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President's Message


Christopher Chin

Greetings fellow Georgians, friends and well-wishers.

      2008 must be dubbed the Year of Change!

      For us as an Association, we have seen a younger Board of Directors at work (and play) for the betterment of the Georgian Community here and back home.
      Our Summer Ball was another success, despite the fact that we went into it with some amount of apprehension as we were using a lesser known (at least here in T.O.) band Fifty50. What a show they put on for us to the delight of our many patrons! Congrats to Danny Ho Lung, Chair of the Summer Ball Committee and his team, on a job well done.
       Our Joint Picnic with the Alpha and ICHS Alumni Associations was also well attended. Unfortunately, I was away for this event and understand that I missed a grand time with the young and young-at-heart coming out in their numbers for some fun. Congrats to Richard Saunders and his team though disappointed they are that the Floridians were unable to take up our challenge for our annual Soccer Fest here in T.O. to be staged alongside the picnic…maybe next year.
        And talk about ending the year with a bang. During this last half we had to say goodbye to  three stalwarts in the Georgian community… Mrs. Phyllis Alexander, Fr. Leo Quinlan and Byron Lee…. all three have made their marks affecting the lives of countless Georgians and non-Georgians alike.
          On a positive note, our own Robbie Vernon, current Membership Director and a Past President of our Association was inducted into the StGC Hall of Fame this past October. Congrats Robbie, well-deserved.
          And last but by no means least, CONGRATS to the Manning Cup Team on bringing home the Manning Cup on November 29th, after a 16 year absence. Great job guys, we are proud of you!
         This late breaking news on the Manning Cup victory has brought a great sense of joy and pride to old boys in Canada. Telephone calls and emails are flying everywhere.
         Congrats, too, to Jamaica College for their great run on that difficult road to make it to the finals with us.
         Have a safe and Merry Christmas and join us for our 1st Annual New Year's Eve Ball being held jointly with Jamaica College at the Pearson Convention Centre. Believe me we will both be celebrating our football teams’ successes this year.
        For tickets contact Danny at 647-891-0489 or Robbie at 416-622-9408 or other Board members.

   Christopher Chin

At the National Stadium Nov. 29th, victorious St. George's College team hoist Manning Cup while (bottom right),
 Prime Minister Bruce Golding, and Principal Margaret Campbell beside him, join in the celebrations
(Photo: Garfield Robinson)


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Robbie Vernon

     Since our last newsletter there’s lots of news to catch up on.

       Sadly several deaths to report on in our Georgian family.
Pluto Shervington's
  mother Olga Shervington passed on as did Baslin Chong's mum Doris Chong.  Also Carlos Morales in Orangeville, Ontario.
        In Jamaica, Douglas Chambers, Chairman of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) died tragically on June 28th, sending shock waves in the Jamaican community on his violent death.  A chartered accountant, he had at the request of the Government, taken a leave of absence from his accounting firm to assist in cutting the huge losses in the JUTC, the Government owned Bus Company.
         Our condolences as well to Peter and Paul Bitter on the death of their beloved dad GC, who was presented by them with the Knight of St. George medallion on his 90th birthday.
          Our dear Fr.Leo Quinlan, former headmaster and StGC Hall of Famer died at the Campion Jesuit Centre in Mass. on July 10th in his 92nd year.  The funeral was held at the Campion Centre on July 15th and a memorial service in his beloved Jamaica, where he pastored and taught for over 40years. (See Part 2 for story)

Saying farewell to Delroy DaCosta L-R: Neville ( Mello )Melvin, Michael (Buski) Charley, Neil Dalhouse, Robbie Vernon, Don Barnett, Patrick ( Skedron) Smith, Lloyd Chung, Paddy Chung; Seated L-R: Derrick Da Costa, Neville DaCosta, Pat (Uncle P) Ferguson

          In August Delroy DaCosta, one of our early directors and faithful supporters, passed away quietly  in Oshawa, Ontario after complications due to illness. There was a good turn-out of Georgians at the funeral in Newcastle, Ontario. Great seeing again his brother Derrick DaCosta, a contemporary  of my time at StGC. Del's older brother Vernon DaCosta has since also passed on in Florida.
          In October we mourned the loss of Mrs. Phyllis Alexander, secretary to the headmasters at St.George's  for over 32 years; starting with Fr. Cruchley in 1946 and  working  thereafter with Frs. McMullan, Donohue, Quinlan and Feres.
          Mrs Alexander was an icon to many students and featured prominently at the first event of our fledgling Ontario chapter in 1984. She attended many of our events until declining health limited social engagements. However we kept in touch by phone and the occasional visit. She looked forward to reading our newsletters and once when no longer able to read and I suggested cancelling our newsletter " no, no, she said I  get someone to read them for me".
          I last spoke to her in July to advise of Fr. Quinlan's death. This saddened her greatly. She reminisced for some time; sometimes repeating stories from previous discussions: her starting out in 1946, with the first Jamaican Jesuit headmaster Fr. Dennis Cruchley. Being both new in their jobs, the two were both learning at the same time and out of this developed a wonderful working relationship.
          She remembered fondly Amy Ross, the devoted librarian, and how she was a great source of encouragement to Fr. Meany in his continued studies as he went off to Rome. His was a late vocation to the priesthood and sadly she did not live to see him complete his Rome trip and in fact died the very day the plane touched down in Jamaica from Rome.
          From her I knew that `Mamas' real name was Agnes, and she said she used to scold her for charging us too much. Mrs Alexander  was such a calming/ soothing influence in any correctional visits to the headmaster's office. Who would have thought there was a nicer side to a caning?
         There was a good turn-out of old boys at her funeral at St. Martin Di Porres Catholic Church  in Scarborough on Friday Oct 24th and the later memorial mass celebrated by family friend Fr. Tom Rosica at the Newman Centre Toronto (See Part 3).

At Mrs. Alexander's funeral L-R Back Row: Tony McDowell, Danny Ho Lung, Alex Ho Shue, Francis Lopez, Eddie Williams, Michael Buski Charley, Jim Lai Tyam, Pat Haddad, Mike Haddad, Patrick Chen, Beverly Valentine (nee Alexander) L-R Front: Roland & Keith Garel,Patrick (Skedron) Smith, Mary Ann Alexander, Pat (Uncle P) Ferguson, Ray Wong

A young Byron Lee

As if this were not enough sorrow, on November 4th the Georgian community also suffered the loss of that Jamaican musical giant Byron Lee at the age of 73 after a long battle with cancer. `The Dragon', as he was affectionately called, founded the famed "Byron Lee and the Dragonaires" and has dominated the musical scene for over 50 years, bringing the best of Jamaica's music to the rest of the world. The Prime Minister of Jamaica the Hon Bruce Golding, himself a Georgian summed up well the contributions of this musical  icon "Jamaica, and indeed the world, has lost  another great musical pioneer, one of the greatest band leaders ever to grace the entertainment stages of the world."   (See Part 4).

       May they all rest in peace and our prayers go out to the families left behind.

Tony & Claire Haynes &
Baby Harper Grace

Derrick Haddad & Paige Linette

Meadow Rhys Nash

          There is also much to be joyful about. Several of our members became Grand Pa's.
Clive YapSam
and wife Denise were overjoyed at the birth of their first grandchild, Ryan Tai Sen, born to daughter Laura and husband Kevin Liu on Oct. 22.
          Tony Haynes and Claire were blessed with a granddaughter, Harper Grace, born on July 16. She is the daughter of Mark & Natalie (nee Haynes) Mininch and weighed in at 8 lbs 4oz.
           Derrick Haddad and Lisbeth also are part of this happy group with the arrival of Paige Linette, daughter of son Alister  Haddad and wife Kerry.
           Congratulations too to our Secretary Dominique Nash & Peta Gaye on the birth of their daughter Meadow Rhys Nash.
           Georgians number many among those receiving Jamaica Honours this year:
Dr. Peter Figueroa, OJ, Fr. Richard Ho Lung, OJ, Professor Anthony Chen, OM, Earl Jarrett, OD, Byron Lee, OJ.
          Three of these are inducted in the school’s Hall of Fame; Fr. Ho Lung, Professor Chen, and Byron Lee, who received his Jamaica honour on his hospital bed in the presence of the Prime Minister and Governor General, just prior to his death.
          Got news as well that Dennis Charley became a 4th degree Sensei on Sunday June 29th this year.
          Don't mess with this guy- saw videos of him doing his martial arts moves.

At St.GC Huntley Anderson stands proudly over his charges in the modern computer lab.

St. George's College was one of several schools participating in the government's e-learning project which has been ongoing since 2005. Through the project they received multi-media projectors and screens in 2007 and were awaiting computers for the lab. As they were the most prepared both in terms of training of its teachers for the use of ITC in teaching and the readiness of the space to house the computers, they were the first school participating in the project to receive the computers. This was in June 2008, and the school got 47 computers in all; 44 for the lab and 3 for an internet cafe' in the Library. Caught in action in the lab is exemplary teacher Huntley Anderson; a true Georgian, who also coaches the male and female rugby teams and goes on every retreat with the students.  We understand he is also a great disciplinarian. Thanks to the principal and the teaching staff for showing how we can continue to be leaders. It's the students that really benefit.
           Cabinet has approved a new chairman for the Jamaica Urban Transit company (JUTC) . The position became vacant in June with the death of Georgian Douglas Chambers. He is Mr Robin Levy, another Georgian, who knew Chambers from StGC days. Our First VP & President Elect Director Milton Hart says he played Colts cricket with him so he must be good.

Donna this lowland gorilla is saved by a Georgian.

Donna, the gorilla, in capable StGC
 hands on the operating table

         Donna was found with malignant cells in her womb and the senior vet at the North Carolina Zoological Park  reached out to the medical field for some assistance and this is where our Georgian came in.

Dr. Gerald Mulvaney

        Dr. Gerald Mulvaney,  living in the States since 1968 has been practising obstetrics/gynaecology for 30 years and has operated on hundreds of women.  An Allman Town boy, he went to Vaz Prep, then StGC.

         However it is this 400 pound gorilla that has put him in the spotlight and  provided what he calls one of his most rewarding life experiences. Dr. Mulvaney and his team which included the Zoo's vet successfully  performed  a hysterectomy on this 400 Pound gorilla on August 27.   For years we've been experimenting with animals for the betterment of humans  and now our expertise is being used to help a member of one of the planets endangered species. The gynaecologist was called in when it was felt more expertise than the vets could offer was required, and the doctor's office explained that the gorilla reproductive anatomy, physiology and pathology are similar to humans. Post surgery Donna is doing fine. One tough monkey!  Dr. Mulvaney  operates Triangle OB/GYN and the North Carolina Centre for Reproductive Medicine (NCCRM) in Cary and Greensboro, North Carolina.
           Some present and past Presidents are caught out here enjoying the posh post Summer Ball party in July put on by Ray and Donette for overseas visitors. Members of the Ontario Board and their spouses  and the mostly Jamaican visitors to the Ball carried this  Summer Ball fever over to this event, but this time at a more intimate level as we all  got to chat and mingle with each other. Jamaica OBA president Courtney Currie and Ontario President Chris Chin were able to exchange ideas. This camaraderie is important for our future efforts for the school. Ray and Donette, thanks a lot!.

Presidents Chris Chin (Ontario) and Courtney Currie (Jamaica) (2nd & 3rd from left) with Past Presidents of Ontario Danny Ho Lung, Robbie Vernon & Don Barnett

         Immediate Past Principal Dr. Fred Kennedy has launched, in Kingston Jamaica, his  book  "Daddy Sharp", about one of Jamaica's  national heroes, who led a slave rebellion in Western Jamaica  Though fictional, the work is based on historical facts researched by Dr. Kennedy.  Another Georgian Dr. Swithin Wilmot, Dean of Humanities & Education at UWI Mona was on hand for the launch and commended the author. He also underlined the importance of the revolt to the overall abolition of the slave trade. 500 copies of the book were donated to the Jamaica Library Service by Grace Kennedy.

Phil Fung and winning Obama Artwork

          Georgians and their progeny are unstoppable!  All was excitement when old boy Ronnie Fung and his wife Gerri (ICHS) received word that a panel of judges, consisting  of curators from the Guggenheim and the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, had chosen their son Phil's pop-art portrait of Democratic presidential contender, Barak Obama, to be featured at the Democratic National convention in August 2008. Phil Fung's  painting was chosen from over 1200 submissions, for symbolizing all the themes the Obama campaign brought to public awareness: Hope, Change, Progress, Unity, and Patriotism. He received a BA in Fine Arts from the Florida State University and a Masters of Art education from the University of Central Florida. Phil resides and maintains his studio in Miami, Florida. So now, President Elect Mr. Barak Obama, we too claim a part in this historic drama.
          Past President John Chavannes was in town, visiting from Atlanta, and Uncle P  arranged a quiet luncheon at his famous Angie's restaurant in Scarborough. Joining in the luncheon were  past presidents Peter Hitchins and myself; also past directors Skedron & Lloydie Chung.  Much time was spent reminiscing.
           Congratulations to Josh Thompson (Class 66); wife Devika and their daughter Kerrianne who earlier this year received her Bsc.N. from Ryerson University and now is a registered nurse working in the cardiac unit at the Ajax Pickering hospital. Josh commented on the welcome surprise he got at the Ryerson graduation ceremony when he saw that fellow  Georgian; our Treasurer  Ray Chang (Dr. G Raymond Chang, please) is chancellor of the University and was handing out the awards. Josh soon discovered as well that Ray can easily do without the title and  hoopla.

L-R: Josh & Devika Thompson, daughter Kerrianne and Dr. Raymond Chang ,Chancellor Ryerson University

          The "Reggae Boyz" were in Canada earlier  for their now famous encounter with the Canadians; both seeking berths for the next round of the soccer World Cup. The match drew - if only Jamaica had won then this could have made the difference as the outcome later showed - but that's history. The "BOYZ" were given a big welcome party in Toronto at the Jamaica Canadian Centre and Uncle P, Skedron and I were there to join in this Toronto welcome.

          Caught enjoying retirement and the company of his Canadian Georgian friends and their spouses is Archbishop Burke in his July Toronto trip. Ray and Donette hosted the lovely dinner at their home and Bishop Burke's sisters  Madge and Barbara were able to "chill out' with him and the group. That ever busy Howard Shearer was able to be with us. It's not easy to catch up with him!

Former Archbishop Burke in Toronto: Danny Ho Lung, Howard Shearer, Archbishop Burke, Carl Chang, president Chris Chin at Ray & Donette reception in his honour

Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong

           Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong was honoured in Jamaica on Sept 13 at the Annual Banquet of the Association of Consultant Physicians. On Sept. 28, he was again honoured in Toronto by his own; the Jamaica Chinese community in Toronto at the Hilton suites. Over 200 people including friends, colleagues in the medical field and family attended; including close friend and fellow Georgians Dr. Ray  Chang, chancellor Ryerson University and StGC past president  Daniel Ho Lung, who paid glowing tributes to this remarkable Georgian, who has made a significant impact on the Canadian medical scene.  Master of Ceremonies was MP Alan Tonks.
           Herbie's accomplishments include major innovative work and ground-breaking achievements in the fight against sickle cell anaemia, renal and heart failure and other aspect of internal medicine. It is estimated he has trained and taught approximately 6,000 doctors, some from the Caribbean but mostly from Canada.
           Visiting Toronto in November was Fr. Rick Deshaies, former principal of St.George’s. He was also in Jamaica for the school’s October 18th Hall of Fame Banquet. Ray Chang organized a luncheon for him and Michael Davidson, former Dean of discipline at StGC and his fellow  seminarians,  Kevin Spinale and Jonathan Stott who are completing a part of  their Jesuit training programme for the priesthood at the Jesuit Regis College in Toronto. Talk ran on many topics relative to St.George's; but mostly on the promise of its students, many from inner city backgrounds, and the role we all must play in bringing a future for them to fruition. Good to have Petius Chang join the group which included past presidents Neil Dalhouse and Danny Ho Lung.

With Fr. Rick DeShaies in Toronto L-R: Danny Ho Lung, Michael Davidson, Kevin Spinali, Fr Rick DeShaies, Ray Chang, Jonathan Stott, Robbie Vernon, Petius Chang, Neil Dalhouse.

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