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Good & True ...issue# 46... June, 2006

President's Message

Danny Ho Lung

Greetings fellow Georgians, it is indeed a privilege to be able to serve you in my new capacity as President of our Association.  I look forward to continued growth in our alumni and also to the fellowship and camaraderie that we share as Georgians.

Last month's dinner/mass was an outstanding success.  The newer and younger execs ran the show while the humble and experienced directors stepped back and observed their protégés in action.  It was a great team effort.  My comrades-in-arms, V.P. Elect, Chris Chin, and Past President, Robbie Vernon, are proven individuals whom I have to thank for making my job that much easier.  Robbie's vast experience and Chris' exceptional support are indeed a great help to the association and myself.

I reflect back to seven years ago when I first joined our Board of Directors and now see a considerable change in the collage of the executives.  In those days, it was difficult to recruit board members.  Today, we have an abundance of directors.  Many directors of that era have since stepped down except for a "chosen few" who we are still privileged to have with us - Robbie, Ray, Buski and Uncle P.  I must take this opportunity to commend these gentlemen for being the cornerstones in the building blocks of our association and for their dedication and hard work that they are still continuing.  This past dinner/mass was a testament of their wisdom and fruits of their labour and for the first time they could sit back and enjoy the event.

Our newer and younger directors, like true team players, played a visible and integral part of this event, with Milton, Richard, Patrick H, Fred, Dominique and Tyrone maneuvering through the various tasks and let’s not forget John, "our own master chef" who had to take a bow for preparing an exquisite meal.

The men on the front lines, V.P. West, Richard, V.P. North, Tyrone, and V.P. East, Patrick, are your key contacts for each region. With their new ideas and energy, your VPs are eager and willing to exchange ideas /suggestions for the betterment of St. George's College and our Association.

Milton, our Sports director and founder of our soccer team of 3 years has won his league championship 2 years in a row and also brought back the soccer trophy from our beloved, "but beaten" Florida Chapter.  Milton is always on the quest for new soccer players, especially fellow Georgians or sons thereof.

Charles, our Membership director, a man of ideas and action has done and is doing a great job in membership.  As you all know the membership is the life of the association so let's all do our part.  Spread the word and encourage your fellow Georgians to join up and participate.

Neil Dalhouse, one of our longest standing members and probably the most vivacious of us all stepped down from the board at our last general meeting.  He has always been there for us, and the association and the school and even though words cannot express our gratitude, "Neil, many, many thanks". Fortunately for us, Neil has now taken on the position of chairman of our annual ball committee, which is responsible for all aspects of our annual ball, so he's gone, but not far.

“Boy meets Girl” at Family Dinner - Matthew Hart  (right) chats up Anneliese Vernon  while Mums, Novelette Hart & Carole Vernon look amusingly on

This year is the 10th anniversary of our StGC Ball.  David Rudder, the King of Soca and the Fab 5 will be there to make it a night to remember.  Just remember the 6 Gs:  Good time, Good music, Good food, Good prizes, Great company and a Great cause.  Tell your friends..., book your tables now and come celebrate with us.

On the Jamaican forefront, it was recently announced that Fred Kennedy has resigned as principal of StGC effective July, 2006.  Fred has done a tremendous job in the last two years and while not being able to continue down there, has implemented policies, plans and infrastructure that will, with the right leadership, continue the school's successful momentum. Suitable candidates are being interviewed, and I am told that the candidates look very promising.

Thank you Fred and we wish you success in your future endeavours.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

Daniel Ho Lung





St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #46 


In The News

Chris Chin



Greetings Fellow Georgians, friends and well-wishers,

Many lives have been touched by illness and deaths since we last 'spoke' and our prayers are with the families of Don Ettrick, Fulford Chin Choy, Paul Bunting, Kennedy Tai, Ferdie Madden, Desmond Lee, Peter Mais and most recently Patrick 'Skedron' Smith.

Congratulations to old boy Don Wehby on the announcement of

Don Wehby

 his appointment as Chairman of HiLo Food Stores, a subsidiary of Grace, Kennedy Limited.

Douglas Orane

Congratulations too to Douglas Orane, Chairman and Chief Executive Office of Grace, Kennedy Limited, a  staunch supporter of the Old Boys Association and the school, upon being awarded the Martin Luther King Humanitarian Award for his outstanding contribution to human development and the Jamaican Society. Well deserved.

Special welcome to Anne Marie Bonner, our new Consul General

Anne Marie

 who took up office on April 1st. Ms. Bonner, a past student of Immaculate, was feted by the ICHS Alumnae Association recently along with representatives of the Alpha Alumnae Association and the StGC Old Boys Association. Welcome 'Annie'.

Christina Wong

Congratulations to Christina Wong, daughter of Tony (Class of '73) and Maria, who spearheaded her 'Lady Panthers' team to emerge as the State U-11 Girls Champions in Orlando. Congrats Christina!

Wow, the accolades keep pouring in, this time to our own Stanley

Stanley Lowe-Ching

 Lowe-Ching, who, last July attended the Academy of General Dentistry Convention in Washington, DC. and was inducted as a Fellow into the Academy of General Dentistry, FAGD. Congrats Stan!

Andrew Aarons

On Friday April 7th, proud parents Gillie & Adrienne Aarons and their family and supporters stood in awe as a sold out audience gave a long standing ovation at the Glenn Gould Studio to their son Andrew Aarons in a stunning display of digital virtuosity on the keyboard as he tackled the difficult Prokofiev 2nd piano concerto. This was with the Royal Conservatory Orchestra under the baton of conductor Uriel Segal. Seen In the audience,  enjoying the performance with the Aaron's family, were Lipton & Shirley Wong, Robbie & Heather Vernon and ICHS President Yvonne Lew.

Our big thanks to Dennis Barnett and The Florida chapter for the generous gift of a StGC flag. This was handed over at our AGM on March 12th to Milton Hart, Sports Director. This will be put to quick use by our soccer team and is greatly welcomed.

Ray Chang & Milton Hart hoist StGC Flag gift of Florida chapter

Dennis we hope to wave it high at all our games and at our next visit to Florida.

Had a visit from Dr. Francis Wong (Class of '75) and his family on April 23rd. Dr. Wong, who was my Best Man almost two decades ago, dropped in while on a very deserved break from his practice in Greensboro, N.C. Great to see you again Francis and Maria (Francis is uncle of Christina Wong)

Drs. Francis & Maria Wong with Chris & Charmaine Chin

Well, all the dust has settled now on the Florida Chapter's Dinner/Dance on April 29th and what a night it was. Congrats to Dennis Barnett and his hardworking team on another job well done. Caught up with Dennis Lawton and Douglas Jackson who had both served on the Board of the Old Boys Association in Jamaica with me a few years back. Both are now resident in the Florida area.

Dennis Lawton, Chris Chin, Douglas Jackson

Consummate hosts Florida Old Boy President Dennis Barnett and his lovely wife Donna entertained some out of town Georgians at his home on the Sunday after the big fundraiser on April 28th.

Fr. Hosie celebrated mass and in a touching homily also reminded the small group that before the advent of churches, early Christians gathered like this in homes to share the gospel message and partake of the Eucharist.

At the Barnett’s Seated L-R: Heather Vernon, Debbie Chavannes, Fr. Hosie, Donna Barnett, Shirley Barnett, Annie Wongsam, Standing L-R: Fred Kennedy, John & Richard Wongsam, Peter Chavannes, Ronnie Nasralla, Dennis Barnett, Robbie Vernon



Fellows, check out the Etobicoke Youth Soccer Club website "http://www.etobicokeyouthsoccer.com/" under Club news-newsletter: Robert Vernon, a long time EYSC volunteer, was honoured with a Life Member Award by the EYSC for his dedicated service to youth. Robbie has been involved with youth soccer in Etobicoke for over 20 years, and for many of these sat on the EYSC Board as Chairman of Discipline. EYSC is one of the largest soccer clubs in Metro Toronto and this year over 4000 players will play with the club's Rep, All-Star and House League. Congrats Robbie!!

Charles Young with Jesuit Alumni at reception at Jesuits of Upper Canada

Caught in friendly conversation with other Jesuit alumni/ae at the get together at the Jesuit centre on Bay Street on May 9th is our membership Director Charles Young.

Charles and Robbie Vernon represented us at the function hosted by the Jesuits of Upper Canada for past students of Jesuit institutions world wide who are in Toronto. There were from all over, India, Hong Kong, Africa, England, Scotland, Guyana, and it was good to socialize with others who share our culture.

All the executive were in a celebratory mood when the news broke that little Liam was born on May 18th to newest member Dominique Nash and Peta Gaye.  Mother and son are fine; Dominique is still recovering.

The Nash Family: Dominique & Peta Gaye with Reine, Liam & Jade


Most Successful AGM

March 12 2006

After prayers by deacon Patrick Chang, outgoing President Robbie Vernon welcomed the good turn out and in his report to the members commented on the Immediate Past President Don Barnett's focus on the Association’s finances which was successfully put in good stead. This enabled him to focus for the past two years on lifting the profile of the Association to make it easier to attract donors and sponsors for our various events.

Robbie pointed out that success and the appearance of success was important to attract the sort of money and support for the school and Success and the appearance of momentum is so important to attract the younger generation of Georgians to become a part of the executive and enable the torch bearing that is a necessary component of growth.

The President then gave a brief account of our major activities over the past two years. He mentioned his four trips abroad; building on relationships particularly with the Fla. Chapter and the success of their fundraising Balls and the inter chapter soccer tournaments.

He also reported that the Board members continued to be good Ambassadors for the Association being in attendance most recently at functions hosted by Wolmer's, Jamaica College and Immaculate.

In summing up, he noted that the improved and more visible image of the Association via the directors’ high profiles in the community and also as portrayed in the newsletters and the movers and shakers who were identified with us and our activities stood out most in his mind and it was this that made the Association attractive for sponsorship investments and also for membership recruitment.

President Robbie said it was a tremendous privilege to be given the opportunity to serve and the biggest satisfaction on his departure was the knowledge that the person taking over, Danny HoLung, was capable of taking the association to greater heights.

He then ended with thanks for the support he had received from the Board members and their respective wives.

 Treasurer’s Report

Ray Chang distributed a detailed report which reflected that despite our not having a Fall Fundraising Dance, our finances were on par with the previous years. This he attributed to the good financial position of the Association thanks to the Immediate Past President, Don Barnett, and also the success of our major fundraiser,the summer ball.

Ray reported that Laddie Kong was actively promoting the Endowment Fund drive in Florida with donors to receive a 'Knight of St. George's Medallion' and a tie.

 Liaison Director's Report

Neil reported that the school continued on a positive path with a five-year plan which could be viewed on the school's website. Students now had an option of participating in over 20 different clubs covering a wide cross-section of interests. In addition, a record number of students registered with the National Registry of Volunteers, representing a whopping 10% of volunteers island-wide.

He noted too that in November 2005, 45 students made the Honour Roll as compared to only 11 the previous year.

President Danny HoLung with 2006 Executive Seated L-R: Milton Hart, Chris Chin, Danny HoLung, Robbie Vernon, Fred Russell, Michael Charley, Tyrone Hollbrooke. Standing L-R: Patrick Lee, Ray Chang, Charles Young, Richard Saunders, Patrick Haddad, John Flynn, Pat Ferguson.( missing from photo Dominique Nash, Patrick Garel)

  Membership Director's Report

Charles Young reported:

          Dues remained at $25.00 per annum, just as when the Association started out in 1984

          Paid members were acknowledged in the Newsletter

          Early Bird draw would give 2 tickets to the Summer Ball

He encouraged the membership to keep their dues up to date as it added up on an annual basis and was a way to express interest in the Association. The 3 RVP's were there to facilitate 2-way communication and members were encouraged to take advantage of this.

Sports Director's Report

 Milton Hart reported that sponsoring a soccer team was conceptualized in 2003 and since then, the team has won four Tournaments. The aim was to bring more and other Georgians out with sports. He commented that the team's success was due to the fact that the team had a 'cause', a philosophy to live up to and the support of the membership gave them an extra edge over the competition.

Milton spoke on the success of the soccer team in winning the Deltana Trophy in Miami, and commented on the tremendous hospitality of the Florida Georgians, particularly Gary and Valli Chin and Dennis & Patsy Chung who separately hosted the soccer team.


After a 5 minute break, the Board was then dissolved by the President, and a new Board was elected. For the first time in our history there were more willing aspirants for office than positions and the membership voted for a third Director at Large Position, which was filled by young Dominique Nash class 85 (son of Gary Nash). The other new member to the Board was Fred Russell, Liaison Director class 76.

Under Other Business - Neil commented that Robbie and Heather had done a fantastic job representing the Association at numerous functions during his tenure; this went way beyond the call of duty and they should to be congratulated for this. The membership responded with a standing ovation.

President Danny in taking office thanked everyone for their support and noted that with the finances and profile of the Association being in check, his focus would be to maintain the status of these and concentrate on the building of the Endowment Fund, which Ray Chang was spearheading.

For full make up of Board see page 1 and our website: www.stgctoronto.com.                                                                                                                       

 Chris Chin




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