James Hosie, S.J. – Hall of Fame Inductee

Reverend James Hosie, S.J.,

Reverend James Hosie, S.J., ordained in 1965, is a native of Boston, Massachusetts. He came to Jamaica in 1957 for his Regency period of Jesuit training. He would return to Jamaica in 1959 and would spend a total of 24 years at St. George’s College, both as a teacher, a tennis coach and an administrator.

Known for his immaculate classroom presentation characterized by clarity, quite control with a tinge of sophisticated humor, you are immediately struck by his well-mannered demeanor. Fr. Hosie taught Latin, math and religion.

Father Hosie was also a competent tennis player who coached the St. George’s College tennis team to many school championships. During this time, St. George’s reined supreme on the tennis courts. Indeed, he was also All-Jamaica Veteran Singles Champion for a number of years.

As the years went by, it was clear that he was to do a lot more administration of the school than he wanted. But with a lively spirit of obedience, took on the challenge with faith. The years between 1967 and 1988 were difficult years for the Jesuits as many not-so-well understood changes came about. So too was it for Jamaica during a time of great ideological upheaval. It was a credit to him and his people skills that he was able to keep all the stakeholders together. St. George’s College was able to maneuver the trouble waters successfully. He has said that his experiences at St. George’s College were the happiest of his life. He remains as one of the favorite invitee to our functions.

He returned to Boston in 1988 and is still an active teacher at Boston College High School.

The St. George’s College community salutes the Reverend Father James Hosie, S.J. for his service to the school.