St. George’s College 2017 Graduation Ceremony

St. George's College Graduating Class of 2017...

Close to a thousand persons, friends and family of the 2017 Graduation Class came out to salute our young men on reaching a significant milestone. Fr. Rohan Tulloch, Board Chairman welcomed the gathering. He congratulated the graduates and charged them to make their mark on the world with the tools they have acquired over the last five years. He prayed that the Lord will continue to protect, guide and strengthen these young men as they continued the journey.

Dr. Lorren Scott, a graduate of St. George’s College was the guest speaker. He came from very humble circumstances, growing up in the inner city of Kingston. At St. George’s, he did very well and excelled academically. He went on to study medicine at UWI before doing post graduate in cardiology in Canada. He is the founder of the Heart and Vascular Center in Kingston which delivers affordable cardiology service to the population.

Dr. Scott’s message was very direct. Hard work, fair pay and determination always pay off. If you receive, you must give back abundantly to the community. These are universal tenets of true success. He also made two points that were interestingly expressed. We will have road blocks and at time wonder if we are going in the right direction. He went through such an experience and he described how one New Year’s Eve how he went up to Mountain Spring to meditate and seek the Lord for direction. However, after many hours there was no answer. Later on he realized that when we are in an unstable frame of mind, the Lord is unable speak to us because we are blinded by our emotional state. He answers us when we let go of ourselves.

He charged the graduands to be SELFISH. This was a bit surprising at first but then he explained that we need to focus on our personal development for us to grow professional, spiritually and in our personal family relationships. You can’t give to others if you don’t have the emotional stability and the knowledge, skills and tools that are needed to help your family and community. I believe this was a real gem for the young men.

Jason Lindo, a recent graduate and a runner up in the Digicel Rising Star Competition a few years ago gave a very nice rendition of Johnny Nash’s ‘I can See Clearly Now’, with all it symbolism for the occasion. The audience enjoyed this thoroughly and sang along with him.

The main item though was the presentation of the diplomas followed by special awards. A special award was given to Fr. Tolluch, who is an accounts teacher in addition to being the Board Chairman. He has gone out of his way to provide some of the under-performing fifth formers with extra help and other forms of intervention to bring change. It did bring change and this group of ten graduates presented him with a gift of appreciation. It was quite a sight to see all in a big huddle of appreciation and love.

The whole event was high quality and an exercise of efficiency and smoothness. I believe the audience appreciated this as within three hours the family had the opportunity to be with their sons without feeling physically drained from a long service. Well done Vice Principal Mrs. Mullings- Douglas and her team for a super high quality event.

The ceremony ended symbolically with the white gloved Graduates holding hand held electrical candles and leaving the stage and auditorium in total darkness.

Go forth Knights and let your Light shine in our trouble country which is in some much need of transformation.



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