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Good & True ...issue# 50... December, 2007

President's Message

Danny Ho Lung

Greetings fellow Georgians, we made history this past August. I am indeed happy to report that   new trails have been blazed for Georgians to follow. We Georgians now have our very first Prime Minister, the Honorable Bruce Golding. It is especially delightful for me as I have long dreamt of seeing one of our own take the helm. It should also be noted that we gladly share the privilege with JC (Jamaica College) as the Hon. Prime Minister also attended 6th form there. To add "icing to the cake", fellow Georgians, the Honorable Dwight Nelson and the Honorable Don Wehby have also been appointed Ministers of State. I am confident that the Honorable Prime Minister and his esteemed team of cabinet ministers will take Jamaica to new heights. Congratulations to you from your proud and humbled Alma Mater. May you and your cabinet be blessed with the fortitude, conviction and wisdom to overcome the challenges of Jamaica.

Georgian Hon. Bruce Golding is sworn in as Prime Minister of Jamaica

Once again, our annual ball was a success with many new records being set. With over a thousand in attendance, it maintained its "touch of class" while still keeping its reunion-like ambiance by reuniting not only long lost school mates, but also many friends and family alike.

Our entertainment was a hit with the crowd as we topped last year by having two bands plus two guest singers. Next year, we hope to "light your fire" with the introduction of a new band, so plan on being there.

Sponsors also rallied to our cause and hence, we had a record number of sponsors and donors for our event. Jamaica National Building Society, Senvia, Western Union, Victoria Mutual, CI Funds, Red Lobster were our main sponsors and if you didn't notice, four out of the six are money senders. Hopefully this is a sign that money will be sent our way, if not then we'll at least get some good food from Red Lobster. Add to that, we also had a record number of prizes donated. 

Of course, our success is due to all you Georgians and friends, so on behalf of your our executive team, thank you all for coming out and supporting this great cause. I would also like to say a big thank you to your executive team (the Big Blue Machine) and a special thanks to Lady Donette Chin-Loy (an honorary Georgian in my books) and all our spouses for their hard work which made our success possible.

Our annual joint picnic with Alpha and Immaculate was once again lots of fun and games. All attending enjoyed themselves and there was certainly an abundance of food and games. Having said that, it is apparent, that less of the younger generation is attending.  A big aspect of our picnic is to have all generations of our alumni participate in the camaraderie but also to meet new friends and share experiences. This is a big advantage for the younger family members to enhance their experiences, so do encourage them to come out.

This past October our soccer team went down to Florida to play the Florida chapter for the Deltana Cup.  We were graciously greeted by the new president Trevor Palmer, secretary, Patrick Hugh, executives Wayne Chin Loy and Denis Chung and met with the other execs later on after the game. Incidentally, this is a newly-elected board, so we wish them well in their new tenure. It was a stormy and rainy day, but lucky for us, it stopped raining just before the match started and did not start back until the event was over. Unfortunately, even though we gave a valiant effort, we were unable to return with the cup. Florida fielded an excellent team and won the match 5 to 3.  I am happy to say that we were well represented in the bleachers as our wives and supporters, armed with Canadian flags, were a force to reckon with. Even though we didn't win the match, our cheering section surely would have made one think we did. Congrats to the Florida boys and many thanks for the warm reception and grand hospitality. We were told that they are planning to come up to play us here next year, so to the Florida boys, we look forward you coming up and having a good time.

Our man Ray Chang is back in the news. Recently, the University of the West Indies honored him by bestowing on him an Honorary Doctorate of Laws. Congrats Ray, it's well deserved.

Well good folks, as the Christmas season fast approaches, let me take this opportunity to wish you all, a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Daniel Ho Lung




St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #50 


In The News


Chris Chin

Greetings once again fellow Georgians, friends and well-wishers.

            Where did the summer go? Just a short while ago we were all trying to keep up with our hectic summer schedules and now Old Man Winter is knocking on our doors. Man, it seems to get shorter and shorter each year.

Since we last chatted, several members of our extended family answered the call of a higher order. Among them were Ignatius Lee Hing, uncle of our own Commu-nications Director, Michael 'Buski' Charley; Winston and Wilfred Lai's sister Vicki in Florida; Billy Headman, great Manning cup player of the 40's; Leslie 'Jeff' Chin; Tony Cheong's cousin, Richard Chung; and most recently and tragically, Dominic Shirley class of 1999.

Please remember their respective immediate families in your prayers. Carl Chang also recently lost his beloved mum and many Georgians were there with him and his family at this time of need.

  It was so good to see again Fouad Khouri, class of 1944.

Eddie Chin, Pres.Danny HoLung, Doreen Chong-Heron & Fouad Khouri Classof ‘44 

Fr. Alwyn Harry

  On October 16th Fr. Alwyn Harry S.J, died in Weston, Mass in his 92nd year.  An StGC Old boy Fr.Harry entered the Jesuits in 1944 and was ordained in 1954. He taught at StGCin the ’50s and served at several parishes including St. Anne's  in the troubled West Kingston area. His service was legendary in West Kingston, where he could walk the streets, day or night, ministering to the flock in neighbourhoods with allegiances to both political parties and the influence of warring gangs. He was a very calming influence in the area. A great Georgian, a great Jesuit, a great Jamaican.

Another priest, Canadian Fr. Reg Whelan, who served the Jamaica community for over 18 years died on Monday November 12 in Brampton Civic Hospital in Brampton Ontario in his 80th year. Fr. Reg was born in Charlottetown, P.E.I, Canada, and served in the Canadian Peace Corps in Jamaica in 1959 for three years. On his return to Canada in 1962 Reg Whelan entered St.Augustine's Seminary in Toronto to study for the priesthood and continued his studies in Trinidad. He was actually ordained at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Jamaica in 1969. There were over 60 priests and deacons at a moving funeral mass on November 16th at St. Mary's R.C. Church in Brampton officiated by Archbishop Thomas Collins. In attendance were Georgians - Deacon Peter Rickards, our founding president and Immediate past president Robbie Vernon.

Fr. Leo Quinlan S.J.

Some good news out of the Jesuit retirement house in Weston. Fr. Leo Quinlan celebrated his 92nd birthday on Nov. 2nd.  He was in good spirits and in good fighting trim as Robbie Vernon reported after he spoke to him for this special day. He had a surprise visit also from Howard Shearer on his birthday and Howard met up as well with Fr. O’Toole and Fr. Brennan. Howard said a most wonderful evening was spent over dinner reflecting on the experiences of these three priests during their time in Jamaica

Recovering from ill health are: Anthony Lee Hing; Billy Lowe; Astor & Colville Chin Lyn’s sister, Eileen; Derrick Potopsingh; and the mother of  Howard Shearer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Peter, Alan & Johnny Rickards celebrating together in Jamaica

Also being recognized for service to Jamaica, is Alan Rickards, brother of our Ontario chapter founding president Deacon Peter Rickards. Alan was recently awarded the Order of Distinction for services to Agriculture by the Jamaican government. Alan's son Jeremy is currently Deputy Head Boy at StGC and is on the Manning Team. Alan himself attended St..George’s in the early ’50s.

Glenn Chin at NASA

  And if impacting on the lives of others here on earth was not enough, congratulations continue, this time to Georgian Glenn Chin, NASA Mission Manager who is leading a team of engineers on NASA's space station expansion project. His brothers and father are also proud Georgians.

“He weighed 7 pounds 14 inches” said an over excited and confused Don Barnett as he announced the arrival of his first grandson Barnett Alexander McPherson on August 6th.

Daughter Tara, son-in-law Mike and baby all fine.

Robbie and Heather Vernon were also recently blessed with their second granddaughter, Lucille Evelyn Vernon born to son Alex and Carole on Sept 23rd and weighing 6llbs 14oz. Parents and sister Anneliese were ecstatic.

Breaking News. On Dec. 3rd our president Danny was blessed with his first grandson. Dad Mario, Cindy and sisters are doing fine.

Barnett Alexander McPherson

Annie Vernon & baby sister Lucy

Cameron Clayton Ho Lung

Were you at our Summer Ball? If you weren't, you missed one heck of a treat, by all accounts. Congrats to our hardworking team who seem to outdo themselves each year and leave us wondering how they will top the act next time around. Great job guys!

Kudos too to Milton Hart, our Sports Director and his band of soccer players. Milton was able to rekindle the flames of soccer rivalry with our North Street neighbours, Kingston College. Milton and his team walked away with the Roper Cup. Plans are afoot to keep this an annual event.

Last year, you will recall Milton and his team wiped out the competition in the St Mike's Soccer League. Well, they were encouraged to seek another league as they were too good a team for that league. So Milton and his team packed up and moved to the top of the heap, the Thornhill League. They did extremely well in their first outing in this league, reaching the finals which they lost - 3 goals to 2 to the Azzuri team. Next year ? Well, with your support, they can go all the way. Watch for their schedule on that. Great job Milton, you do us proud.

Newlyweds: Brian & Nadine Mitchell



Congratulations to our 2003 Scholarship winner Brian Mitchell who was married on Sept 8th to the beautiful Nadine Jackson. We wish them well and expect to see more of them at our Alumni functions. 



Ray Chang feeding dragon

Our own, Ray Chang was in the news again, this time being honoured by the Jamaican Chinese Community and many of his Canadian peers. What a treat that was.

Georgian Herman Chang did an excellent job as MC, as did other Georgians, Dr .Herbert Ho Ping Kong and our President Danny Ho Lung in humourous and enlightening roasts. The event opened with the traditional Chinese lion dance with Ray invited on stage to feed and assuage the lion. Ray, we, as an association, as a community are justly proud of the work you have done, and are doing both here and in Jamaica. Ray also received an honourary Doctorate from The University of the West Indies.

Gary Nash & son Dominique


Surprise treat at our September Executive meeting at the home of Dir. Dominique Nash. Dominique had, as his house guest from Florida, his father Gary Nash, legendary Manning cup player of the ’50s.


Congrats to Miss Jamaica World 2007, Yendi Phillips.  She is the niece of our own Herb Phillips. Our best wishes go to her as she champions causes close to her heart during her reign.

Archbishop Larry Burke recently celebrated his 75th birthday. We appreciate and value his many visits to Toronto to be with us and well remember that one of his first engagements after being appointed Archbishop was his guest appearance at our 20th Anniversary Mass & Family Dinner in May 2004. As he put it at the time "This was a must". Since then he has always checked us out on his Toronto family visits including his whistle stop May visit this year, and is caught with sisters Barbara and Madge at a special luncheon put on by Ray & Donette in his honour.

Behind: Robbie Vernon, Ray Chang, Donette Chin Loy, ArchBishop Burke, JoJo & Danny Ho Lung.
 Front: Daphne Chin Loy, Barbara & Madge Burke

Did you know that  StGC Old Boy UWI Professor Anthony Chen and two other Caribbean scientists were part of the United Nations intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) that last month won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for highlighting the changes in weather patterns caused by human pollution? Georgian that he is, Professor Chen downplays his achievement. "I did not win the Nobel Peace Prize. I am a member of the IPCC group which did."

Georgians All - L-R: Michael & Leo Jackson, Brian Mitchell, Patrick (Skedron) Smith, Robbie Vernon 

A few might remember Georgian Leo Jackson, who represented StGC in cricket in the ’30s. His son Michael also attended StGC and played cricket for us in the ’60s. Here they are caught together with fellow Georgians Patrick (Skedron) Smith and Robbie Vernon at the recent wedding of Georgian Brian Mitchell in Toronto.

Finally, congrats to the Alpha Alumnae Association, the Calabar Old Boys Association and Wolmers Alumni, with whom our president Danny HoLung and many on our executive shared fellowship recently. Alpha with a Dinner/Dance and Calabar and Wolmers with a Brunch. Great entertainment and a good time was enjoyed by all in attendance.

Wishing you all a peaceful holiday season filled with joy and God's richest blessings!

Chris Chin

STGC OBA (Ontario) 2006-2007 Executive

President: DANIEL HO LUNG (647) 891-0489
1ST V.P/President Elect/Sec. CHRIS CHIN (416) 436-3540
Treasurer: RAY CHANG (416) 364-1145
Regional V.P. (EAST): TYRONE HOLLBROOKE (905)-726-2469
Regional V.P. (CENTRAL): PATRICK HADDAD (905) 294-9471
Regional V.P. ( WEST): RICHARD SAUNDERS (905) 454-8780
Liaison Director: FRED RUSSELL (416) 522-4663
Communications Director: MICHAEL CHARLEY (905) 279-5583
Social Director: JOHN FLYNN (905) 796-9735
Membership Director: CHARLES YOUNG (416)-436-5851
Sports Director: MILTON HART (905) 841-9771
Care Committee Director: PAT FERGUSON (905) 837-9442
Director at Large: PATRICK GAREL (905) 475-3430
Director at Large: DOMINIQUE NASH (416) 543-3661
Director at Large: PATRICK LEE (416) 494-1069
Immediate Past President: ROBBIE VERNON (416)-622-9408

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