STGC 2018 Invitational Football

2018 Invitational football

It was a better performance by the Light Blues when they played Frome Tecnical. The Westmoreland team was not going let what happen the previous day recur. They too played with much more purpose and fight.

The STGC team was a totally different team than the one that played St. Jago on Saturday. We had a better physical presence in height and built. The team was more robust and for 90 percent of the time had Frome defending furiously as the Light Blues created chance after chance.

We scored late in the first half when the ball from a STGC corner was directed into the goal by a Frome defender after sustained pressure.

The second half was much the same with STGC making fluent forward passes and Frome defending relentlessly. We were not able to beat the last line of defense.

In the first game, a plucky St. Jago downed the clearly better Dinthill 1-0. The Linstead side had chance after chance even up to the final whistle but could not score!

So we got a glimpse of the George’s side. Our forwards will have be a lot more clinical when the real deal starts.

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