STGC dominates French Art Festival for High Schools

Once again St. George’s College dominated the 2019 French Art Festival for High Schools winning three of the five categories of competition.

We mined Gold in,
POETRY- Cavor Grant ( 3rd Form)
POETRY WRITING-Michael Gray ( 5th Form)
DRAMA- Wakeem Williams, Malcolm-Jamal Newland ( 3rd Form)

We earned Silver in,
SONG- Mikael Larmond( 6th Form)
DANCE- Joel Brown, David Smith, D’Andre Mills, Ajani Black and Nathaniel Salmon.

We also won Bronze in POETRY WRITING with Shaquille Brown (4th Form) picking up the third place.

It is becoming a habit for the Knights to dominate this festival as no other school has consistently performed outstanding like the Light Blues over the last few years. The Foreign Language Department (French and Spanish) is one of the strongest, if not the strongest in Jamaica.

Congrats to the young Knights, and to Madam Wong and Mlle Burke who worked with the students.

STGC Photography

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