undergraduate classes at Mico College University. He is involved with volunteer service at Alpha Boys Home and will be travelling to Barbados to mark CXC Literatures in English. He was the recipient of the teacher of the year Award at StGC during the tenure of Principal Fred Kennedy, whom he thanks for encouraging him to pursue studies in Education.

SAYING FAREWELL: [L-R]-Robbie, Vernon, Heather Vernon, JoJo Holung, Michael Davidson, Danny Ho Lung.

Saying farewell to a dear friend as he continues on his spiritual journey in the Jesuit order was not easy. Michael Davidson S.J had indeed endeared himself to a large number of Georgians while at the school as Dean of Discipline and endeared himself as well to several in our Ontario executive. He introduced many of his younger Georgian alumni in the States and Canada to our chapter. Immediate past president Danny HoLung arranged the farewell luncheon for Michael. God go with you, my friend.

[L-R] Dave Soares, Natalia Fong Kong-MustardSeed -  lower school Vice Principal, Martin Davis - 1st form student, Margaret Campbell - Principal, Mrs. Davia Bryan Campbell - form teacher.

Staff and students of StGC in their outreach to others less fortunate donated to the children of Martha’s House who lost their belongings in a disastrous fire at the Mustard Seed Communities Home in March. Martha’s House, also on North Street, was home to 30 children until it was destroyed. First form student, Martin Davis (every student in his class participated) presented the class’ contributions. He was accompanied by Dave Soares, lower school viceprincipal, Margaret Campbell, Principal, and Davia Campbell his form teacher. The tin drive was conducted as an outreach project to help others in need and to teach our students to have a social conscience, said Mr. Soares. He said that the response from the students was overwhelming and that they would continue to do these drives for Mustard Seed and other charitable institutions.

L-R- Everton Campbell, Margaret Campbell, Charles Williams, Sen. Dwight Nelson, Ray Chang, Pat Terrelonge

That’s our St. George’s students embodying, in their outlook, our motto “ad majorem dei gloriam” or everything “for the greater glory of god” – well done!Showing support for President Charles Williams and the Jamaica Old Boys Association, our Treasurer, Ray Chang and Liaison Director, Carl Chang while in Jamaica, attended their quarterly luncheon in April. Special guests also were old boys, Sen. Dwight Nelson and Patrick Terrelonge. Ray made a plea for support for the Lawrence Burke, SJ Centre and O’Hare restoration projects. Patrick Terrelonge spoke of the historic Alpha/StGC Class of 1959 reunion held May 28-30.

Just heard from our Liaison Director, Carl Chang, who is assisting in ticket sales, that The Jamaica Old Boys will be staging their Monsignor Gladstone Wilson Awards Banquet 2009 at the Mona Visitors Lodge, UWI on Saturday September 26 at 6:30 p.m. The Honourees this year are Neville Bell, Paul Chavannes (dec’d), Deacon Trevor Graham, JP, Cecil Knight (dec’d) and Charles Williams. Tickets are J$5,000 and we urge support for our brother chapter.

ALL SMILES, Prime Minister Hon. Bruce Golding, Ronnie Thwaites MP, Philip Wong, handing over donation cheque.

Jumping in again to help St. George’s College, Philip Wong (class 1959) made a surprise presentation of a cheque for five million Jamaican dollars. This was at the Class of 1959 Reunion Panel Discussion event. Flying down from Florida for the special occasion, Philip cited the frequent promptings by Florida old boy, Dennis Barnett, to come through for the school and, brother, did he, and this is not the first time either. Also rising to the occasion in this time of great need was MP and deacon, Ronnie Thwaites, also class of 1959 with a donation of five hundred thousand Jamaican dollars.

Carl Chang embracing and thanking "Juicy".

Of equal import and just as magnanimous was the astounding gift of five thousand Jamaican dollars from Cecil Mason, school juice vendor, “Juicy”. Seeing the plight at the O’Hare, he gave all he could. It’s donations like this that warm the heart and give a great lift to our cause and the spirit of our indefatigable Liaison Director, Carl Chang, who has been going full speed ahead on the project. Fellow Old boys, where is your contribution! “Every mikkle mek a mukkle”

— Robbie Vernon

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