Pluto & Trevor – Fundraiser Dance Aug.1/2003

Pluto & Trevor - Fundraiser Dance Aug.1/2003

Touted as the best in the 8 years we have had the event, over 900 excited Georgian’s, their wives, friends and supporters, swayed to the great music of Fab5, Pluto Shervington and Trevor Lopez. August 1st was a date not to be missed and numerous out-of -owner’s were spotted enjoying themselves in the crowd: From the USA, Trevor Campbell, Dr.Errol Reid, Anthony Sharp, Richard Bonnitto, Keith McLure, Dennis Barnett, Ken Scott, Patrick Simpson. From Jamaica: Dr. Keith Hammond, Carl Chang, Donald Miller, Michael Chuck, Dr.Peter Figueroa, Douglas Orane (Grace Kennedy). From Calgary – Dayton Chen and Michael Wong Pow and from Ottawa, Junior Smith.

Caught up on the dance floor was His Excellency Carl Marshall, newly appointed High Commissioner for Jamaica and his wife Eileen, also Vivia Betton, Consul General.

After a fine meal, the crowd reveled in reggae, calypso, mento, ska, bebop, and swing till the wee hours of the morning. Pluto & Trevor indeed gave us Heavenly Bliss.

Our cameras rolling again, capturing the mood of this happy group enjoying the SKA episode of our fundraiser dance on August1st. Pluto Shervington,Trevor Lopez,The Fab 5 played as they never played before, kicking up a great musical feast for the fans.

Great fun had by all! This annual fundraising event has now become a main Toronto attraction over the Caribana week-end.

The food, the company, the ambiance is unsurpassed!

Don’t miss out next year- join the more than 900 supporters who turned out to party.