St. George’s College 2018 Pre-University Grads

St. George’s College Pre-University, 6th form Program 2018

Fr. Christopher Llanos SJ started with the opening prayer thanking the Lord for the many blessings bestowed on us. He prayed in particular for the graduates that Our Lord continue to guide and protect them in their journey.

There were brief remarks from Principal Mrs. Margaret Campbell and Board Chairman Fr. Rohan Tulloch SJ.; Both welcomed the gathering and wished the graduates well for the future.

There were musical items performed by the STGC Choir and by members of the Graduating Class of 2018 as well as dancing performances performed by female members of the Class.

We had interesting presentation from the Head Boy, Kyle Bedassia and his deputy on the life of a male Georgian. Even more intriguing was the presentation by Senior Lady, Nicole Raymond and her deputy on the Life of a Female Georgian. The fact is that our ladies have comfortably found their niche in essentially male institution.

The keynote speaker, Mr. Stephen Price, STGC Class 1990 and Managing Director of Flow Jamaica gave a very interesting presentation which all could relate to.

He started out by saying that at the end of 6th form here at STGC, he left with a pass at A Level in General Paper and a grade E in Maths. In his words, it was a disappointment.

This turned out to be a wake up call. He was forced to sit down, assess and develop a plan to re engineer himself. He then began to develop pointers for the graduates which he believed would help them to grow.

In brief, these were: learn from your mistakes, constantly acquire knowledge, be bold and take chances and finally never give up when things are not going your way. His talk went down well with the graduates and audience. It was clear that he had sat down, researched and prepared well for the occasion.

Mr. Price was presented with art work themed ‘Mother and Child’ created by one of the sixth form visual arts student, Okeen Wallace. Mr. Price in turned donated five Lenova laptops to the school and selfie sticks to all of the sixth form graduates.

The program flowed into the highlight of the evening, the presentation of diplomas. This was followed by subject awards and special awards.

The evening ended with closing prayers and benediction by Fr. Tulloch.

It was a very enjoyable occasion.

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VIDEO: 2018 Sixth Form Graduates  Marching:

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