Carl Chang – Hall of Fame Inductee

Mr. Carl Chang, STGC|OBA Ontario Chapter, Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Carl Anthony Chang lived a life full of passion; devoting the last few years of his life almost entirely to the improvement and advancement of his alma mater, St. George’s College. As Liaison Director of the Ontario Chapter and as Board member of the local Kingston Chapter of Old Boys, he spent much of his time between Canada and Jamaica. While on the school campus, he was in frequent communication by phone and email with Board members and alumni worldwide; giving constant updates on the renovation projects which he managed at the school.

Carl became  the de facto Operations Manager of the school. He single handedly  supervised the renovation of the historic O’Hare Building, refurbishing offices, bathrooms, installing new roofs and windows. He undertook significant improvements to Emmet Park pavilion; installed solar lighting on the campus and supervised the repair of the library and the Leo. F. Quinlan Administration Building. In addition he recovered and erected the old Gate Column on the compound which now stands as a historical monument. Carl Chang pioneered the construction of the impressive Lawrence A. Burke Centre, a building of 10 classrooms, teacher offices and student labs – which opened, September 6, 2012. In short, he created a state of the art campus for St. George’s College.

He raised millions of Jamaican dollars for the school and contributed equal amounts from his own personal resources to help friends, workers, students and those in need. His generosity was boundless.

Carl Chang, a Knight of St. George, gave selflessly of his time, resources and love – as a man for others.

Carl’s legacy at St. George’s College will live on. He formed strong bonds of friendship with all members of the St. George’s College community and has mad his fellow Georgians prod to know that one person could give back to his alma mater and make such a difference in the lives of many. He was the true embodiment of the graduate of a Jesuit institution for he did works, not for himself, but for the greater Glory of God.


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