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St. George’s College Old Boys’ Association, ON Canada                                                                   Newsletter, Issue #54 (pg1) March 2009

Greetings fellow Georgians, friends and well-wishers. Happy New Year to you all! Yes, it is already two months old and three by the time we go to press but I would be remiss not to extend such greetings to such a deserving group.

When last we spoke, I had extended congratulations to our Manning Cup Team on bringing home the Cup; well they took it up another notch and brought home the Olivier Shield as well. What a way to end the year, great job guys! (See Part 2).

We ended the year with a new beginning, our 1st Annual New Year’s Eve Ball held jointly with our friends at Jamaica College at the Pearson Convention Centre. A grand time was had by all in attendance with our 1st V.P. and President Elect, Milton Hart officiating as the Countdown Maestro and emceed by Jamaica College’s President, Chris Wynter. In the end it was clear this is the MUST ATTEND event of the year, so drop all other plans and make it a point to be at the 2nd, same venue! (See Part 2 pictorial coverage).

The work for our School continues in earnest with remarkable results. On Wednesday, January 28th an official ground breaking ceremony was held on the School grounds for the Lawrence Burke S.J. Building which will house an additional 12 badly needed classrooms. The ceremony was attended by a star-studded list of Georgians including the current Prime Minister, Hon. Bruce Golding, Senators Dwight Nelson and Don Wehby, Ministry of Finance, Member of Parliament, Ronnie Thwaites, former Archbishops Lawrence Burke S.J. and Edgerton Clarke S.J. Other notables attending included Archbishop of Kingston Donald Reece and the Min. of Education Mr. Andrew Holness.

Believe it or not, this was being orchestrated from Toronto by the extremely capable hands of our own Ray Chang and Donette Chin Loy who eventually flew down for the event.

In Jamaica ahead of them was our own Liaison Director, Carl Chang, that human dynamo, who spearheaded much of the groundwork that lead to this auspicious occasion. Thanks Ray! Thanks Donette! Thanks Carl.! Georgians can count on you wherever and whenever action is required. But we need all hands on deck if success is to be achieved. Old boys in Jamaica, USA, Canada and elsewhere please step up to the plate and help out the school in whatever way you can. You know the old Jamaica saying “one one cocoa full basket”.

To hear more on this project, attend our Family Brunch. Yes, you read correctly. This year we will be having a Family Brunch on March 29th at the Rouge River Community Centre at which our speaker, none other than our own Ray Chang will give an overview of the school and this particular project and how we can all participate. Space is limited so get your tickets early. Contact any member of the Executive for tickets.

See you all there…!

— Chris Chin

Archbishop Lawrence Burke S.J. pondering/praying for our future. Let’s make sure it happens… (see part 3 & 4)

Since our last newsletter there are, sadly, several deaths to report on in our St. George’s family.

Bernadette Lorraine Chung sister of our Dennis (Patsy) passed away in December after a valiant battle with cancer. Also in Florida just heard that Phillip Wong lost his beloved mum.

In Ethiopia, Patrick “Dread” McGaw, brother of Errol and Dave and a key member of the great 1968 Manning cup Team.

In Jamaica Dr. Donovan Forte class of 1948 and brother of well respected legal luminary Ian Forte OJ, CD,QC passed on, as did the son-in-law of Joe Richards, Kayode Siyanbola, husband of daughter Karen. Also passing away in Jamaica was Beryl Joyce Hopwood Lee mother of Kurt Lee (Class of 1976-affectiontely known as ‘Pope’); Pat Teape -Class of 1949 in Discovery Bay; Georgian John Barnes, England World Cup soccer star and present coach “Reggae Boys”, lost his father Col. Ken Barnes.

Ryan Peralto

Old boys were in shock at the death of former Member of Parliament Ryan Peralto on January 23rd. Ryan was with us and in great humour at the Hall of Fame Banquet in October, delivering a moving tribute to fellow Georgian and new Hall of Famer Karl Largie.

An official funeral service was held for him at Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church on February 9th, with tributes given by Georgian Prime Minister Bruce Golding; former Prime Minister, Edward Seaga and representatives of the Jamaica Labour Party, LP, The Peoples National Party, The Electoral Commission, the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation and The Jaycees of Jamaica.

All paid tribute to his long political career beginning in the 1970s. He also served as mayor of Kingston; Minister of State in the Ministries of National Security and Trade and Industry; and General Secretary and Chairman of the Jamaica labour Party. He was a member of the Electoral Advisory Committee, and contributed significantly to the electoral reform process and patented the design of Jamaica and the world’s first electronic voting system bringing commendations here and abroad. Ryan’s life included heavy involvement serving the St. George’s College Old Boys’ Association, the Lions Club and then Jaycees of Jamaica. He was also a vice- President of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association and Director of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce. His book ” Insure Your Democracy ” outlines his lifework.

Our thanks to his wife Lorna, of 51 years for allowing him the time to share his zeal and commitment for the betterment of his school and country. We Georgians are proud of him and forever grateful for his outstanding dedication and service.

We lost another Ontario Georgian, George Chang, in Tecumseh, Ontario.

Kennedy Tai

Also, just got news our Liaison Director Carl Chang lost his brother-in-law Kennedy Tai. Kennedy was a long time member of our Toronto chapter.

Also Louis Lee advised his wife Claudette’s, mum Una Hurley passed on in Florida.

May all the deceased rest in God’s peace and our prayers go out to
the families left behind.

Here’s Some Good News:

Craig, daughter Erica, & baby Leah

Heartiest congratulations to Wilbert and Janet Wong on the birth of their second grandchild Leah Marie Wong. Leah is the daughter of their son Craig and Heather. Here is Craig with proud daughter Erica and little Leah.

Clovis Metcalf, caught in action in our last newsletter with Tony McDowell at the Hall of Fame Banquet in October in Jamaica has been promoted to head the Jamaican operations of First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB). A 36 year banking veteran, Clovis was the director of corporate banking for FCIB which is ranked number four of seven commercial banks in Jamaica.

Gail Chang Bohr

Deacon Patrick Chang is elated at the appointment of his sister Gail who has been elected a US judge in the Ramsey County District Court in Minneapolis. Gail Chang Bohr is the ninth of 15 children born to “Maas” Percy Chang and wife Alice of Chang’s Emporium in Half Way Tree. Deacon Patrick was the 8th. Gail moved to the United States in 1962 on a full scholarship to Wellesley College in Massachusetts earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. From there she commenced a 19 year career in social work culminating in a Masters Degree in Sociology from the Simmons College of Social Work. She was a psychiatric social worker in Boston and taught social work in Hong Kong. In order to strengthen her ability to advocate for children and Families, Gail obtained a law degree and continues in her advocacy work.

Aaron & Luarne – check the ring finger

One of our local team’s star soccer players Aaron Sani, famous for his clever shifts and mad dashes down the wing, has made another deft move- Yes! ;and Milton confirms this is true. He announced his engagement to the beautiful Luarne Shillingford. They have been seen together at many of our functions and were captured in our last newsletter’s coverage of our family picnic in August last.

Congratulations to them both. We wish them well, they are contemplating a big, big step.

Aaron is the son of Georgian Tony Sani and wife Katie (President ICHS Ont. Alumni Assoc.).

Queen Sofia kisses the ring of Archbishop Lawrence Burke S.J.

The Spaniards are back !! The Spaniards are back !! And in a big way.

Spanish investment over the last ten years in the Jamaican economy has exceeded US $1 billion dollars with construction of 10 hotels and 5,000 rooms and expectations of a further US $1.5 billion over the next five years.

Columbus arrived in St. Ann’s Bay on May 5th 1494 and was greeted by Arawaks. Little is left other than place and area names: Ocho Rios, Rio Minho, Rio Cobre. And we often forget that the Catholic Church was the first Christian church in Jamaica. Mass was said here in many churches and there was, at one time, a Dominican monastery in Spanish town.

Our own St. George’s, was founded in 1850 by 21 Spanish Jesuits, expelled from Columbia.

King Carlos and Queen Sofia have just concluded a historic official visit to Jamaica and a must stop was our Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Peter Tan & Christine Ho Ping Kong

Hall of Famer Dr. Herbie Ho Ping Kong’s daughter, Christine, an upcoming Toronto architect, was recently featured in the Toronto Star as one of the 10 people to watch in 2009. She and her husband Peter Tan, an architect as well, are making waves in the profession by their clever and inventive use of space and limited material in their work. Their home carved out of an old industrial site in Toronto was used as an excellent example of their work in creating an urban compound with courtyard and very utilitarian architecture.

Aubrey Lowe

This bit of news from Danny Simpson in New York re the legendary footballer Aubrey Lowe. “Hi Guys: It was great being able to spend a couple of hours with Aubrey today. He is in the Bronx Park Rehab, located at 3845 Carpenter Ave., Bronx, NY 10467-5204. He is on the 5th Floor and the telephone number is (718)-652-8004.

The nurses are very fond of him and will try to get him to the phone. However, based on my observation, the best time to call him seems to be between 11:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. For those of you that spoke with him, be assured that there was joy in his countenance as he was able to speak with Ken East, Keith Noad, Clinton Lewis, Cecil Chew, and Gary Nash. I plan to make every effort to visit him again before the Christmas holidays.”

Danny did visit Aubrey again with his youngest daughter spending some three hours with him and bringing Christmas cheer. Thanks Danny, you are a true Georgian.

Who can forget the unbeatable Manning Cup star Michael King in goal or brother Ernest pounding around the track in the mile event. Thanks to our former president Derrick Potopsingh who attended the special event for providing the picture capturing the happy parents Ethan and Lilian King. My, don’t they look good!

The couple celebrated their platinum anniversary at the Village of Erin Meadows, their retirement residence in Mississauga. Both were born and raised in St.Lucia and were married on Dec. 26,1938 in Barbados.

Because of Ethan’s work, the family of seven children lived in St. Lucia, Grenada, Belize, Jamaica and the UK. The couple retired to Canada in 1984. They have 15 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. We thank them for the Jamaica stop and our getting to know their fine offsprings at St. George’s.

The parents of Michael & Ernest King, celebrate 70th wedding anniversary. Front (L-R): Ernest, Colin, Lillian, Monica. Back (L-R): Trevor, Dennis, Barbara, Raymund, Michael

Many Georgians on the executive were out in support of JC’s fundraising dinner dance which had our own treasurer Ray Chang, (Chancellor Ryerson University, StGC Hall of Famer), as its guest speaker.

Ray delivered a moving address touching on his own educational experiences and that of his family at St. George’s College; which led to his own fervour for education, and efforts to give back to correct a system in Jamaica which by all Government reports was failing our youth.

Ray expounded on the value of a post secondary education and what drew him as well to be a passionate advocate of lifelong learning. He congratulated the JC OBA for their efforts to assist their Alma Mater.

Ray was pleased at the painting of the O’Hare Building given to him as a gift of Appreciation.

Congrats Ray, you did us and St.George’s proud by the eloquence and relevance of your talk.

L-R: Robbie Vernon, Milton Hart, Chris Wynter, Ray Chang,  Danny Ho Lung, Chris Chin,

Heard Ronnie Nasralla is launching a book in Jamaica, titled,  Lessons to learn. This popular Georgian Jamaican personality will highlight his sports, show business and advertising experiences. Should be very interesting reading for his many Georgian friends and they are legion.  Am advised it will be available on

News just in from Antigua that we now have a new monsignor – yes, Rt. Rev. Monsignor George Bardowell.  Our congratulations go out to this outstanding Georgian.

Caught in action at the recent Toronto Motor Show is our energetic V.P East Tyrone Hollbrooke in conversation with Charmaine Chin wife of President Chris Chin.


Plans are well under way for the reunion in Jamaica of the class of 1959 which takes place May 28-30, 2009 in Kingston. We are being joined in some of the festivities by the Alpha class of 1959. This should be an event of a lifetime and possibly a last chance in this life to chum with our schoolmates of 50 years ago

For details check out the reunion website:

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