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Good & True ...issue# 49... July, 2007

President's Message

Danny Ho Lung

Greetings fellow Georgians, I trust you and yours are in good health and good spirits. We were blessed this year with a sold out crowd for our “Family Dinner” and also with the presence of Margaret Campbell (Principal of StGC), Lennox Robinson (Director for Advancement) and Courtney Currie (President Jamaica Chapter).

            Margaret gave us a good report on StGC Following in Fred Kennedy’s footsteps she has taken the bull by the horns and is moving forward with the task of taking our school to new heights in academia, sports and Christian morals- no easy task. Margaret, in her gentle but eloquent demeanor, wooed the crowd with her speech and left us feeling confident that she was the right choice for principal. Even the “die hards” who were in favor of a male principal, are now convinced. We wished her much success and offered our whole hearted support.

      Lennox, a success in his own right, was also a hit with the crowd. A dynamic man with a vision to match, he has taken on the task of rebuilding the school, particularly in the physical aspects, by refurbishing the classrooms, equipment and buildings. His vision, as is ours, is to create an advanced and up-to-date learning environment for the students thereby giving them all the necessary tools for a sound education. And as Lennox put it, he is now a “professional beggar” as we will need the blessings and support of Georgians and the greater community at large to fund this effort. Lennox will be the main coordinator for the “Endowment Fund” between all of StGC Chapters. We thank you Lennox, for your dedication, commitment and support for our school.

I must also add that both Margaret and Lennox, and Courtney being here for their first Toronto, StGC gathering were greatly moved by, not only the warm welcome you the membership gave them, but more importantly by the camaraderie evidenced among you all. As Lennox put it, referring to all in attendance “What I feel here, is different, it’s a feeling of unison, hard to describe.”

I myself put it simply, even though Jojo and I are almost related to everybody, that “we are family”. You, our membership, are the real driving force for everything that we, the executive accomplish for the school and our Canadian Georgian Community and we are proud to represent you. So, on behalf of your executives, a big thanks to you our membership for your ever present enthusiastic support and especially the exceedingly warm welcome given to our Jamaican visitors.

Courtney Currie, my counterpart in Jamaica, also gave us the rundown on the Jamaica happenings. He too, was impressed with the brotherhood of our Ontario Chapter. This is now his second term as president, it takes a special man and a big commitment to do his job. Thanks Courtney for taking the time to join us.

A big thank you also goes out to Deacon Peter Rickards (also Barrister & Solicitor) who booked the venue for us, free of cost, to Richard and Jackie Foster of Reddyblooms Inc. who donated the lovely floral bouquets and last, but not least, to my executives, in particular, to John Flynn who is our “Master Chef” as without their support and team work, we could not have had such a successful event. 

L-R: Predident Danny HoLung with Margaret Campbell, Principal, Robbie Vernon
 Imm.Past Pres & Lennox Robinson, Endowment Fund Chair during Toronto Tour.(see part 2)

We now approach summer, our busiest time, with the hopes of another successful summer ball and fun filled events (picnic, Roper Cup, golf tournament). August 3rd is fast approaching and we need your help in making this a success. This is our only fund raising event, so please spread the word to friends, relatives, neighbors and business associates and book tables not tickets. You can book them through our website (www.stgctoronto.com) or call your execs and we will book them for you. We are also actively looking for sponsors for the ball, should you want to become a sponsor or know of any potential sponsors, please give one of your executives a call. Time is running out.

Our annual picnic in conjunction with Alpha and Immaculate will be held at the “usual spot” (Milne Park at McCowan Road just north of Hwy. 407) on August 12th. Bring out the family and a basket and join in the fun. For you soccer and golf enthusiasts contact Milton Hart (soccer) and Patrick Haddad (golf) for the upcoming Roper Cup and Golf Tournament. 

The Miami Chapter headed by the “inspiring” Dennis Barnett had another successful “Florida Ball”. Congrats to Dennis and his executive team, great job. Laddie Kong, one of his execs, was instrumental in organizing a reunion of the class of ’57, which also attended their ball. They had a great turnout with a Canadian contingent of over 40 people which included the likes of Patrick Lee, Stanley Chin; Canadian organizer and Dale DuQuesnay. Congratulations to Laddie for his tremendous effort in organizing the reunion and his work on the Endowment Fund. Laddie’s ingenuity in creating the “Knights of St. George” is a big step in raising funds for our “Endowment Fund”. It coincides with our Endowment recognition so all our donors of a Thousand dollars or more will be knighted with an executive tie and knight’s medallion. So Georgians come forward and be knighted. The Ontario chapter wishes to recognize the 1957 reunion group as well at our summer ball on August 3rd . The group should contact Stanley Chin and Patrick Lee on this.

Our man, Ray Chang, was honoured recently by the Jamaica USA Chamber of Commerce in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. He received the Jamaican Milestone Award for his Outstanding Achievements and Distinguished Service.  He was also keynote speaker. Heard his speech was outstanding, being not only frank and fair but courageous, as he told it like it is. Congrats Ray, well deserved.

I look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events. ;

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

Daniel Ho Lung





St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #49 


In The News


Chris Chin

Greetings Fellow Georgians, friends and well-wishers. 

   June’s here and lots of activities are keeping everyone busy trying to enjoy the ‘good weather’ while it lasts and, enjoy we should but let us not forget those around us who have been affected by illness or the passing of a loved one. 

Recovering from ill health are Senator Dwight Nelson, Keith Noad, Fr. George Bardowell and Gary Nash, father of our Director at large, Dominique. 

We said goodbye to Fred  Lue Shing and Chester Chin earlier this year and most recently, Richard Chang who was a member of our Executive, while Tony Iton, Melvin and Winston Cooke, and Laddie Kong all lost their mothers. Cecil Naylor lost his brother-in-law, Dennis Hornet. 

Our prayers and thoughts are with you all. 

Milton Hart



Congratulations to our Sports Director, Milton Hart who was recently appointed to the board of the Aurora Public Library. Way to go, Milton. … and he keeps winning on the soccer field too. This year, the StGC Soccer Club moved up to the Thornhill League and have continued their winning ways. 


Congrats are in order too for Tigana Cain and Michael Rogers, both Georgians who just completed studies at Redemption Christian College in New York while on basketball scholarships. 

Great going too for the Class of 1957 who recently had their first reunion since graduation at the Florida Chapter’s Dance last month. Our own Director at Large, Patrick Lee and past Director, Stan Chin are both members of this elite group who are planning to continue the reunion activities at our Annual Dance on August 3rd. Come and help us make this an unforgettable event for them. 

Front. L-R: Vincent Amos, Steven Day, Chris Chin, Donel Miller, Kevin Chen
Back. L-R: Patrick Marshall, Kurt Lee, Peter Wong, Fred Russell, Jeremy Lee

Got a chance to catch up with visiting 76er, Donel Miller from Jamaica who was here on vacation. Also, visiting was Kurt Lee another 76er who now hails from Atlanta. Jeremy Lee who would have graduated in 76 also made the gathering as well as newcomer to Toronto, Vincent Amos. Joining us too was Peter Wong, class of 73. 

Our President, Danny recently celebrated his 50th with family and friends. Congrats Danny and we wish you many, many more. 

Rayonne Caesar-Chavannes

   Making her mark in Canadian society is Rayonne Caesar-Chavannes MBA/HCM, BSc., who was this year’s recipient of the Young Entrepreneur Award at the Annual BBPA Harry Jerome Awards on April28. Her company ReSolve Research Solutions Inc., is a Site management organization that assists Pharmaceutical Companies in recruiting physicians for upcoming clinical trials. Rayonne is very involved in the community with the Congress of Black Women, where she is the President of the Ajax-Pickering Chapter and the Secretary of the Ontario Region. 

A busy woman, she juggles responsibilities as President of an established community organization, owner of a successful corporation and a committed mother and wife. 

Rayonne’s husband is none other than Vidal A. Chavannes MAEd, BA, BEd, the highly educated son of our former President Johnny Chavannes.  Vidal who many will remember at our earlier StGC family picnics with the rest of the Chavannes family group is making a name for himself as well in the Educational field in Ontario.  Congrats Rayonne & family. 

Deacon Patrick Chang & wife Jean

Deacon Patrick Chang threw a big bash for spouse Jean in the St Aidan’s church hall on Saturday April14th to celebrate her birthday. As was expected many Georgians, including fromn the executive Danny HoLung, Charles Young and Robbie Vernon were seen enjoying the festivities with this popular deacon and his lovely wife and son Andre. 


L-R: Charles Frost, Christopher Campbell, Margaret Campbell, Principal, Aldin Crosdale,
 Jeremy Spence and their coach (teacher in Mathematics Department) Alden Campbell.

Good to see the school drawing attention in the academic area. In April the school won the University of the West Indies Mathemetics Problem Solving Competition.  They beat Immaculate and Ardenne. 

The chess Team also did well placing third in competition after Campion’s A & B teams.

Ray Chang addressing
 Careers Fair Symposium

Our ever busy treasurer Ray Chang was one of the main speakers at the1st Annual First Friday Career Fair and Symposium held on April 13th at Ryerson University. 

     Ray addressed the group on the importance of education and referenced his own life story as a testament to the power behind a solid educational background and its importance in leveling playing fields of life.

    News has just broken as well that Ray will be conferred with an honorary doctorate from the University of the West Indies later this year.  A University of Toronto graduate with an engineering degree, he will be dedicating this honor to his parents Gladstone & Maisie Chang.

   “In all my achievements they have played an enormous role in giving me the opportunity for an outstanding education”, Ray affirmed. 


Chris Chin

Our 2007 Scolarship Winner

Courtney Chong

Meet Courtney Chong, our 2007 Cdn.$1000 Scholarship Winner.

She is the daughter of Venice Chong and the late Peter (Lizzie) - actually the granddaughter of Fen & Anita Chang.

Courtney attended St. Mary Catholic Secondary School where she participated in various school activities. She was a member of the Varsity Girls Rugby team and the school's senior concert band the Assisting the Community Together (A.C.T.) Committee. Outside of this she volunteered her time at St. Isaac Jogues CS and with many school run events raising much needed money for the various departments.

She is aiming for a career in the pharmaceutical field and was accepted at the University of Toronto in September this year where she will pursue a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Honours) specializing in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Robbie Vernon

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Ray Chang


STGC OBA (Ontario) 2006-2007 Executive

President: DANIEL HO LUNG (647) 891-0489
1ST V.P/President Elect/Sec. CHRIS CHIN (416) 436-3540
Treasurer: RAY CHANG (416) 364-1145
Regional V.P. (EAST): TYRONE HOLLBROOKE (905)-726-2469
Regional V.P. (CENTRAL): PATRICK HADDAD (905) 294-9471
Regional V.P. ( WEST): RICHARD SAUNDERS (905) 454-8780
Liaison Director: FRED RUSSELL (416) 522-4663
Communications Director: MICHAEL CHARLEY (905) 279-5583
Social Director: JOHN FLYNN (905) 796-9735
Membership Director: CHARLES YOUNG (416)-436-5851
Sports Director: MILTON HART (905) 841-9771
Care Committee Director: PAT FERGUSON (905) 837-9442
Director at Large: PATRICK GAREL (905) 475-3430
Director at Large: DOMINIQUE NASH (416) 543-3661
Director at Large: PATRICK LEE (416) 494-1069
Immediate Past President: ROBBIE VERNON (416)-622-9408

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