Remarkable when you think of the odds

Left to Right: Audrea Golding, Joseph Vernon, Konata Lake [“Photo Credit to Stephanie McPherson” ]

Left to Right: Audrea Golding, Joseph Vernon, Konata Lake       [“Photo Credit to Stephanie McPherson” ]

The Black Law Students Association of Canada held its 26th Annual conference in Windsor, Ontario from February 9th to 11th this year, attracting a gathering of lawyers and law students from across the country.

The Friday session included a “Crossing Borders” panel, with three presenters speaking to the conference on the issue of establishing a successful cross- border practice.

The presenters got chatting immediately before the panel and, to their surprise, realized that they were all Jamaicans. They were then even more amazed to discover that two had St. George’s College connections and the third went to Immaculate Conception High School.

Audrea Golding is a Partner with Fragomen (Toronto), a global immigration firm, and an ICHS alumna. Joseph Vernon is a Senior Partner with the international law firm Miller Canfield (Detroit), and the son of STGC old boy Robbie Vernon. Konata Lake is a senior associate with Torys LLP (Toronto), and an STGC old boy.