St. George’s College Hall Of Fame Banquet 2018

Hall Of Fame Recipients 2018

It was a grand affair at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica last Saturday night as Georgians gathered to honor four of their own for their contribution to country, community and school. Present among the some 300 plus attendees were former Prime Minister and Georgian Hon. Bruce Golding and present Minister of Health, Hon. Christopher Tufton.

The Inductees were introduced and were given the opportunity to say a few words to the gathering.

Philip Wong, graduated in 1959 was actually born in Tahiti to a Jamaican father and was sent to school in Jamaica. He remembered the generosity shown to him here and the sense of striving for excellence while in school. A very successful business man, his contribution spans nine scholarships, including one to recent Old Boy Jezeel Martin. Jezeel is a young, bright attorney-at-law who presented Phillip’s introduction on the night.

Philip has been instrumental in funding major construction renovation and other improvement project at St. George’s College. The present front entrance is funded by Phillip to the tune of some J$20 million

 Professor Robert ‘Bobby’ Hill, Class 1959 is a renowned historian. He is a Professor Emeritus of History and Professor of Research at UCLA. He is “The Expert” on Marcus Garvey and Pan- Africanism, and is sought after worldwide as a lecturer and presenter. His interest in modern history was spurned by his well-known uncles Frank Hill, a journalist and Ken Hill, Mayor of Kingston and politician. In high school he recalled that he was encouraged to read widely and this led him to start his work in history research.  Incidentally, his cousin Anthony Hill is probably the most outstanding school boy footballer STGC has ever produced. John Barnes, well known footballer is his nephew.

Clovis ‘Metty’ Metcalfe, Class 1961 recalled that he started slowly in school. At one point, he questioned if he could actually finish. However, even when he slipped, he always found the strength to move on.  In his words, St. George’s College taught him that when you fall, ‘you pick yourself up, move on and try even harder’. It was a philosophy that would drive him in future years. A successful banker and business man, he was the manager to a number of Manning Cup teams and a contributor to projects taken on at STGC.

Howard Mitchell, Class 1967 is the present President of the PSOJ. An attorney-at-law by training, he operated a very successful practice specializing in commercial law. A very successful business man, he has shown himself to be adapt in restructuring companies and putting in good management systems where it didn’t exist. He has done much work for the Mustard Seed Community and the St. Patrick’s Foundation.  As the PSOJ head, he has been vocal in the call for good governance and the fight against corruption. He is an outstanding public figure.

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