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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 40... June, 2004

President's Message

Robbie Vernon

What a pleasure it is to take over a chapter with such a vibrant, highly enthused and talented board of Directors. The challenge is on for me to serve and shepherd well, and promote St. George's College and its causes wherever possible.

            With the help of directors like Ray Chang and Neil Dalhouse in particular, I have been making use of the occasions and seizing opportunities presented to make myself visible at functions where it was felt my presence as President of our chapter could help further our association's aims and objectives.

I would urge the other directors, who are all stand-out members in the Toronto Jamaican community to do likewise and be proud to identify the StGC affiliation in your socializing.

Through the efforts of previous executives, our association is held in high regard in Ontario and it is our duty to ensure this not only remains so but is enhanced wherever possible. This will only help us and the causes we espouse.

My thanks to our outgoing executives Stan Chin and Eddie Chin. You will be surely missed on the board.

Don B, as president you are a tough act to follow. Your tenure at the helm has resulted in a fiscally strong chapter and opened up means for

further assistance to the school and our other causes.

A special welcome to the new members of the board Charles Young, Fen Chang, Patrick Haddad, John Flynn, Garfield Chong and Tyrone Hollbrooke. This is a first in our 20 year history that we are blessed with so much new blood on the executive and with the youthful new faces the lessening of the average age on our board augurs well for our future.

To read the press recently you would never realize there is so much good coming out of St.George's. The successes of its sports programmes and moreso its overseas scholars ( See Jamaica Section & My Views)

is a shining light to other students, many from impoverished and

dysfunctional backgrounds.

These students must carve a path out of a Dante's Inferno of difficulties to achieve a modicum of success. Very different times from the 50/60s.

Fr Dziak, your achievements here in opening up the Jesuits scholarships to these youngsters have borne fruit, and you will be surely missed.

We in Ontario have enjoyed a splendid working relationship with you and your early  visit with us certainly set a stamp on the sort of cooperation that was possible. We wish you every success in your next

endeavor and we look forward as well to this quality relationship continuing with your successor.

L-R: Robbie Vernon, President of StGCOBA, the Honourable P.J. Patterson,
Prime Minister of Jamaica & Claude Lajeunesse, President of Ryerson University.

How privileged we were in celebrating our 20th anniversary in Ontario to have a special visit from the newly installed Archbishop of Kingston Jamaica, the Most Rev. Lawrence Burke S.J, who was chief celebrant at our annual Mass and guest speaker at our family dinner on May 8th.

Special thanks to Ray Chang for hosting at his home a special

separate reception for the archbishop. This allowed Archbishop Burke to meet and exchange ideas on an informal basis with the newly elected board.

Impressions gained of this outstanding Georgian: bold, forthright, and as we poured out our concerns about our/his Alma  Mater, one sensed the commonality of interest and shared fervor for the school.

Congratulations to Dennis Barnett and the Florida boys on the highly successful inaugaural ball in Fort Lauderdale on May 22. (Florida Section). With Dennis now at the helm of the newly-formed Florida chapter, we look forward to great things for the school, which can now draw  on the collective strengths of the Jamaica, Florida and Ontario chapters.

St. George's College has equipped many of us well to succeed and prosper in the international marketplace. The school needs our help now and this is a call for more of us to step up boldly to the plate and give back to the Alma Mater.

God  bless you all.



St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #40 



Robbie Vernon

Our Prayers go out to all the deceased Georgians and their relatives.

Since our last newsletter we got news of the passing of Terence Stiebel.

John Chen, same class as our director Patrick Haddad, lost his mom Hazel Chen, who herself was the aunt of our Treasurer Ray Chang. Ray had a double whammy of losses as his beloved mom just passed away in Jamaica. Also losing his mother in Florida was Ronnie Fung.

We share with the Hitchins family and in particular our

former president Peter, the tragic death of his brother Richard. Richard was shot and killed in Jamaica on May 30th. He was a contemporary of our executive members Don Barnett, Lloyd Chung, Buski and myself.

Still bad news out of Jamaica as Clinton Cates, classmate of our Shaun Wilson from Kitchener Ontario, also suffered a

similar fate recently.

Just learned as well of the brutal murder of Brian Williamson in his home in Jamaica.

Brian Williamson

Severely shaken are his Georgian brothers Gary in Calgary and Colin in the States. Colin I saw, for the first time in over 40 years, at the StGC Florida Chapter's inaugural Ball on May 22 in Fort Lauderdale. (see photo). Gary was with us at the historic visit to the Jesuit retirement Centre in Weston, Mass. in 1999. He has been a great help to our chapter, providing us with free webhosting for our StGC Ontario web. All three brothers were strong supporters of Holy Cross Parish  in Half Way Tree. Good & True obtained this happy photo of Brian taken just 3-4 days before his tragic death.

Our condolences to the family of David Phillips, former President of the Jamaica College Old Boys Association Toronto chapter. David died peacefully after a year long battle with cancer. He along with his JC compatriots were strong supporters of our events.

Tara Barnett and Mike MacPherson

            Here is some good news to share. Don and Jennifer Barnett announced the engagement of lovely Tara to Mike MacPherson. Congrats to all !

            Georgian grandfathers are popping up everywhere; sign of advancing years. ‘Tis good to see life renewing itself and reflections of ourselves in the offspring of our young.

            Congratulations to Johnny & Regina Chavannes on the birth of their granddaughter Candice; Lloyd and Celina on their  granddaughter Cheyene, born on March 12th.

I see shades of Lloyd in the lovely photo.

Baby Cheyenne Rowe,
(dead stamp a Lloydie)

Herb Phillipps & granddaughter

Congrats as well to Paul & Ruby Chen and their  two grandsons Jayden and Ethan and to Herbie Phillips on the birth of his granddaughter Eva Mayte in Montreal. Can't stop the smile over Michael Buski Charley's face when he announced that daughter Nadia and spouse Jerry were expecting their first child, due in November. Even reminding him that this would make him a grandfather and that that meant he was getting on, didn't remove the smile.

Herbert Wilkins in California has always been a strong supporter of StGC and we share with our members the joy so evident on his face as he admires his twin granddaughters Sarah Ann and Hannah Grace.   




Herbert Wilkins & twin granddaughters

Well it's not every day that we have one of our executives getting married, so May 29 was very special for us and many joined Milton Hart, our energetic Sports Director and Novelette Graham as they tied the knot. I knew it! They met at the domino table and from all accounts Novelette has been winning ever since. Many a Georgian has suffered under her domino hand. So in conquering Novelette, Milty has not only obtained a charming and beautiful wife, but has secured an indomitable domino partner. Crafty! Now he's pleased as punch.

    They have both been tremendous StGC supporters .

Milton Hart, pleased as punch, weds Novelette Graham

    Ray Chang hosted a private luncheon for Jamaican Prime Minister P J Patterson and his entourage, who were up for the big launch of the return of Air Jamaica to Toronto. In this small intimate setting, this presented an excellent opportunity for his other Georgian guests Dr Herbert Ho Ping Kong and myself to network with the group, which included along with the Prime Minister and his entourage, His Excellency Carl Marshall, Jamaica’s High Commissioner for Canada and his wife Eileen, the Consul General for Toronto Vivia Betton, the President of Ryerson University, Claude Lajeunesse and the Chairman and CEO of the Bank of Nova Scotia, Rick Waugh. You just know that St. George’s College was included in the conversation menu.   Ray, thanks for the opportunity presented for us to talk about our school.

Bridegroom Milton(right) with Celina Chung, Charmaine & Chris Chin, Stanley Chin,
 Buskie Charley, Robbie Vernon, Pat Ferguson, Derrick Melvin.

As your President I also attended the Mississauga Badminton Club’s Ball on May 3, and the Skymark Club’s Ball on May17. As both these are replete with Georgians, incuding Herman Chang, Chris Chin, and  Eddie Chin (whose daughter, Juliana wedded Kevin Smith). At Skymark the opportunity was taken to promote our Summer ball and distribute flyers. You should have seen Ray Chang and Don Barnett at the Badminton Club event circulating the hall giving out our Summer Ball flyers. These were all joyous events with many Georgians and their wives in attendance: Should have seen as well Patrick and Sheila Haddad and Chris and Charmaine Chin in action on the dance floor.

L-R: Doreen Frankson, Pres. Ja.Manufacturers Assoc., Hon. P.J. Patterson,
Jamaica Prime Minister, Andrew & Ray Chang, Rick waugh, Chairman & CEO, Scotia Bank.

I was invited by the Toronto Consul General Vivia Betton to the official press launch on May 27th of Georgian Fr. Richard Ho Lung's  Jesus 2000 Concert to take place in Toronto on May 29th & 30th.  In this prelude to the big event it was good to talk to Fr. Holung, who was open about the strong and positive influence of the Jesuits and St.George's College on his life. He is a remarkable man and indeed on a mission for the poor, providing care for the least among us, not only in Jamaica but in The Philipines, India, Africa, and  Haiti. His Holiness Pope John Paul 11 came in 1993 to see Fr. Ho Lung’s work when he graced the ghettos of Kingston. Not many know that this is the only religious order of its kind coming out of the West Indies. Think on it, the poor doing so much for the poor. There are many things to be proud about concerning Jamaica  and this is one of them. The first world- Britain, the USA,Canada should stand up, take note and emulate the work done by this outstanding Georgian.

Beautiful Juliana daughter of Eddie & Sworney Chin & husband Kevin Smith on May 18.

Fr. Richard Ho Lung & Robbie

Many Georgians took in the the highly successful  Gala Ball in Toronto on March 13th, part of the Jamaica Chinese Sesquicentennial celebrations. The ten course meal was a culinary delight and the music with Victor Shim and his band and the Lee Bros four, kept the dance floor packed. Who can forget the magic fingers of Georgian Phil Chen on the guitar and the impromptu coupling with our own Miss Lou for some real Jamaican music. The whole event was a magical feast of colour and pageantry with traditional  Chinese dragon dances.   Proceeds were in aid of the Chinese cemetery and Chinese Home for the Aged in Jamaica.

Jamaica's favourite lady - Luise Bennett Coverley (Miss Lou)
 and musical icon guitarist Georgian Phil Chen who played with
 Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Johnny Nash & Rod Stewart.


     Great to see Lipton and Shirley Wong on May 2nd joining other concert goers including proud parents Dr Gillie & Adrienne Aarons at their son Andrews solo performance with the York Symphony orchestra. The featured work was Gershwin's Concerto in F.

Good and True has been following Andrew's career over the years and this very talented young man has won numerous awards over the years and has studied with renowned pianists Marc Durand and Andre Laplante. Look out for him to go places.

 Robbie Vernon

Keith Lowe, Patrick Lee, Yvonne Lew, Mary Lai, Roger Chen, Rose Chin, Loraine Lee,
 Pat Lue, Carol Wong & Albert Lim Shue drink a toast at the Sesquicentennial

Ray greets Robbie at the Sesqui Ball

Danny & Jojo Ho Lung at Sesqui Ball

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