Meet Richard Saunders – Director at Large

[L-R]: Chris Chin, Pat Ferguson, Milton Hart, Richard Saunders.

The man behind the recent tour of a group of St.G.C. Basketballers from Canada and the States to Jamaica- there to play friendlies against The highly successful school team: The man behind the successful involvement of the Ontario chapter in the December Canadian tour of the STGC Basketballers with the Jamaica National team.

Yes he is with us, co-opted to the board in March and unanimously voted in as Director at Large at our April 3rd AGM, and empowered to reach out to the Georgian youth here in Canada to bring them into the fold.

Richard will be working with our other dynamic Sports Director Milton Hart.

As manager of a sizeable and successful Red Lobster restaurant in Mississauga, he brings youth and additional entrepreneurial skills to the Board.

Here Richard is caught rapping with Directors Chris Chin, Uncle P (Pat Ferguson) and Milton Hart at his first meeting as a director at the home of Donald Barnett on April 17th.

President Robbie Vernon welcomed him to the Board and urged him to come up with fresh ideas for the group to make our Ontario association more relevant to his generation.

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