STGC on Top in Taekwondo Competition

2018 Taekwondo Team: Chayane Brown, Miguel Hamilton, Ryan Robinson, Duncan Smith, Javim Ashley.


St. George’s College defeated defending champion, Calabar last Saturday by 3-2 to take the lead in the Jamaica Taekwondo McKay Security High School Team Sparring Competition. Calabar is considered the kingpin of this high school sport.

The championship consists of 6 monthly competitions involving a team of five fighters representing each school. The school that wins the most competitions in the season is declared the winner of the Championship. At this point STGC has 3 wins while Calabar has 2 wins. With one last competition to go, STGC is looking to finish off with a win to take the title cleanly.

Coach Wayne Smith has done a tremendous job with the STGC team. In 2014, when we started to participate in the Championships, we were the beating stick of all the other teams. However, we have learned very quickly and have built on experience since. In 2016, Calabar got the scare of their life when just missed out on winning the Championship. It was a similar story in 2017.
“I’ve watched them grow to now become the only real competition for Calabar. They kept trying and never gave up. I know they are really and happy and proud. We’re coming with everything to win this competition” Smith said.
St. George’s College can also boast that we have a two time World Martial Arts Champion in Akino Lindsay, Class of 2012 and a member of the 2014 team.
Incidentally, Coach Smith’s son, Duncan Smith is a member of the present STGC team.
Good going STGC fighters!!!
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