STGC Soccer in 2002 Colts Football Team

STGC Soccer in 2002 Colts Football Team

Heartiest congratulations to the 2002 Colts Football team that won the Colts Soccer Championships on December 4th.

Mr. Lloyd Fearon, Headmaster, closed the school a few minutes earlier that day so that everyone would have a chance to get to Campion College to watch the final game between their school and heavily favoured Norman Manley School.

It turns out that Norman Manley senior team had won the Manning Cup the week before, and was confident their colts team was going to take this championship as well.

Their team nearly did, but St. GC stormed back from a 1-0 deficit to win 2-1. Then on December 11th, the team went for the All Island under 16 Colts title at the Tony Spalding Complex, against a very tough Anchovy country school. End result: St.GC – 2C Anchovy 0.

The St. GC Manning Team did very well this year, loosing only one game. Unfortunately, because of having so many tie games, (5 in all) they didn�t end up with enough points to get into the finals. Nothing to be ashamed of at all, and I hear they look quiet promising for next year.

The Pepsi under 13 team wasn’t too shabby either, as it went to the semi finals too, and were beaten 2-1 by Wolmers.

Join me in wishing sincere congratulations to all the teams and coaches for a heck of a soccer year.

I am sure Mr. Fearon would love to hear from you. To send him your congratulatory messages click  email Mr. Fearon.