A Tour of STGC Campus by Drone


Tim Chang left St. George’s College in the late 1970’s (circa 1978) during the ‘Great Exodus’ of the time and migrated to the United States.

He now lives in California and works in the IT industry. He has always had fond memories of STGC and returned to Jamaica in December, 2017 to visit his alma mater after some 40 years. It was a great walk down memory lane as he went into each class room starting from First form.

He also brought his aerial drown and made a video tour of the St. George’s College campus.

Please take the tour with us. Dates are related to the time of construction of the structure.

Thank you Tim for producing this video.


 Time Subject Comments
0:55 Holy Trinity Cathedral National Heritage Site – 1911, refurbished 2010
1:20 O’Hare Building 5th Form, Lower Floor 6th Form, Upper -1913
1:34 4th Form Block 1965, Upper Floor added in 1996
1:42 Student Development Centre  Lower Floor, 1997 (Previous Headmaster’s Office)
  Campus Chapel Upper Floor 2014
1:45 Physics Lab 1953
1:52 Chemistry Lab (Left) 1955
  Abe Issa Auditorium (Right) 1986
1:57 Biology Lab 1947
1:59 Archbishop Burke Building Science Labs, 3rd Form Classrooms; 2012
2:01 3rd, 2nd Form Block Circa 1960
2:08 2nd, 1st Form Block Circa 1960
2:14 Sabina Park 1930, Redevelopment in 2007
2:26 Emmet Park Club House Industrial Arts, 1976
2:52 Adrian Chaplin Hall Industrial Arts, 1976
2:54 Lawn Tennis/Basketball Courts Circa 1960
3:11 Jesuit Centre (left) 1911
3:13 Winchester Park Circa 1920

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