Reopening of Winchester Park

On May 3, 2016, the reopening of  Winchester Park for this coming season was marked  by a  friendly match between the National U-20 and U-17 teams. It was a game where the players were very careful so the game lacked  intensity for the most part. It turned out to be a lesson for the U 17 as they were beaten 5-0 by their senior counterpart.

The field is in excellent condition after a three month rest and new growth of grass especially in front of goals. Work was also done to the deep well pump system which was sterilized. There is no high school in the island that has a football field better than Winchester Park.

The field below Winchester Park, which also has a sprinkler system is also being kept in tip top condition. There are big plans for this. Keep you ears open.

We are conducting a fund raiser for the STGC Sports Council with the sale of beautiful cotton dress shirts with the school’s logo. Contributions of $4,000 each is being sought. Caps of excellent quality are also coming and will hopefully sell for  $1,500. Your bookings are welcome.  These funds are desperately needed to maintain the various sports at St. George’s College.

Tony Wong
STGC Photography Club

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