Mr. Keith Noad – Hall of Fame Inductee

Mr. Keith Noad, STGC|OBA Ontario Chapter, Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Keith Noad graduated from St. George’s College in 1947. He was an extremely talented student, and represented the school in practically all the sports available at that time. In First Form at age 13 he played Manning Cup for St. George’s. He was also an outstanding track and field performer and for many years held the record of 10.2 seconds for the 100 yard, at Winchester Park.

Keith was also quite brilliant academically and was promoted at the end of his first year straight to Third Form.

After leaving school Keith played for the St. George’s College Old Boys’ in the Major League. He was also the coach of the St. George’s College Manning Cup team, as well as the cricket coach for the U 16 cricket team, in the early 1960’s.

He had a huge impact on Jamaican football as his organizing skills led to the formation of the Minor League and the first structured Under 19 Football program in 1961. Much of the football organization that exists in Manchester and St. Elizabeth is credited to the work of Keith Noad.

In the late eighties, Keith would migrate to the United States making his home in Kissimmee, Florida. He continued to serve the community on a number of committees including the Poinciana Board of Youth Soccer Club and the Action Committee of the Poinciana Chamber of Commerce.

Keith had an immense love for painting and poetry and graduated from the Edna Manley College for the Visual Arts. He was quite a gifted painter and won many awards at the Kissimmee Art Show over a number of years. He also initiated the first art exhibition in Poinciana, Florida.

The St. George’s College community salutes Mr. Keith Noad for his service to the community and sports development.


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