STGC Poised to take 2019 Taekwondo Championship…

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STGC Poised to take 2019 High School Taekwondo Championship…

Photo Credit-Jamaica Taekwondo Association/G 10

St. George’s College looks poised to take the 2018 -19 McKay Security Jamaica Taekwondo Association High School League Championship.

We ended up in 2nd place in 2015, 2016 and joint Champion with Calabar in 2017. But with four of the six competitions completed for the 2018-19 season, STGC leads the standing with 3 wins and a loss to Jamaica College. The other likely contender, Calabar has not done well this year and has yet to win a competition and so is not a contender at all. JC has an outside chance as two wins would make it STGC(3)-JC(3) and so a Joint Championship situation.

The loss to JC was unexpected in the third competition early in March but injury to our top fighter as well as our other big fighter black belt Duncan Smith opting to fight in the adult division rather than at the high school level left the team weakened against an improving JC side.

In the last competition on April 6 at Campion, there was a clear strategic plan by the Knights: put the strongest team out there and go all out!! In the final round, Calabar felt the full force of the Knights with a 4-1 wipe out. This win put STGC back on track.

Much of STGC’s success has to be credited to Old Boy and former coach Master Wayne Smith who from 2014-18, developed a solid program. He also did a tremendous amount of mentoring which made the program even more appealing and stronger. He left as coach in 2018 to start his own martial arts school.

The new coach Andre Sinclair has an abundance of talent to work with and has molded the unit into a real fighting machine. Top guns are Chayan Brown, Miguel Hamilton, Ryan Robinson, Duncan Smith and Jahvon Ashley. In addition, female Akiliah Williams(6-2), STGC’s Senior Lady (equivalent to a Head Girl) is a top quality fighter who competes in the female adult league. She is also a top student academically.

According to JC’s coach Ackeem Lawrence, St. George’s College looks set to dominate the high school taekwondo scene for the next few seasons as the present crop and the upcoming fighters are of very high quality.

Let’s focus and bring home the title Georgian Knights!

Photo Credit – Jamaica Taekwondo Association/G 10


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