A Legacy of the STGC Basketball program

St. George's Slayers, 2018 National Basketball Champion.

St. George’s Slayers were crowned National Basketball Champion for 2018 when they defeated the UWI Running Rebels 2-1 in the best of three games on June 10, 2018. Earlier, the Slayers had defeated the same team to claim the Southern Conference Championship.

In the preliminary rounds of the Southern Conference, the Running Rebels had beaten the Slayers thrice. But things changed in the latter stages when the Slayers seem to focus and gel, lifting the quality of play significantly.

St. George’s Slayers was started in 1993 when two students from St. George’s College, Andrew Walker and Dean Mundy formed a team with past Georgian basketballers. In time, the squad would include players from other schools. The team trains at St. George’s College. In 2004, the Slayers reach the final but lost. They would reap championship success in 2005 and again in 2006. In 2014 they would again reach the national final but loss to Urban Knights.

Slayer's coach Rohan Robinson.

According to Slayer’s coach Rohan Robinson, the 2018 season had its challenges. With the league dormant for a few years, many team, including the Slayers, had difficulty finding players to form squads. Interestingly, Robinson was a MVP in the championship teams of 2005 and 2006. Coach Robinson had much praise for Michael Rogers, who he described as the ‘general manager’ of the basketball court. His experience and court management was crucial to the Slayers success.

Michael Rogers, 2018 MVP National Final.

Rogers, STGC Class 2004, was a star Division 1 College Basketball player for Valprosario University. He would play professionally in Europe and represented Jamaica from 2009-14. He is presently an assistant coach for the St. George’s College basketball program.

Jordan Moses, Class 2004...the man behind St. George's Saints.

Interestingly there is another team associated with the school. The St. George’s Saints has been on the scene for the past three or so years and Jordan Moses, Class 2004 at the helm. His team also trains at St. George’s College.

Presently, the school’s program is run by coach Clifford Brown with his assistants Michael Rogers and Mrs. Navina Powell.

We salute the St. George’s Slayers and St. George’s Saints, legacy of the STGC basketball program.

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