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Good & True ...issue# 52... June, 2008

President's Message

Christopher Chin

Greetings Fellow Georgians, Friends and well-wishers.

How time flies! Two years ago, I committed to pledging my time and efforts to serve as the next President of this illustrious Association and we are already into year one. 

Thanks to the Board for their support and vote of confidence in guiding me to this role. Thanks too to the several new directors, Neville (Tony) McDowell, Greg Chin, Francis Cooke, Carl Chang and Victor Morgan who have joined the Board to make their voices heard and play their part in guiding the Association to new heights. Special thanks to our non- returning Board members Fred Russell, Charles Young, Patrick Lee, and that work horse for our association Michael (Buski) Charley.  

We know we can continue to rely on their support. And where would we be without the returning Directors, which includes past presidents Robbie Vernon and Danny Ho Lung, Ray Chang, our Treasurer and just about everything else, Regional V.P.'S  Patrick Haddad, Richard Saunders, Tyrone Holbrooke, and other directors John Flynn, Patrick Garel, Dominique Nash,  Pat Ferguson (Uncle P) as well as our newly elected 1st VP and President Elect Milton Hart. This is a formidable force and they have all recommitted themselves to give of their time and efforts to ensure continuity from one administration to another.  Thank you all gentlemen!

One of our mandates continues to be getting the school to financial independence. As support from other sources continue to decrease, the costs of running the school continue to grow and are further burdened by the intermittent setbacks of hurricanes, maintenance issues and other social distractions. 

To reach our goal, we need your continued support! Attend our Annual Fundraiser, this year scheduled for August 1st, and bring your friends and neighbours as well. They will thank you for a great time and you will have done your part in assisting us to reach our goal. Make a tax-deductible donation … contact any member of the Board to do this…see contact details elsewhere on this page. Submit your membership dues. All these go a long way in helping us to reach our goal.

Georgian, Lawrence Burke, S.J., D.D, Archbishop of Kingston, Jamaica, celebrates Pontifical Thanksgiving Mass on his retirement  (see Part 2)

Our first event for the year was our Family Dinner held on March 29th. We were blessed with the presence of the current Head Boy of StGC, Brian McCalla who brought greetings from the school and provided an update on the happenings at the school from a student's point of view. Impressive! If Brian represents the calibre of graduates that the school is now producing, then there is much hope for the school and Jamaica.

On May 3rd, I had the pleasure of attending the Florida Chapter's Fundraising Dance in Ft. Lauderdale and what an event it was! Met up with my fellow Association Presidents, Trevor Palmer (Florida) and Courtney Currie (Jamaica) as well as Principal, Margaret Campbell and newly appointed Advancement Director, Jacqueline Clarke. Got to see fellow classmate Andrew Forrester too, thanks to Donovan Yapp. Hadn't see him in 32 years … we hardly recognized each other!

A very special person to Georgians and especially to our Ontario Chapter, Archbishop Lawrence Burke retired on April 12, 2008 (see Part 2). We wish him all the best and look forward to seeing more of him on his Toronto visits.

Let me end by wishing you all a great 2008 and see you at our Ball on August 1st!

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Christopher Chin

STGC OBA (Ontario) 2008-2009 Executive






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St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #51 



Robbie Vernon

Since our last newsletter I report with sadness the deaths of our Director John Flynn's beloved mum. Also the passing of founding President Peter Rickards mother, Past President Derrick Potopsingh's dad and Alex Ho Shue's brother, Edward. It was good to see so many fellow Georgians out to comfort and support them in their losses - makes me proud of the Georgian community here in Toronto.

May they all rest in peace.

Glad to see Arthur Yap is back home recovering well from recent surgery and good news, as well, on Earl Hylton in Florida who recently underwent heart surgery and is making good progress.

Jean Lowrie-Chin with Past Presidents Daniel HoLung & Robbie Vernon

Many Georgians were out in support at  the Alpha Spring Luncheon on Sunday May 4th and no doubt to hear the dynamic guest speaker Mrs. Jean Lowrie- Chin,  JP, BA (Hons), MA, who also sits on the St. George’s Board. Her talk touched on the youth problems in Jamaica and particularly the recent violence among high school students. Danny HoLung and I had a chance to chat with her after and she was full of praise for the leadership of Margaret Campbell at St.George's - it's not an easy job.

Back L-R: Fr.Bernie Shay, Claire Richards, Fr.Jim Hosie, Michael & Jean Richards
 Front-L-R: Fr.George Duffy & Fr.Leo Quinlan.

Just got word from Michael Davidson who visited him there, that Fr. Quinlan was in hospital with pneumonia. Fr.Q is back out now and I spoke to him on June 3rd. "At 92.6, I am on the way out,” he kept saying, not with any sadness but as if reflecting that at this age, time was not in his favour. I assured him of our love and best wishes for his health. He seemed pleased and upbeat about the call and asked to pass on big thanks for all the Ontario Old Boys had done over the years. Many will remember our historic "Thank You" visit to them in 1997. It remains one of the most memorable experiences of my life : most who were there expressed the same view.

Fr. Q sent along this picture of a visit from the Richards family  on Martin Luther King's Birthday holiday on Jan 21st. The troops rallied around him and the other Jesuits. Nice to see beloved  Fr. Jim Hosie in the group  and seems like they got a real Jamaica treat. Look at what he's holding - good ole "Red Stripe".


Melanie Chin & Jenny Bowser

Melanie Chin, daughter of President Chris Chin & wife, Charmaine, who with her school friend and fellow dancer Jenny Bowser held a dance at their school, Christ the King, to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society and also in memory of their two aunts who died of cancer. Together they raised over $16,000 for the cause. That's not peanuts! Great leadership qualities shown - chip off the old block.

Nice chatting to Dwight Campbell, one of our earliest members and supporters in Prince George, B.C.  Dwight dropped off the radar, when for a while, he was coping  with prolonged  illnesses. So pleased to get back in touch. He was most appreciative of the communication and interest shown from the Ontario  Old Boys. Kudos to our Care Committee Director, Uncle P, whom he said was always a phone call away. Dwight, keep up the good fight, my friend, and keep in touch with us.

Uncle P's birthday - Standing L-R: Allan Ferguson, Francis Cooke, Buski Charley, Patrick Haddad, Derrick "Mello" Melvin, Junior Watkis, Derrick Potopsingh, Robbie Vernon
Seated L-R: Danny HoLung, Pat Ferguson , Stanley Chin, Chris Chin

A founding member of our Ontario chapter, Pat Ferguson (Uncle P), has been on the Board since inception in 1985. As our Care Committee Director, he keeps in touch with members on our behalf, and his words and cards, sharing in the grief, illnesses, and special events of members, have helped to keep us as a diasporic community close together over the years.  No wonder then that so many of his fellow directors and friends joined him to celebrate his 75th Birthday which took place on April 10th. Well done, Uncle P. We wish you many more years of happiness. Continue to do what you do so well- "care about others".

Baby Asher Dalhouse


We are in the grandpa era. Congrats to former President Neil Dalhouse & Louise, now proud grandparents of little Asher August Dalhouse, son of Jeffery and Lise Dalhouse. Asher was born on May 29th and weighed 7lbs 6ozs. Mother and father well, grandpa Neil still in a daze.

Michael Davidson & celebrant Fr. Joe Schner

On May 21st, in his 11th year on his spiritual journey to the priesthood with the Jesuits, Michael Davidson, former Dean of Discipline at StGC, celebrated his 38th birthday. To commemorate the event and his receipt of some minor orders in the church, Fr. Joe Schner celebrated Mass at the Jesuit residence in Toronto with a small group of his friends and priests in residence. It was a pleasure to share in this moving experience and wish Michael well as he continues on his studies and  moves to give back to the Lord by giving of himself to others. I told him St. George’s down the road could use his talents

Benito Palomino and son Matthew



In a society where father figures are badly needed as role models, it is refreshing to share this father and son picture from Jamaica. Benito Palomino and his son, who accompanied him to a StGC OBA Annual meeting.


Have you seen our new web design? Check it out at stgctoronto.com. It has many new features, including online membership applications and photo exhibits of important events. Kudos to Buski Charley, who has put in enormous hours on this and in getting the newsletter on the web as well - the compliments are just flying in. Buski and Greg Chin  helped out also on the new Alpha Florida website, and are they pleased? Check it out on jaweb2.com. What a pair of Georgians!  You guys are something else. But then you are Georgians.

Some comments on our website:

"The photo gallery is awesome. The upload time was quick. I am telling you - the StGC Toronto website is the best I have seen so far."

"Hey Mon, How long did it take you to do all this? It is great to see all those pictures. Did not know the campus was in such excellent condition. Looks out of this world, I tell you."

Former Miss World & MP, Lisa Hanna
savouring Ontario "Good & True" Newsletter




Catch who's enjoying our Ontario Newsletter... Jamaica MP St. Ann, and former Miss World Lisa Hanna during a break at the Jamaica OBA quarterly luncheon, where she was guest speaker (see Part 3).  Our new energetic Liaison Director, Carl Chang, ensured some copies were on hand at the luncheon.

Chris Chin and Andrew Hernandez



Passing through Toronto on May 31st  from Vancouver on his way to Kingston, Ontario was Andrew Hernandez, fellow classmate of President Chris Chin (class of 1976). Chris and Andrew spent the morning at the train station catching up. They hadn't seen each other in over 14 years.

House guests: Martina & Robert McCalla, Clem McCalla

 Also great for me to catch up with Clem McCalla who was visiting family in Toronto on the May 29th weekend. He resides in New Jersey. Clem was the Jamaica Scholar from 6th form at StGC and went on to  obtain a BA in Mathematics from Cambridge University and a PhD  in Applied Maths from MIT. Turned out to be quite a George's connection and we got an update on Patrick Terrelonge from his sister Martina and her son Robert.

Robbie Vernon


Yes, it’s happening

For some years a group of Kingston College  and  St. George's College old boys have talked about coming together and celebrating two great educational institutions. They have decided that such a gathering should take place before the passing of what could be defined as a great generation, and to foster the continuing close camaraderie between these highly competitive North Street institutions.

A series of events are planned in Jamaica from Wednesday July 23rd to Sunday July 27th, 2008.

Oversees and local old boys are urged to join in. Contact:

         Basil Wilson

         Calvin Hibbert


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