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Good & True ...issue# 48... February, 2007

President's Message

Danny Ho Lung

As we close out the old year and start anew, I'd like to thank our board of directors for their hard work and unselfish dedication to our school and association.  Special thanks go out to Ray and Donette who hosted a Christmas dinner for the executives and their spouses. (See part 3)

We now start the New Year in anticipation of your continued support and participation.  You, our members and your families are the substance of our organization. Our newsletter goes out to over 700 families and I'm sure most of us enjoy it. So please remember to send in your membership dues (C$25 since 1985), as this revenue is needed to cover its costs.

As you probably know, our organization has only four annual events which bring us together to meet other Georgians and rekindle past friendships. The first is our Annual General Meeting which will be held at St. Aidan's Catholic Church on March 4, 2007.  For those of you who are "Gun shy" or afraid of being elected, don't be intimidated, please attend as this is not an election year. We look forward to your input, ideas and friendship.

Our Mass & Family Dinner will be held again at St. Jerome's Roman Catholic Church in Brampton, thanks to Deacon Peter Rickards and Fr. Dan Kolodynski. This will be a treat for us as we will have two guests from Jamaica who will be bringing us up to date on St. George's College. The First Lady of St. George's College, Margaret Campbell our principal, will be our main speaker and fellow Georgian and guest speaker, Lennox Robinson will be "championing" and coordinating our campaign for our "Endowment Fund".

Third on the list is our "Annual Summer Ball". Last year was a great success. With over 1,100 in attendance, it was a night to remember. Let's make this year's even better, so plan for it and start booking your tickets now.

Last but not least is our "Annual Picnic" with our sister schools Alpha and Immaculate. This is ideal for the whole family, so bring a picnic basket, pack up the kids, grandkids and come on down. We'll have fun, games and prizes for the kids.

Our man… Ray Chang was in the news again! Ray was awarded "Man of the Year" by the Gleaner.  Congrats Ray, as the saying goes, "Action speaks louder than words" and you're a man of action… couldn't have happened to a better man!

Let me now take this opportunity to wish you, one and all, Peace, Health, Fortune, Happiness and Blessings for this New Year.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Daniel Ho Lung

Gleaner Man Of TheYear - Ray Chang (left) greets special guest Jamaica’s Governor General Professor Kenneth Hall at the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University last year.



        Applications are sought from all children of dues-paying old boys in Canada, who will be or are currently attending college/university. Past unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to reapply. The award is not necessarily granted to the person with the highest grades.

A rounded educational background with evidence of success in academic, athletic and community involvement is important. The award is granted to a person who the panelists feel will make a meaningful contribution to society.

       All applications are reviewed by an independent selection committee made up of distinguished Georgians: Dr. Louis Lee,  Dr Herbert Ho Ping Kong and Dr. Derrick Haddad.

       Applications forms are available from any of our Directors or contact us at our Email address: stgcbod@stgctoronto.com


STGC OBA (Ontario) 2006-2007 Executive

President: DANIEL HO LUNG (647) 891-0489
1ST V.P/President Elect/Sec. CHRIS CHIN (416) 436-3540
Treasurer: RAY CHANG (416) 364-1145
Regional V.P. (EAST): TYRONE HOLLBROOKE (905)-726-2469
Regional V.P. (CENTRAL): PATRICK HADDAD (905) 294-9471
Regional V.P. ( WEST): RICHARD SAUNDERS (905) 454-8780
Liaison Director: FRED RUSSELL (416) 522-4663
Communications Director: MICHAEL CHARLEY (905) 279-5583
Social Director: JOHN FLYNN (905) 796-9735
Membership Director: CHARLES YOUNG (416)-436-5851
Sports Director: MILTON HART (905) 841-9771
Care Committee Director: PAT FERGUSON (905) 837-9442
Director at Large: PATRICK GAREL (905) 475-3430
Director at Large: DOMINIQUE NASH (416) 543-3661
Director at Large: PATRICK LEE (416) 494-1069
Immediate Past President: ROBBIE VERNON (416)-622-9408





St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #48 


In The News


Chris Chin

Happy New Year fellow Georgians, friends and well-wishers!

Sadly, since our last newsletter, we have seen the passing of :Gregory Lee brother of Patrick Lee; Arthur Tomlinson - Lloyd Pinnock's father-in-law; Nora Chin (Alpha) - Deacon Patrick Chang's sister in law; Orville Thomas - brother of Leroy and Larry McDonalds's father, and Stephen (Greg) Yapp. Our prayers go out to their families as well as for Georgian Byron Lee who recently underwent surgery.


Congratulations to former director Stanley Chin and his lovely wife Jeanette who celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary on February 3rd, 2007. They can always be counted on when help is needed  with our fundraising for the school.


Stanley & Jeanette Chin

A fantastic time was had by all at a Christmas social hosted by our treasurer, Ray for the executives and friends over the Christmas holidays. Great to have with us former principal, Fred Kennedy and also the two Jamaican Jesuits in training at Regis College, University of Toronto, Michael Davidson and Rohan Tulloch.  Nice to link up also with Ray Lodenquai and his wife Bev visiting from Shanghai.  (see part 3)

Ringing in the new year

Caught up with old boys Tony Cheong, Herman Chang and Mark Lyn ringing in the year at the South Common Mall in Mississauga. Also seen there were Jamaica College alumnus, Patrick Cooke and his lovely wife, Valerie. Great to see guys out and about!

Chris & Charmaine Chin & dad Clifton Crooks
Mark Lyn partly hidden

Here is another happy group caught ringing in the new year with Ray & Donnette

Forefront-JoJo & Daniel HoLung, Heather & Robbie Vernon
 and Donette Chin Loy ringing in the New Year

Diamond Award Winner Richard Saunders & Wife Michelle.

Congratulations to our RVP-West, Richard Saunders. Richard was recently named a winner of his company's prestigious Diamond Award. Richard was one of 34 Red Lobster general managers to receive this award, which goes to general managers that rank among the top 5 percent of all Red Lobsters based upon guest satisfaction and other measures. To celebrate this recognition, Richard and his lovely wife were feted at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

On the track

Okay, 76ers, remember Karl 'Laddie' Smith. He was one of our aspiring hurdlers who did well at Champs and later represented Jamaica at the Olympics. Well Laddie is still hurdling after more than 30 years. Laddie is now resident in Maryland and here is he at last year's Penn Relays. Fantastic work, Laddie.

Sprinting away - Karl (Laddie) Smith in front

Our Busy President

Hard to keep up with our enthusiastic and energetic president who seizes every opportunity to represent us and promote our causes. He is there in support of our StGC family at funerals, fundraisers for other alumni associations: Wolmers, J.C, ICHS, Alpha. It’s good to see, as well, so many of our executive at these functions and events.

Here President Danny is seen at the Alpha Dynasty Ball on November 4; a command performance as spouse JoJo is the Alpha president.  Also caught in action and supporting ICHS president Katy Sani at their dinner dance on February 3rd. 

Danny HoLung with spouse & Alpha President JoJo HoLung

Danny HoLung & ICHS President Katy Sani

Ray Chang

Man of The year 2006 - G. Raymond Chang - a man who cares about people in a quiet way.

This was the Weekly Gleaner headline on January 4th, as it announced its man of the year award to our Treasurer  and hardworking board member Ray.

We wonder sometimes how he keeps up with such a wide diversity of interests, and at the same time keeps close to his heart his alma mater St.George's College, which he never ceases to promote and support while involved with his other  numerous endeavours.

The Gleaner cited his commitment to continuing education and Ryerson University and the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education named in honour of his contribution to its continuing education programme. It mentioned the collaboration between Ryerson University, where he is chancellor, and the University of the West Indies, Mona campus in Jamaica, in an effort to combat a nursing shortage aggravated by emigration and a lack of access to education. Nursing students in the Caribbean can now pursue their studies via a new distance learning program with Ryerson.

Having contributed to early childhood education through Women for PACE, secondary education at his alma mater  St.George's college, agriculture in Walker's Wood in St. Ann, he is now teaming up with a farmer in Brantford, Ontario, who for years has employed a large number of Jamaican farm workers, and is looking at helping out at projects in Jamaica.

We all know Ray as a very down to earth, unassuming person who doesn't like to blow any trumpets-just quietly get the work done.

Wish there were more of you, Ray!

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