Michelle & Suzanne ~ Two Sisters And A Meal

The basecampers head to Papine market to meet Michelle Rousseau and her sister, Suzanne Rousseau, the chefs from the popular cooking show Two Sisters And A Meal.

The basecampers’ mission is to learn how to select the right ingredients to make the best ackee and saltfish recipe.

What is ackee, you might ask? It’s a fruit that was imported from West Africa to Jamaica in the 18th century and has since become one of the most beloved Caribbean food ingredients. It’s poisonous if not well prepared, though, so you better watch how the sisters do it in this video – and soak up all there is to learn about this famous Jamaican food before trying yourself!

There are many other gems of culinary info to discover from the sisters in this video other than the Jamaican ackee and saltfish recipe we get. These two chefs are definitely the resource on traditional Jamaican food recipes.

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