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Good & True ...issue# 51... February, 2008

President's Message

Danny Ho Lung

Greetings fellow Georgians, as my tenure comes to a close on March 9th, let me take this opportunity to first of all, thank my executives and their spouses for their tremendous support, hard work and participation in our association. Our endeavors were not in vain as we made substantial gains over the last two years. With the two best "Summer Balls" under our belt, and record donations sent to Jamaica, I can safely say "we did good". So to my executives and their families, I say to you "Thank you, it was an honor and privilege to have served with you, I couldn't have had a better team". 

It has been a busy two years, and having attended several StGC functions and many, related events, a special thank you goes out to my wife Jojo for all the "behind the scenes work" and just being there for me. I couldn't have done it without her.

To you our membership, I say a big thank you, for giving me the opportunity to serve you. Our success as an association is due mainly to your support and participation.

I now look forward to the future and am happy to pass the torch to yet "another younger Georgian", the dynamic Christopher Chin.  With his capable management skills together with his charming and supportive wife Charmaine, I am sure he will take the helm with vigor and take us to new heights.

Our annual general meeting will be held on March 9, 2008 at St. Aidan's Church. Our new executive team will be voted in, so do come out and get your votes in.

Saturday March 29, 2008, we will be having our annual Dinner / Mass at St. Jerome's Church in Brampton. This will be the first time you will be able to hear about our beloved school from the perspective of a present student. The present "head boy" Brian McCalla  will be our guest speaker.

Not to be outdone, this year's Annual Summer Ball will be better than ever. Join us on August 1, 2008 at the Pearson International Centre. The sensational "Jay Douglas and his All Star Band" and Jamaica's own Fifty 50 Band will serenade you all night long.  Fifty 50 has been rocking the Jamaican scene for the last 12 years or so and will be making their debut in Canada. Aggrey Irons, one of our own Georgians is a band member and the band also includes members from JC, XLCR, KC, Calabar, Priory and Utech. We are constantly looking for sponsors and donors for our ball, so if you would like to be a sponsor or know of someone, let us know. Book your tables / tickets now and come out and have some fun.

Georgian Dr. Aggrey Irons (3rd from right) with members of the 50/50 Band
who will “wow” us at  our Annual Summer Ball in August

The Endowment fund was sidetracked last year, due to circumstances beyond our control, but nevertheless, Laddie Kong and the class of '57, which included many Ontario Georgians gave it a boost.  Many of the class of '57 donated generously; hence we now have several more "Knights of St. George" (see page 9) and most recently, Ray Jackson and Tony Sani, joining Ray Chang, Robbie Vernon and myself. We are actively seeking funds and you too can become a "Knight" by donating $1,000.00 or more over a 1-4 year period. (Refer to page 6 for donation instructions.)

Fellow Georgians and families, we toil tirelessly for the betterment of St.GC, for its students, the next generation and with the hope that these youngsters will one day make a positive contribution to society. In return, we receive the blessings of knowing we helped the less fortunate, the camaraderie of our fellow Georgians and families, and knowing that by our participation, we have made this world a better place.

Wishing you and yours God's bountiful blessings. 

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Daniel Ho Lung




St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #51 


In The News


Chris Chin

Greetings Fellow Georgians, friends and well-wishers,

The holidays are finally over and we 'leap' into yet another year, Happy New Year 2008!

 As I sit and put pen to paper for this one, the Big One is on. Yes, I am referring to the Super Bowl. No other sporting event attracts the attention of the World as this one does.

I report with sadness, the death of Georgian Alton 'Sugar' Chong, brother of University of Guelph professor, Calvin, also a Georgian and the passing of Michael & Kirk Wong’s sister Anita Lawson.

Michael Chung (son of the late Donald B. Chung)
 and  Kathy. Michael passed away suddenly



Just heard as well of the sudden passing of Michael Chung in Coburg, Ontario. Michael and partner Kathy were regulars at our earlier picnics and family dinners and were always a joy to have around us; always full of fun and laughter. Our condolences go out to the families of all the deceased.

Many of you know Denzil Thorpe, a former Headboy and a valiant StGC supporter. He and his family need our prayers and support as their five year old beloved daughter Deandra goes through a series of surgeries in Florida. Deandra suffers from a severe birth defect omphalocele with other complications such as asthma to contend with during this process.

Denzil, Hang tough! We all are praying for you.

President Elect Chris Chin & wife Charmaine, Milton & Novelette Hart at ICHS function Feb 2

 Our best wishes to Heather Bubb-Clarke too as she recovers from recent surgery but, you never would have guessed it as she continues to make her rounds on the alumni scene.

Congrats to the ICHS Alumni Association, Toronto Chapter who, last Feb 2nd, put on a fine show at the St. Peter and Paul Banquet Hall in Scarborough, celebrating their 30th year. Other Georgians seen at the function were Robbie Vernon, Milton Hart, Tyrone Hollbrooke, Charles Young, Ray Chang, Herman Chang, Don Barnett and Ivanhoe Yee.

ICHS is also in its 150th year and celebratory activities commenced in Jamaica on January 13th, 2008 with a special Mass at Holy Trinity Cathedral followed by a brunch at the St.George's College auditorium next door. Georgian Prime Minister Hon. Bruce Golding attended (see part 4).

Our heartiest congratulations to our sister school on this significant achievement.

Crooners Don Barnett, Lloyd Chung & Robbie Vernon singing Christmas carols at “sing-a-long”

Caught in vocal action, past presidents Don Barnett and Robbie Vernon and past board member Lloyd Chung. You better believe Lloydie saved the other two pretenders.

This was at a Christmas "Sing-a-Long"on Dec 8 at the home of Lipton & Shirley Wong.

Calvin (Sugar) Chong and his band which includes Shirley Wong provided the music for the singing done so professionally by Patrick Lee, Clive Yap Sam and Lipton Wong.

 I understand there were  many of the StGC, ICHS and Alpha family at this Christmas get-together.

Brigette Chang & Anthony Addorisio at their wedding
 in Montego Bay, Jamaica


Beautiful Brigette Chang, daughter of Ray Chang and Elsie Chang was married on July 7, 2007 to Anthony Addorisio - Lucky guy! The wedding was at the historic Reading Roman Catholic Church near Montego Bay, Jamaica with a reception after at the Round Hill resort nearby. We wish them all the best.

Fulford Chin Choy

Many of our Ontario Georgians will remember the lovely tenor voice booming over the gathering in the chapel at The Jesuit Centre in Weston during our historic visit in 1999. That was our own Fulford Chin Choy, who seems to have other talents we didn't know about.

Fully has just published a book titled Peace and Love which is available on Amazon.com. Typical Fully shrugged it off "After fifteen years of reading, contemplating, scribbling and editing, I took an introspective stroll within and wrote about what I found".   He has sent a copy of this spiritual journey to Fr. Quinlan. Look forward to reading it myself.

Congratulations to Fully, who asks Toronto Georgians interested in sharing in his introspective journey to give him a call at 416-293-8006.

Head Boy Brian McCalla


Now for a glimpse of what’s in store for you at our Family Dinner on March 29.

Last year we had principal Margaret Campbell telling us about the school. This year we are getting a student’s perspective from headboy Brian McCalla, who will be our keynote speaker.

Brian is 17 years old, enjoys swimming, reading and computer aided graphic projects (currently working on school's yearbook) and hopes to have a career in the field of environmental studies,  wildlife studies and possibly film making and design. 

Pat Gordon, class of ‘40 & Leo Bourke, class of ‘41 with Courtney Currie (middle)

Courtney Currie, President OBA Jamaica sent us this classic photo of two of the oldest Georgians at the gathering of over 30 attending their AGM on February 2nd. (see the story on page 9)    Congrats Pat Gordon - Class of 1940 and Leo "Garf" Bourke - class of 1941. What dedication! You are an example for us all.

Chris Chin


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