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Good & True ...issue# 47... November, 2006

President's Message

Danny Ho Lung

Greetings fellow Georgians, let me just say a big ‘thank you’ to you, our membership. Our continued success as an association is due only to your continued support and participation. You made our main event, our Annual Ball, a huge success with over 1,000 people in attendance. The word now is "it was the best one yet". We plan to make it better next year, so plan for it and come with your dancing shoes.

We also had the good fortune to reciprocate the hospitality to some of the "Miami" and "Jamaica" old boys. The likes of Dennis Barnett, Philip Wong, Howard Williams, the Summers brothers, Tony Wong, and their spouses were here with us. A golf tournament and get-together was held in their honour and we even had "our own" Archbishop Burke here to celebrate with them. I am sure they enjoyed their trip as we enjoyed entertaining them. All I can say is “come again”.

We also had an excellent turnout for our joint Alpha, ICHS & StGC picnic, with fun, games, prizes, sumptuous food and, best of all, friendship. Make sure you plan to attend next summer.  Just pack a picnic basket, and be sure to bring the family.  

Our soccer team came through again this year, winning their league for the 4th consecutive year. Congrats to Milton Hart and the team, you gentlemen make us proud, not just because of winning, but  you exemplify the principles of Family value, Christian fellowship and sportsmanship of true Georgians, both on and off the field. Keep up the good work.

I am pleased to welcome to our Georgian family, Mrs. Margaret Campbell, and I can only describe her as "St. GC's First Lady”, the new principal of St. George's College. She is a 3rd generation Georgian, the daughter of a previous headmaster and Georgian, Mr. Van Hitchener, and previously taught at the University of the West Indies (U.W.I.) in Jamaica. I had the pleasure of meeting her recently, only to find out that her grandfather, all her uncles, nephews and son attended or attend StGC. She is as "white and blue" as you can get. Welcome Margaret and congratulations on your new post. We are confident that you will do an excellent job. So far, your efforts in your tenure can only be described as "most impressive".

Margaret Campbell, Principal St.GC, accepting Ontario Chapter donation cheques
 to the school from President Daniel HoLung at Hall Of Fame Banquet Jamaica

Congrats to Fr. Peter McIsaac the recently appointed Jesuit Superior and Chairman of StTGC Board in Jamaica. Fr. McIsaac met with a few of our executives quite recently. He is an international Jesuit, born and raised in Toronto, has lived in western Kingston (very tough neighborhood) for the last 7 years. In my opinion, his experience of living in a poor area of the city, will give him a grass roots understanding of the poor and will definitely be an asset in his future endeavours. He is also taking an active part in the school’s fund raising, in particular the Endowment fund. We wish him well and look forward to working with him.

To "our own" Ray Chang, a philanthropist, entrepreneur, a man of education, and a true Georgian, congratulations. As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words, and a man of action he is. Ray, among other dignitaries, officially opened Heaslip House, the new home of the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, which is a part of Ryerson University. I understand that this is the largest continuing education school of its kind and offers over 1200 university accredited courses, and has an enrollment of over 65,000.

Added to that, Ray was officially appointed Chancellor of Ryerson for a term of 3 yrs. and is the 3rd Chancellor in the history of the university. One may ask, what is a chancellor. He is the ambassador for the institute, but more importantly, also a living example for the students of the university.  And you couldn't ask for a better example.

To complete my list, Ray has also been inducted into our own St. George's College Hall of Fame, along with Father Leo Quinlan S.J., who is 91 yrs. old this year and who taught at George’s for many years. Also inducted were Fr. Frank Ryan, Claude McMorris and Ryan Thompson, both of class of '44.  Congratulations to all.

Congrats to Anne-Marie Bonner (Jamaica Consul General in Toronto) and her team on the successful debut of the Jamaica Help Foundation's first annual Ball. Their hard work and efforts paid off, as they raised over  Can $15,000.00 which will be going to aid two hospitals in eastern Jamaica.

To all Georgians, your family and friends, we are actively looking for your financial help in building up the Endowment Fund for the school. At present, StGC is running at a huge deficit and it is our goal to build the Endowment Fund so that it will be able to support and help maintain the school for generations to come. This will undoubtedly be beneficial in the education and moral guidance of the students and their respective communities of St. George's College and ultimately make this world a better place to live in. Both Ray Chang and Philip Wong of Deltana Enterprises in Florida, lead the way in donating substantial sums to the school this past September and October. Our thanks go out to them. Let's follow their lead and make this happen.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Daniel Ho Lung





St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #47 


In The News


Chris Chin

Time waits on no one, so on we must go as we mourn the loss of several old boys since we last spoke. Gone but not forgotten are Maurice Tenn, Peter Norman Chang, Ian Stewart, Mike Feres, John Garel, and most recently Teddy Chin Quee. Also passed are Jennifer Wong (Ray's wife) and our dear friend, Louise 'Miss Lou' Bennett-Coverley. Our prayers are also with Keith Garel who is recovering from recent surgery.

Despite a certain quietude in the afternoon years of his life, the passing of Maurice Tenn in Jamaica did not go unnoticed. When he won the Rhodes scholarship in 1956 (first StG.C student to win this coveted scholarship), Maurice had come a long way from his primary school days in Linstead. In his career he served as senator in the House; was parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Finance and after 1976 was director of consular and legal services for the Jamaica High Commission in London.

Not many know that he spent some time in a Benedictine monastery, a strict religious order following the rules of the fifth century monk St. Benedict.


Maurice Tenn
Rhodes scholar

John Garel

A truly outstanding Georgian who gave generously of his time and talent to many causes, including his school StGC and his church.

Many of the executive and members of the Ontario OBA, joined with the Garel family to mourn the loss of John Garel. Sons, Chad and Danny were pillars of our Toronto soccer team and dad and mum (John & Cecile) and sister Leilani were also strong supporters of their children and the team. We will all miss John, but his memory and legacy lives on in his wonderful wife and offspring.

Miss Lou was the life and light for many Jamaicans, especially those in the Toronto Diaspora, who benefitted greatly from her shining presence at the many functions she attended. On entering any room she immediately became the centre of attention.

Her last public appearance, just days before she died, was at the ICHS brunch, with members of the ICHS, Alpha and St.George's community.

Miss Lou was one of a kind. May she and her beloved Eric rest in peace in her beloved Jamaica.

Miss Lou

Birthday Boys:
 Richard Saunders, Buski Charley, Robbie Vernon

On the lighter side, August is the birthday month for three on the executive, Immediate Past President Robbie Vernon, V.P. West Richard Saunders and Communications Director Michael Buski Charley. Danny, or should I say JoJo didn't miss a beat and ensured a cake was there for the boys to celebrate at the August Executive meeting.

Richard being the youngest, deferred first taste to "you know who", not that he had a choice, right Buski !



Congratulations and best wishes to Deacon Patrick Chang who celebrated his tenth Anniversary as a Deacon. Several Georgians were on hand to celebrate with him, his wife Jean and son Andre. Deacon Patrick is so much a part of our community.

Well done Patrick, we are proud of you.

Deacon Patrick & Jean Chang


Tony Sani

Congratulations also to Tony Sani, who was recognized recently as a distinguished Alumnus of Utech (University of Technology). Tony has had a brilliant academic track record having graduated with Honours in Land Surveying and being awarded the Harold F. Edwards Prize for the highest overall marks. His hard work was rewarded with a British Council scholarship during which he was awarded the Crawter Prize for the second highest overall marks in the final Chartered Surveyors examination.

In Canada, Tony continued his excellence in his work being promoted to General Manager of Northway Map Technology Limited after two years on the job and later to Vice President. He eventually became a shareholder in the company.

In 1997, Tony formed his own companies, Sani-International Technology Advisors Inc, a surveying, mapping and consulting company) and Spatial Geo-Link Limited, a software company marketing remote sensing products in Canada.

Tony Sani … an exemplary Georgian! Way to go, Tony.


Congrats too to Rachel-Lea Rickards (daughter of our founding President, Deacon Peter Rickards) who co-wrote and acted with Trey Anthony in ‘I am not a Dinner Mint’. This insightful look at relationships was fresh, hilarious, and empowering if not downright thought-provoking. The production ran from September 9 - October 15 at the Diesel Playhouse downtown Toronto. Many Georgians attended various performances, including myself and reported all sold out performances. If you missed it, what a shame!

Backstage- Robbie& Heather Vernon
congratulating Rachel-Lea Rickards

Competitor, Nicole Bastien

The congratulations continue, this time to Nicole Bastien (nee Charley) daughter of our illustrious Communications Director, Michael (Buski) Charley. Nicole, following her parent's athletic prowess was a participant recently  in three grueling Triathlons, including Toronto and Montreal events.



Back in Jamaica, congrats to old boy Errol Ziadie, an icon in the insurance industry in Jamaica who retired in July after 40 years service in the industry. He was managing director of NEM Insurance.

Fellow Georgian and General Manager of Jamaica National Building Society, Earl Jarrett described him as a stalwart in the industry.

Georgians certainly know how to make their mark in society.


George Magnus presenting plaque to Errol Ziadie

Fr. Richard HoLung

Well known Georgian, Father Richard HoLung, head of Missionaries of the Poor will in November be granted an Honourary Doctorate of Laws from the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona Campus. He will be honoured for his work with the poor and his achievements in music.

Jerry, Nadia with Kaden & Aramis

Grandpa Buski (Michael Charley) had another addition to the family when daughter Nadia gave birth to a boy. Parents and newborn Kaden are doing well … grandpa still in the clouds.

Joseph Vernon called to Ontario Bar

Immediate Past President, Robbie Vernon and wife Heather also had their personal reasons to be proud too. Son Joe was recently called to the Ontario Bar. Joe earned his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Windsor; his U.S. law degree, a JD from the University of Detroit Mercy Law School and also has a BBA, with honours from Wilfrid Laurier University. While in law school, Joe played Varsity football for the Windsor Lancers. Joe is now admitted to practice in the State of Michigan; The U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan; and now the Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario); and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

He is now an associate with the large international law firm, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone, P.L.C in Detroit, Michigan.

Joe Vernon

Ray Chang, Fred Russell, Charles Young, Fr. McIsaac, Danny Ho Lung, Robbie Vernon, Richard Saunders

In September, Ray Chang, alerted the executive that the new Regional Superior for the Jesuits in Jamaica, Fr. Peter Mc Isaac was on a brief visit to Toronto, and he quickly assembled at his home a group from our executive to meet with him.

There was a good exchange of ideas, particularly on fundraising in general for the school and the Endowment Fund in particular. It was a good opportunity for us to get to know each other and one thing Fr. McIsaac would take back with him was our commitment to  the school.

Edward & Vance Brown

Down in Florida, congrats to Edward (Class of 76) and Vance Browne who recently celebrated their 20th Wedding Anniversary with a weekend of activities that I was privileged to have been a part of.

More good news coming from the Florida Georgians, Philip Wong, well known for his philanthropy, made another whacking donation of one million Jamaican dollars to St. George's College. What an example to set. Many have received much from the school and it’s good to see some giving back, especially when the school is in such great need.

Philip Wong

Ecstatic - Donna Barnett sinks putt

Caught Donna Barnett, wife of Florida President Dennis Barnett, showing just how it’s done at the putting contest held at the August reception in Toronto for the Florida group and other out-of-towners who came up for the Summer Ball. Thanks to Ray and Donette who put on a wonderful afternoon of fun, food and entertainment and allowed us to reciprocate for the great hospitality of the Florida Georgians when we visit their region.

Looking on in amazement at the putt is JoJo HoLung wife of Toronto president Danny HoLung.


Harrison College, Barbados has been, over the years, strong supporters of our annual summer Ball and  St.George's OBA Ontario sent a strong contingent, led by President Danny HoLung  to support their annual fundraiser event.

Hugh & Denise Palomino's costumes caught many eyes and the George's table was a centre of attention, not the least because of President Danny's enthusiastic support of their Dutch auction.

At Harrison Ball, Front: Denise Palomino, JoJo HoLung, Heather Vernon, Sheila Haddad.
 Back: Hugh Palomino, Robbie Vernon, Danny Ho Lung, Patrick Haddad

On November 2nd Fr. Leo Quinlan celebrated his 91st birthday. The Jesuit Retirement Centre was flooded with telephone calls for him, and he was elated.

Robbie Vernon sang his usual Happy Birthday song over the phone. Fr. Q said that Aggrey Irons was the first to call. He seemed to have had a great day and sounded good too. God Bless you Fr. Q, you mean a lot, to a lot of people.

Down in Jamaica for the Awards Banquet, there were several reunions taking place including this one with Danny HoLung and some of his class of 1973. Fr. Hosie had a busy time doing the rounds.

Front: Marc Dabdoub, Fr. Hosie, Peter Chang, Sidley Matthews.
Back: Richard Spence, Danny Ho Lung, Hugh Palomino

Flying in from Houston was another 76er who took time out to visit with us. Curtis and Sharon Warren. Great to see you guys again and hope to see you again soon.

Fred Russell, Curtis & Sharon Warren

Well we didn't win the Manning Cup, but we played well and had some decisive victories, including a clincher against J.C. Here, in the visit to the school and address to the assembly, Ray Chang took time to single out and congratulate the Manning team captain Jabari Wallace and the winning goal scorer Christopher Johnson on that victory.

Ray Chang, Jabari Wallace, Christopher Johnson


          Chris Chin



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