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Good & True ...issue# 42... Mar.,2005

President's Message

Robbie Vernon

We start the New Year with a new web site: www.stgctoronto.com. Check us out and see what our chapter in Ontario is all about and how it goes about keeping you abreast on what’s happening with the school and with and among Georgians in Jamaica and abroad.

My thanks to Michael (Buski) Charley for the tremendous work here on a site that we can truly be proud of.

In this issue we continue to highlight the activities of Georgians worldwide to hold them up as examples of what can be attained.

There has been negative publicity about the school recently and centering on academic performance and discipline.

We on the board in Ontario have grown beyond the nostalgia of the so called glory years and have learned to face the realities of Jamaica and the school as it is today; the behind the school lives of most of its students, which impacts upon performance and discipline and what the molders of policy and planning have to deal with in mapping out a chart for the school to progress on.

It's like the garden of Eden: we cannot go back- the only way is forward via the cross and through dint of hard work and discipline reaching a determined goal.

That goal has to include amidst the pursuit of athletic and academic excellence, moral values in keeping with our motto "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam", for everything ought to be done for the Greater Glory of God.

I know that's a challenge, given the undermining of family life and moral values generally and this is not peculiar to St.George’s or indeed Jamaica. It's a challenge also because of the paucity now of religious (Jesuit) labourers in the vineyard. But, we old boys are there and must step in to help bridge the gap.

But there is good news. There is a new man at the helm with passion, vision and stamina.

We on the board are solidly behind the new principal, Dr Fred Kennedy and endorse and support his initiatives at the school. I urge all to read carefully Fred's article in this issue and see what's being done at the school and why our support is needed more than ever to back a bold and courageous initiative that requires the support and buy in of all the stakeholders.  That includes you and me. As he says "all the markings are there for re establishing the glory of St.George's College. There can be no excuses and we should accept none".

So say I.

In addition to our financial help, our more frequent physical presence at the school in some sort of mentoring programme/role would I feel be of much help.

I wish we could do more of this from abroad. We welcomed the opportunity for our executives to meet with the visiting StGC basketball team members to rap with them on a one-on-one basis over a meal.

They were separated and placed strategically in two's on tables with a member of our executive on each. This was to facilitate an exchange of ideas.

It took a while but they warmed up, relaxed and expressed themselves.

"Oh you wouldn't know there" said one youngster to Ray Chang when asked where he was from. Was he ever surprised to find out that Ray was just as familiar with his inner city Kingston location as he was when told about buildings and people and places there.

I could see him thinking "Dis chineyman know bout wi."

I am sure some left the evening with changed impressions and realized after the rap sessions that the trappings of success surrounding many on the executive was not always there and at some point there was a beginning and underneath it all, a Georgian they could identify with.

Georgian Conrad Lowe and family meeting
 HM Queen Elizabeth II (see Happenings)

As Ray told the group "once a Georgian, always a Georgian, Once a Jamaican always a Jamaican."

I was informed by their host family that they stayed up most of the night talking about the evening (see story page 9) Hopefully they could envisage themselves in a progression role as they were urged to use their talents to maximize their growth opportunities. I urge you as well to support our various endeavours. Come out to our AGM on Sunday April 3rd (it’s not an election year). Our family dinner on May 14th has prices set for a break-even scenario. It’s for the family and we encourage you to attend. Listen to Fred Kennedy who will address us then. But most of all come out and support our one big fund raiser, our annual Summer Ball on Friday, July 29th this year with Fab 5. It sold out last year and we want to do the same again so that Fred and the school can have the backing it desperately needs. Treat this as you would a New Year’s Eve bash, a once-a-year big event and save for it if necessary. While we know we attract a lot of people who know little about our school and have come for years out of pure enjoyment, we would like to see a great turn out of Georgians as well. It's our one chance to do something big for the school and have the guaranteed enjoyment and camaraderie as a brawta.  You will meet a cadre of Jamaica and USA old boys as well - People you may not have seen in ages. Think about that.

My good wishes to you and your family for the new year. Pax Christi

Robbie Vernon





St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #42 



Robbie Vernon

Whatever happened to......

CONRAD LOWE in  England

Some of you may have been wondering what ever happened to Connie. Neil Dalhouse, a classmate of his, hadn't seen or heard from him for over 40 years, until January 2005 when he stopped into Toronto for a few days to visit his mother. He advised Neil that as a youngster, he traveled all over the world... alone... just because he wanted to do so and could.

 He has been living in Wales with his beautiful wife Mona and adorable 7-year-old daughter Gigi. Mona is currentlyA completing her masters in TraAnslation (English to Chinese) at the University of Wales, while Gigi is going to a private school in Swansea. (All you businessmen doing business with China who need documents translated, now you know where to go, right?).

Mona, Gigi & Conrad Lowe

 Connie is currently the Site Finance Manager of a huge power plant in Wales. He went to Wales when the plant site was just a big hole in the ground, and worked with them all through its construction. In October 2004, there was a huge inauguration event for the opening of this energy-generating complex, and members of the staff and their families were invited to attend and meet the Queen.

In the photo shown, Connie and family are seen chatting with Her Majesty.

When you stop and think about it, St. George's College certainly churned out a mass of top-notch professionals that have excelled in just about every industry, all over the world.

So what's next? Does anyone know if a Georgian has made it to the moon yet?

Pres.Elect Danny HoLung left with fellow Georgians rounded up for farewell for Ray

Standing L-R Danny, Hector Hoo Fatt, CliveYapSam(Elvis), Arthur Yap, AdrianLee, Phillip Young, Calvin (Sugar) Chong, Robbie Vernon, Ray Lodenquai, Deacon Patrick Chang, Stanley Chin, Don Barnett, David Lee, Lipton Wong, Percy Lowe Ching. Kneeling L-R Aston Wong, Errol Williams, Patrick Lee, Paul Chen, Derrick Potopsingh, Herman  Chang & Nelson “Speedy” Tait

Our man in China

Ray Lodenquai, has now taken up a senior post as Regional Technical Director, Industrial Foods, Asia for Shanghai McCormick Foods Co Ltd.

Bwoy, You can't stop these Georgians at all.

Ray now has responsibility not only for China but Australia as well, and has moved with Bev into their lovely new home in Shanghai, and is expecting a lot of Toronto visitors

Pres. Elect Danny HoLung organized a gathering of Georgians to say a final farewell to Ray and Bev at the annual Christmas party of the Tsung Tsin Assoc, where they will be surely missed. 

Our men in Jamaica

Attorney-at-law, Benito F. Palomino, has been appointed to the board of Mayberry Investments Limited, effective Friday, December 8, 2004.

In making the announcement, Mayberry's executive chairman & CEO Christopher Berry said that Mr. Palomino's appointment is the first of the company's non-executive directors to be named, as Mayberry gears up for launching its Public listing next year. Both Christopher Berry & Benito Palomino are Georgians.

Parris Lyew Ayee Jr. PhD

Georgian Dr. Parris Lyew Ayee Jr, at twenty-three years old is perhaps the youngest scientist in Jamaica. Parris was a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Young Achiever's Award.

In August 2004 he received his PhD from Oxford University in England, completing a four to five year course in an amazing two and a half years. His doctorate is in Karst Geomorphology and Geographic Information Systems.

While at Oxford he got involved with NASA and the Mars mission and an analytical system developed by him is now being used to match data from Mars to actual rock samples on Earth for differences or similarities.


Florida Businessman:
Dennis Chin

Our man In Florida

Dennis Chin, classmate of Danny HoLung, was recently named 2004 Honoree for Excellence in accountancy for South Florida. Dennis graduated from St.George’s in 1973 and has a bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Florida International University. He is well known in the South Florida business community.


Jamaican Delegation Makes Historic Visit to Ryerson University's G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education

Our Treasurer Ray Chang continues to explore avenues in more than just a monetary sense to assist not only St. George’s College but also his homeland, Jamaica.

Ray Chang explores avenues to help JA.

In Toronto on January 18th were high-ranking representatives from the University of Technology (utech), for two days of meetings with their counterparts at Ryerson University and its G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education. The purpose of the visit was to explore ways the organizations can work together to provide enhanced learning opportunities for people in both countries.

The visiting utech representatives were Dr. Rae A Davis, President; Dr. Jeanette Bartley, Associate Vice President, Continuing Education, Open and Distance Learning and Mr. George Roper, Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs.

At a small luncheon for the group hosted by Ray which included fellow Georgians Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong and President Robbie Vernon, Ray outlined his belief in education as the tool for empowerment and his job was to bring the groups together and leave it to them to see how best they can work to the benefit of both countries.

"I am deeply committed to bridging the worlds of education and work," said Ray, "This partnership between two similar institutions has the potential to benefit learners and employers in both countries."

Special guest was Hon. Mary Ann Chambers, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities in the Ontario Government (ICHS Alumna)

Ryerson University's G.Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is located in downtown Toronto and is Canada's foremost provider of university- based adult education with more than 60,000 enrolments in over 1000 courses and over 65 career-related certificate programs.

The University of Technology (utech) formerly CAST was accorded University status in 1995. It is located in Kingston, Jamaica and serves over 6000 students offering over 100 programs at the certificate, diploma & degree level..

Ray, keep up the good works.  StGC and Jamaica needs you.

Congratulations to grandpa Michael Buski Charley. To much joy Aramis was born to his daughter Nadia on November 17th. Buski says Aramis is definitely a Charley, Why? according to him, because he is good looking like his grandpa. Nadia says he's good-looking like his pa Jerry. All are fine and Michael and Beba just in 7th heaven.

A Loving Tara & Mike Alexander

Also beaming is Don Barnett whose lovely daughter Tara got married to Mike Alexander on a bright, sunny Nov 6th day. Hearty congratulations to Don B and Jennifer.

Joining the ranks of the retired was Alex HoShue in December 2004. Alex is brushing up his fishing gear, although Ethlyn may have other plans for him. Alex can now go all out with his involvement the Tsung Tsin Assoc.

Great to see that Ray Jackson, one of the foundation members of our chapter is recovering well from surgery. Ray has been in our prayers for a while.

Since our last newsletter we mourned with Georgian senator Dwight Nelson the tragic loss of his son. Our condolences also to the family of Christopher Chang who passed away recently. Christopher is the brother of Robert and Ernest. Our prayers go out to Chris Cheong and Phillip Young on the passing of Dalton Young. Dalton was Phillip’s brother and Chris's uncle and also a relative of Charles Young. Our love and support also to Frank Watkins on the death of his sister in law.

Our thanks to Pat Ferguson (UncleP) who with his Care Committee keeps in touch with the relatives of deceased Georgians (cards) and occasionally visits, as well,  those sick and desirous of  some cheer and moral  support.

Keith Noad, Siddy Bartlett & son Craig Bartlett

Georgian Keith Noad & Friends honour  Syd Bartlett in New York

Ever popular Georgian Keith Noad flew from Florida to New York on the invitation of a cadre of close associates headed by professor Basil Wilson, outstanding Kingston College graduate and a group of famous past national Jamaican footballers to honour the legendary Sydney Bartlett at a function at the Cardinal Cooke Nursing home in New York. Many other Georgians attended including Lascelles (Muggy) Graham, Walter (Blabba) Campbell, Aubrey Lowe and Patrick Smith.

The occasion was to mark the presentation of a plaque to Siddy Bartlett by Keith Noad on behalf of the group, honouring him as the national footballer of the decade of the 1960's. This was the result of an opinion poll conducted by the Jamaica Football Federation. The young Bartlett was not only an outstanding player on the national team, but was one of four Jamaicans representing the only all Caribbean Regional Team playing in England. He also played for the New York Generals in the pro-league from 1967. Off the field he was a quiet well-mannered gentleman.

The Syd Bartlett league, one of the developmental programs for corporate area youths in Jamaica, is named in his honour.

Among the invitees were  Basil Wilson, Winston Chong Fah, Henry Largie, Oscar Black, Owen Parker, Ronnie Esterine, Sam McDonald, Michael Levy, Paul Thomas, Jack Hollingshead, Professor Glen Mitchell, and Sydney's son Craig, who flew in from Atlanta.

It was a wonderful occasion enjoyed by all.

Membership Director, Charles Young, Carol Wong & Keith Lowe
 at the Photo Exibition, "Chinese in Jamaica 1854-2004"

Photo Exhibition: The Chinese in Jamaica 1854-2004

This exhibition put on by Georgian Patrick Lee on Wednesday, December 29th, marked the opening of the 2004 Hakka Conference. It was held at the Chinese Cultural Center in Scarborough. A remarkable display indeed and saw a huge gathering including numerous Georgians. Prominent in the group and assisting in the function was Dr. Keith Lowe and our membership director Charles Young

Da Kink In My Hair

Catch Rachel-Lea Rickards, daughter of our founding president Peter Rickards in this exciting show at the Mirvish "Prince of Wales" theatre. The show has been extended to March 26th. Everywhere it has played it has broken box office records and attracted diverse audiences and loud acclaim.

Know these guys?

The younger basketball Old Boys dressed up
L-R Derrick Wilson, Richard Saunders, Garnet Wilson, Michael Hanson , Shaun Wilson

Left to right Derrick Wilson, Richard Saunders, Garnet Wilson, Michael Hanson and Shaun Wilson. They are a part of a group of young ex Georgian basketball players from the States and Canada going to Jamaica in February for some friendlies with other Jamaican old boy basketballers and against the school team. They will be taking some equipment for the players as well.

Shaun and Richard are members of our Ontario chapter.

Robbie Vernon

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