Supporting Missionaries of the Poor

Kneeling L-R: Patrick Smith, Lloyd Chung, Errol Williams, (Standing L-R): John Garel, Albert Garel Snr., Mike Chen, Fr. Brian Kerr, Charles Young, Gregory Yap.

Charles Young, our Membership Director, and a cohort of Ontario Georgians were out at a special mass celebrated by Fr. Brian Kerr on Monday April 25th at 7:30 P.M.

This was followed by a reception in the church hall after to promote this year’s production of Isaiah, which is set to debut in Toronto on June 11th.

Interesting thing about Fr.Kerr. He attended St. George’s College, where he was taught by fellow Georgian, Fr. Richard HoLung, founder of Missionaries of the Poor.
Fr. Kerr graduated in1981, worked for a year with the Bank of Jamaica under another Georgian Oswald Tai, then joined his mentor Fr. Ho Lung.

Next year will be the 25th anniversary of Missionaries of the Poor.

Fr Kerr will be in Toronto promoting the show at various church venues.
We wish Phyllis Chen and the Toronto fund raising arm of the missionaries of the poor every success in this year’s production and urge Ontario Georgians to go out to support.

Fr. Kerr was elated at the Georgian turn out on Monday.


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