St. George’s College 2018 Graduation Ceremony


  Fr. Rohan Tulloch S.J, Board Chairman

The Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2018 saw more than a thousand persons witnessing the symbolic closure of an important chapter in the lives of their sons and loved ones.  Fr. Rohan Tulloch S.J, Board Chairman welcomed the large gathering. He congratulated the graduates and prayed for the continued blessings for the Class. Principal Mrs. Margaret Campbell presented the school’s report card.

We continue to maintain our academic standard. We had some 15 students making the CXC’s Regional and National Honor List. In the French International Language exams, we had some 40 students successfully passing it. No other school can come near to our performance in the past few years. Our Sixth Form program remains strong. Our First Year Sixth class was the biggest ever with some 160 students.

In sports, we were champions in Taekwondo , U 19 Rugby, U 19 Basketball. We were Finalist/Runners Up in U 16 football, Lacrosse and U 14 Basketball. We missed out on the final for U 19 Urban Cricket due to a controversial replay.

Two of our teachers will be proceeding on pre-retirement leave; Vice Principal Mr. Dave Soares and business subject teacher Mr. Henderson McGregor.

Keynote speaker, Mr. Justin Morin, CEO of Digicel, STGC Class 1992 was introduced. In a short time, he connected positively with the graduates and audience with his warm, clear and direct style. Indeed, he opted to go and stage with the graduates to deliver his presentation.

He reminded the graduates that they have now joined a brotherhood of Knights who share, over many generations a culture of excellence, integrity and positive contribution to community. He mentioned that his grandfather and his father both attended STGC and that there was no other school for him to go to after he passed his GSAT exams. Indeed his uncle, Fr. Dennis Crutchley, SJ was the first Jamaican Principal of St. George’s College.

Using examples from his time at St. George’s College and his working experience he then went on to develop a framework for a workable approach for the future. Firstly, WORK HARD. There is no substitute for this. He related how he wanted to make the football team. He recognized that there were many more talented player than himself but with very hard work in the classroom and on the field, he was part of the 1992 Championship Manning Cup team. “…Expect Challenges!; They will come. Use them to grow and remember failure is an option. Work in the field that you love; This may entail a career change at some point in time…”. As was in his case.

He stared as an industrial engineer but found that his love was in problem solving and so he switched to management. “…GIVE BACK TO YOUR COMMUNITY. This is a key to personal fulfillment. TRAVEL. Experience different cultures and ways of life. It broadens you horizon and vision…” He mentioned that he once went to the Sudan and at the airport, the officials were so fascinated that they had someone from Jamaica, they technically closed the facility so that persons could meet him. Little Jamaica is recognized internationally.

At the end of Mr. Morin’s presentation, the audience applauded loudly in appreciation of his well delivered talk. He was presented with an acrylic painting of the landmark O’ Hare Building by a member of the graduating class.

The program was packed with quality performances from the STGC’s Award Winning Choir, guest performers former Headboy Kadeen Mundy, and sixth former Jana- Lee Henry as well as renditions from the Graduating Class.

Again we must congratulate Vice Principal, Mrs. Suzette Mullings- Douglas and her team for a tremendously successful production.

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