Big Kids, Little Kids At Play – Annual Picnic

Big Kids, Little Kids At Play - Memories of Our Picnic Alpha/Immaculate/ST.G.C-Sunday August18/03

As each person arrived, Immaculate’s Yvonne Lyew and her crew greeted them, ensuring everyone had a name tag.

The picnic crowd swelled to over 200 by mid afternoon.

There was food aplenty and seeing the bulging waists, Patrick Garel, Karen Yee and Errol Williams, organized a wide selection of games, ensuring active participation from the Little and the Big Kids as well.

Join us again next year as we three repeat this annual fun-fest. Great opportunity to meet, greet, eat and have a great time together.

Congrats to our social directors ,Eddie Chin & Pat Garel, and their counterparts from Immaculate & Alpha for a truly enjoyable day. See what fun you missed out on! Make sure you and the littler kids are there next year.