A reunion of St. George’s Old Boys’

Standing L-R: Tyrone Holbrooke, Robbie Vernon, Lloyd Chung, Don Barnett, Bob Wills, John Chavannes Peter Hitchins Seated L-R: Karen Chung, Regina Chavannes, Jennifer Barnett.

Much thanks to Don Barnett and Patrick Haddad for organising on a bright sunny Toronto day a luncheon at Nicey`s  Scarborough for Former president of our Ontario Chapter John Chavannes on visit to Toronto with his lovely Wife Regina . This saw the bringing together of five former Presidents of our Ontario Chapter: Peter Hitchins, Bob  Wills, John Chavannes, Don Barnett, and Robbie Vernon and our old guard staunch supporters Lloyd Chung, Tyrone Holbrooke, and on the distaff side Jennifer Barnett and Karen Chung.

A most enjoyable reunion and much  reminiscing on the school and early days of the Ontario Chapter – Great camaraderie. 

— Robbie Vernon

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