Floridian Georgians Show Hospitality

Floridian Georgians

From October 7-10, Florida President Dennis Barnett and his energetic executive were out in force to show Toronto President Robbie Vernon and Sports Director Milton Hart and their visiting soccer players just how the Florida boys entertain.

The October weather was just fine and the welcoming party at the beautiful home of Dennis Chung set the agenda for a most memorable visit.

The much hyped match up on Saturday October 9th was a closely contested game with the Florida Georgians clipping the Ontario team 3-2 victory to capture the coveted Deltana trophy donated by Phillip Wong.

The picnic and food fest after the game with the Florida Georgians and their families set the tone for a much sought after return visit and a tour by the Florida soccer team to Toronto.

This memorable October visit will be showcased in our upcoming newsletter.
We capture here some of the highlights and too some Georgians who came out of the woodwork.

Bet you haven’t seen many of them in years…