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Good & True ...issue# 44... November, 2005

President's Message

Robbie Vernon

The success of our Toronto soccer team in winning and bringing the coveted Deltana soccer trophy from the Miami to Toronto has brought much rejoicing to the Ontario camp. (see Sports Korner).

            The Miami tour was a great success, and not just because we won, but more so due to the relationships we are building and strengthening with the Florida Georgians.

Growing stronger together is essential to the way forward and can only assist in increasing our zeal in helping StGC.

The warmth and hospitality of the Florida Boys was extraordinary.

Dennis and crew, we have a great challenge on our hands to not only win on the field in your Toronto visit next year, but to match as well the high quality entertainment and fellowship provided. Both we intend to do. Come see !!

It’s ours !”, a proud Milton Hart, Sports Director holding aloft Deltana Trophy before presentation to the Executive.

This camaraderie is not just with Dennis and the Florida Boys, but also with Bruce deSousa, and his Jamaica team with whom we also interact. This all augurs well for the exchange of ideas and fundraising for our beloved alma mater.

On Nov 2nd I telephoned Fr. Quinlan on this his 90th birthday. I don't think he was all that enamored by my vocal talents as I sang "Happy Birthday to you", but he laughed and we had a good chat. He handed me over to Fr. Larry O'Toole who was visiting him and it was good to touch base with two of the significant influencers of so many Georgian lives. (See In The News)

In our last issue we highlighted the launch of the Endowment Fund Campaign; the bold initiative to raise U.S. $5,000,000 will provide the capital to generate on-going income for the school. (See article Endowment Fund Campaign)

The school is doing their part. In July 2005, a 5 year Plan (Balanced Scorecard) was made public; it outlines targets to be met. These include all the areas of effective schooling: staff development, student achievement, student behaviour, capital improvements, community involvement, and excellence in academics and co-curricular activities.

All stakeholders are urged to take a look. The Plan can be viewed on StGC's website: stgc.org and log on to the homepage

St. George's College is making great strides and based on Discipline and the Academic reports they are already exceeding plan. There was a 20% increase in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) pass rate this year (See Message from The Principal).

At the school’s annual prize giving on November 4th, 42 students were honoured for successfully making it onto the school’s 'honour roll'. This was a dramatic increase from last year when only 11 made the honour roll.

A survey in November of corporate area high schools to ascertain how involved students were in voluntary work reported 500 students from StGC had signed up with the National Registry of Volunteers.

All were somewhat agog. How did a single high school come to provide 10 percent of Jamaica's officially registered volunteers? A close look was taken at St. George's College and it is no surprise to us that at this Jesuit Catholic school, service to others is a core part of the educational process. Voluntary services is in fact compulsory for fifth and sixth formers.

The campus minister, Rohan Tulloch S.J. ensures that all students do at least 15 hours of community service per year; others may do up to 150 hours, towards gaining international scholarships.

At the end of the year each student has to write a paper on how they saw Christ in their service and how they think the experience has improved them as young persons.

The Jesuit tradition continues. Toronto, New York, Paris and other major cities are all facing problems of disenchanted/disillusioned youth, particularly males.  The easy surrender to a gun and drug culture sets challenges for a rethink of what we need to do to change this around and restore some hope for a future in which they are active participants.

Jamaica has not escaped this. StGC sits on a 30 acre campus in the heart of downtown Kingston, with a very qualified staff, many of whom are graduate trained, some with Master's degrees. It has a 155 year history of achievement. It has in Dr. Fred Kennedy, a Principal who has demonstrated leadership of the kind necessary to grasp today’s realities of the school and has a vision to garner support from the major stakeholders and help recreate the culture of excellence.

The school has become a sort of oasis in Kingston, fostering community outreach projects for its students, many of whom come from the area; and providing the sort of  leadership training that will produce citizens of character and integrity for tomorrow’s Jamaica.

We now need to do our part to ensure that future generations can benefit, as we have, from the Jesuit learning experience.

Pax Christi                                                          Robbie Vernon





St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #44 


In The News

Chris Chin


Greetings fellow Georgians and Friends!

            Since our last newsletter, the Georgian Family has been blazing with news all around.

Our beloved Treasurer, Ray Chang was the recipient of this year's Monsignor Gladstone Wilson Award for Excellence in recognition of his unending contributions to society and the school in particular. Joining him this year was Dr. Aggrey Irons, psychiatrist and musician who I remember quite vividly, was the keynote speaker at my graduation ceremony back in '76. Many thanks to them both and heartiest congratulations!

Dr. Ray Chang

Dr. Aggrey Irons

More kudos to Ray too, being honoured by the Ryerson University with an honorary degree bestowed on him on November 3rd. Ray continues to provide his unselfish support to education both locally here in Toronto and in Jamaica with St George's. Well deserved Ray, couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Congrats too to Trisha Chang, daughter of Herman (Class of '68) and Jean upon being awarded the British Chevening Scholarship to study for a Master's Degree in International Relations at St. Andrew's University in Scotland. Trisha recently completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Media, Information and Technoculture at the University of Western Ontario. She started her Master's program in September 2005.

Dr. M. Parris

Trisha Chang

More congratulations, this time to Prof. Anthony Chen and Dr. M Parris Lyew-Ayee.

Prof. Chen was awarded a Silver Musgrave Medal for his work in Climatic Studies. Prof Chen graduated from St George's in 1955.

Dr. Lyew-Ayee was awared the Youth Musgrave Medal for his achievements in the field of science. Dr. Lyew-Ayee was awarded the Prime Minister's Youth Award for Academic Excellence in 2004 and is a Principal Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Consultant at Mona Informatix Limited. Dr. Lyew-Ayee graduated in 1996.

            The Musgrave medals were first awarded in 1897 as a lasting tribute and memorial to former Governor of Jamaica and Founder of the Institute of Jamaica, Sir Anthony Musgrave. Founded in 1879, The Institute of Jamaica is a cultural agency of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture (MOEYC), operating under the mandate “For the Encouragement of Literature, Science and Art in Jamaica.”  

Get well wishes and prayers for Msgr. Mock Yen, who remains ill in Miami, and good to see Paul Bunting up and about after recent surgery.


Since our last newsletter we were all saddened by the loss of Herbie Phillips Jnr's dad on Sept 20th; Richard Chin’s wife Pat on October 6th, and Fulford Chin Choy's dad on Nov 14th.

Bon Voyage

Charles Young, Michael Charley, Danny HoLung, Vivia Betton, Richard Saunders

StGC executives bid Consul General farewell. Members of StGCOBA (Ont. Chapter) visited Vivia Betton at the Jamaican Consulate to show their gratitude for her dedication and support to the Jamaican community. Vivia Betton served as the Consul General in Toronto for the past three years. She always made herself available to the community and was seen at our annual summer ball having a good time. Vivia has been a diplomat for the past 33 years and served in New York, Geneva Switzerland and Germany.

She was always appreciative of our support which included providing 100 tarpaulins for the hurricane relief, and assisting with a delegate for the Diaspora conference in Jamaica.

A graduate of Holy Childhood high school in Jamaica and McGill University in Montreal, she earned a degree in Sociology and Political science. On behalf of the entire StGC family we would like to thank Vivia for her hard work and for representing Jamaica with pride, gratitude, generosity of spirit and passion. We wish her well in her future endeavours.

Warren & Kerry Ann Hoo Fung

Dimitri & Diana Haddad

Wedding Bells

On July 16, Kerry Ann, daughter of our ever faithful supporter Carl Chang and Paula, got married to Warren Hoo Fung, son of Sydney and Evaline Hoo Fung

Then on August 12th former StGC Ontario scholarship winner Dimitri Haddad, son of Dr. Derrick & Lisbeth Haddad tied the knot  with Diana Plotnik of Stratford, Ontario.  Dimitri is following in his dad’s footsteps in the medical field and is in the final year of  his orthopaedic residency in Ottawa.

Since our last newsletter we also had Rebecca Chin, daughter of Rudy and Eunice Chin exchanging vows with Roger Yap, son of Cecil and VivianYap.

6th Form now coed

StGC welcomed its first batch of female students this year when 42 young ladies started attending classes in its sixth form. According to Dr. Fred Kennedy, headmaster, the move to include the young ladies followed an expansion of the school's sixth form to take advantage of a proposal from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture, that suggested that sixth forms could begin to offer associate degrees allowing students to accumulate credits for tertiary educational institutions. The school now has 156 sixth formers, double its original number.

L-R: John, Chris, Charmaine, Michael and Anita in front

Thanksgiving Visit

Had a visit from old boy Michael Wong (Class of '76) who dropped in over the Thanksgiving Weekend. Michael now lives in Vancouver and is a Database Marketing Specialist with Telus. Seen here in photo is Michael (far right) and sister Anita (Alpha Alumna) with secretary Chris Chin and wife, Charmaine. Anita's husband, John is at left.


It was a banner year for the StGC sponsored Soccer Club. Led by Sports Director, Milton Hart, the StGC team successfully defended their title in the St. Michael Outdoor Soccer League. The team then went on to bring home the coveted Deltana trophy donated by Philip Wong in their rematch with the Florida Old Boys on October 8th. Congrats to Milton and the team on an excellent season. (See Milton’s report in this issue on this spectacular soccer team.) The generous support of Georgian Tony Sani, helped make possible the Florida soccer tour. Tony was our special guest at our executive meeting on Nov.11 when the Deltana trophy was presented to the board by Sports Director Milton Hart.

Ontario Directors.  L-R- Danny Holung, Robbie Vernon, Tyrone Holbrooke, Michael Charley,Neil Dalhouse, Tony Sani, sponsor, Milton Hart, Chris Chin, Charles Young, Richard Saunders


L-R: Robbie & Heather Vernon, Dennis & Donna Barnett,
 Patsy & Dennis Chung

All Aboard

Florida President Dennis Barnett and his lovely wife Donna, entertaining Robbie & Heather Vernon and Dennis & Patsy Chung.

This was a sumptuous luncheon affair on a luxury cruise liner in the Ft. Lauderdale harbour. Coupling this with the lavish dinner party put on by Dennis and Patsy Chung for the visiting Toronto soccer players and supporters the Thursday before; President Robbie admitted guilt pangs in running away with the trophy.


At Toronto airport President Robbie and directors Neil Dalhouse and Michael Charley greeted visiting Georgian Senator Dwight Nelson, and famous Jamaican singer Boris Gardner who linked up with Fab 5 in our entertainment package for our sold out Summer ball.

Airport welcome-Boris Gardner, Michael Charley, Neil Dalhouse, Senator Dwight Nelson, Robbie Vernon


To the Rescue

Marc Charley



Hurricane Katrina brought its woes to Mississippi, and Michael Buski Charley's nephew Marc (Dennis's son) was a key part of the Air Canada rescue mission. Marc Charley is a Ground Handling Load Manager and was the only one in his category selected by Air Canada from 300 at the Toronto airport location. His duties included inspecting the Jumbos and he once stopped one on the runway and ordered it back for further inspections. Marc was also on the World Vision/Air Canada Guatemala mission after the devastating earthquake there.



Georgians Out in Support of United Ostomy Association of Canada  Charity Golf

            The association puts on this annual golf tournament and funds raised assist  persons with gastrointestinal or urinary diversions by providing emotional support, experienced and practical help, instructional and informational services through its membership, to the family unit, associated caregivers and the general public. Since the first Tournament four years ago drawing on Michael Charley and Neil Dalhouse and Herb Phillips as marshals, other Georgians have gone out in support.

Trevor Summers, Michael Charley, Michael & Patrick Haddad, Herb Phillipps Jr. & Donald Barnett at United Ostomy of Canada Charity Golf Tournament


A young Fr. Leo Quinlan


It’s getting  lonely at the Jesuit Retirement Centre in Weston 

Many of us remember our 1999 visit to the centre; the mass and visit to the cemetery in 1999. Robbie Vernon remembers sleeping in the room at Weston, which Fr. Quinlan said was his when he was beadle in the dorm.  Many have gone to rest since then, including lately Fr. McCluskey. This leaves not many of the Jamaica St.G.C Jesuits, but Fr. Q is still there and celebrated his 90th birthday on Nov 2nd. Many got in touch with him for his special day.

Some Good news

Grandpa's again Lloydie Chung, on Nov 15th with arrival of Ciara, daughter of Hilary & Waine Rowe.  Also Danny HoLung, with baby Hannah Lee, daughter of son Mario and Cindy.

Matthew, Louise & Geoffrey Dalhouse

Love in action


Sons Matthew and Geoffrey Dalhouse, giving their sweet mum Louise a kiss. Georgians know its not unmanly to show affection and, guys, the ladies love it. This was at the wedding in Calgary earlier this year of son Matthew.




The Dynamic Duo

Caught in action on the dance floor, President Elect Danny HoLung with wife Josie (JoJo) at the Alpha Dinner/dance on November 12th.  This marked the debut event for JoJo, Alpha's new president, and what a great start for her. Watch out for this husband and wife leadership team next year when Danny takes over as StGC President.

Michael Lee Chin with Heather Vernon left  & right  JoJo HoLung

How about that!


Great to see Michael Lee Chin, other noted fellow Jamaican entrepreneur and philanthropist at the reception celebrating with Ray Chang  his big day, November 3rd, when Ray received his honourary doctorate from Ryerson University. Here he is caught taking time out to meet the StGC first ladies; Heather and Josie, wives of President Robbie Vernon and Ist V.P and President elect Danny HoLung.



Master Chef Craig Wong

Cooking up a Storm

Craig Wong, son of Lipton and Shirley Wong, is a recent graduate of the renowned Institut Paul Bocuse culinary school in Lyon, France, where he has studied for the past two years. Craig has completed internships at three Michelin Star restaurants: Plaza Athénée Alain Ducasse, Paris, and The Fat Duck, London.  In June 2005, Craig entered and won the “Sardine Cooking Competition", which is restricted to French professional chefs and students. The contest was held at Les Trois Dômes Restaurant, in the Sofitel Bellecour Hotel, Lyon, where the contestants prepared their recipes before the judges and a live audience.   For the full story and winning recipe check out the news section of our website at: www.stgctoronto.com


Fr. Hosie in Town

Fr. Hosie, Ray Chang, Sister Mary Grace WeeTom, Peta Gaye Stuart, Dominic Nash.

On June 23rd, our beloved Fr.Hosie was on a brief visit to Toronto. Time enough for a visit and fellowship with the Toronto old boys at the home of Ray Chang. President Robbie paid tribute to Fr.Hosie reminding the group of his many visits to us; his quick response in our great hour of need in 1997 when our association sequestered themselves in a cottage in rural Ontario with him as moderator. Over the weekend we hammered out a strategy to deal with the executive fatigue and rotating musical chairs among the same directors. The retreat then in Colingwood would never be forgotten and it spurred us on with renewed vigor in a path that led us to where we are today. He also paid a pivotal role in our 1999 trip to the Jesuit centre in Weston. He was no doubt pleased to see we were attracting some younger old boys to our ranks.

Chris Chin

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