A Giant of A Knight Passes On

He was a giant in many spheres. A successful businessman, he gleaned from early that he had a real responsibility to serve. Serve he did!!

He had a special place for his alma mater, St. George’s College. He felt that his Jesuit education was special and gave him real insight into his approach to life. He was instrumental in recent time in the refurbishing of the school chapel and in getting equipment for the chemistry lab through the Food For The Poor, an institution in which he was a founding member. He was inducted to the St. George’s College Hall Of Fame in 2015.

He was a constant donor. I remember when we were restarting the STGC Photo Club in 2013, a general request was sent out for used cameras. A day later he e-mailed me, giving me specific instructions to go to one of his stores on King Street. Two brand new Vivitar cameras were there waiting for me!!

He was also concerned about happenings in the Church that affected the spiritual lives of the flock. A few years ago, when the Jesuits were seriously contemplating relinquishing their association with St. George’s College, he went on serious lobbying to make it known that this would be an abdication of the Jesuit’s moral responsibility to the school. He felt that the power that be in Boston or wherever were out of touch with the reality on the ground. In the end, the association was preserved.

He contributed to many institutions: The Salvation Army, Campion College, The Law Street Training Center, Mustard Seed, Missionary of The Poor and many others.

We are not meant to live here forever but we are expected to put in a good shift while we are here. Well done Pokar. You have been a faithful servant.

May the Lord welcome you into paradise good and faithful servant!!!

We pray for his family at this time of bereavement.

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