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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 39...Feb. 2004

President's Message

Donald Barnett

It has been a privilege to serve as your president for the last two years.   I am most grateful for the support given me by my executive as well as from you my fellow alumni.  You have stepped forward with tremendous financial strides and our financial position is now poised to take on more challenges as are deemed necessary by our Chapter.  We now have more options to effectively support our alma mater in tune with the school's strategies.  It has been a pleasure dealing with Fr. Dziak, the lone Jesuit, who continues to advance the Georgian spirit implicit in the aims and objectives of our Chapter here in Ontario.

Please bear with me as I bring you up to date from the last newsletter.  Our Executive after many grueling hours, put the finishing touches to our Operations manual, a handbook designed to encompass the Chapter's bylaws, job description for each executive member and appendices with detailed instructions for our various events.  This Handbook will be passed from executive to executive allowing new members to quickly acclimatize themselves to the nature of the Board of Directors. 

We held our Fall dance jointly with Alpha and I am happy to report that it was a roaring success.  It was a pleasure doing business with these beautiful ladies. 

In regard to our collection effort, the results were outstanding in more ways than one.  Not only did we connect with a good many members who responded positively with a good proportion of subscriptions and donations but also our database has been updated with new and more accurate information.  This will help to alleviate returned mail and the relative cost thereof.  This effort has certainly enhanced our treasury.  One of the suggestions that came out the collection project was the need to allow for credit card payments.  Many of our members felt that it would be so much easier to pay subscription/donation by credit card over the Internet.  This is now in place.  Instructions can be found elsewhere in this edition. 

We now look forward to our Family dinner scheduled for May 8th with the Very Reverend Archbishop Larry Burke as our guest speaker.  Our summer Ball will feature not one but two (2) bands: Byron Lee & D and The Fab 5 scheduled for July 30th.   You are forewarned to block off those dates. Our friends down south in Florida have set the date of Saturday May 22 for their big fundraising ball. This will be in Ft. Lauderdale with Fab 5 (see events page 6). This executive is in the process of organizing recreational activities on Tuesday nights for StGCOB Toronto.  You will be advised as details become available.

L-R.: Georgians, Michael (Buski) Charley, Robbie Vernon, Neil Dalhouse,
 Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong, Ray Chang, Dr. Louis Lee at a reception celebrating
 the naming of the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education

In conclusion, I feel satisfied that my objectives, which I was determined to achieve as your President, have been completed.  This would have been impossible without the tremendous support of my executive.  At the beginning of my term as President, I realized that our Treasury was in a deficit position.  My immediate concern and resolve was to put our Association back into a financially healthy state.  I am happy to report that this has been achieved and handsomely so.  Our Treasurer will elaborate at our AGM to be held on March 28th, 2004.  The other concern was the absence of younger Old Boys in the Ontario Chapter…new blood.  We have now in place, a winning soccer team that will hopefully attract the younger members to become our future leaders.  I am optimistic for my school back home.  I dream of a renewal of the Jesuit pride.  I dream of a return of academic excellence…the rebirth of the dominance of Jamaican scholars.  I dream of Manning Cup fever when the boys of the White and Blue will reign supreme again.  I dream that Old Boys will elect to send their sons to their beloved school.  I dream of the return of the Glory years at StGC.  I pray that all these dreams will come true.  Let's all work to achieve these dreams.  Laus Deo Semper!!!

Don Barnett



St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #39 



Robbie Vernon

Our prayers go out for the deceased Georgians and their relatives.

To Barry Chin Fook, who lost his brother Cons Chin Fook, Gus Deleon who passed away in Jamaica. Fr Jules Wong, a Franciscan priest (graduate of 1959) also lost his beloved mother. Quite a number of Georgians including our president Don B and Robbie were there to support him at the funeral mass celebrated in her honour at St. Theresa Church in Scarborough.

Also heard from former president Bob Wills that his father-in-law (Carmelita's dad) passed away suddenly in Jamaica. Just got news as well of the tragic death of Georgian Howard Phillipps, cousin of our Herbie Phillipps. Howard, a graduate of Sandhurst military Academy in Britain, was well known in horseracing circles.

It is difficult to lose loved ones particularly over the Christmas Season. But at least the thought is there that someone is more fortunate than us in that they were actually spending Christmas with Jesus this year.

Neil, David Rudder & Michael

Congratulations to Michael (Buski) Charley and Neil Dalhouse, on the launch of their business  venture to showcase and highlight the best in West Indian culture to the Canadian audiences. They certainly succeeded in their goal to bring a touch of class to the promotion of our talent: This was so evident at their first show with the popular Trinidadian entertainer David Rudder on January 23rd at the John Bassett Center.

L-R: Guest speaker, Alan Tonks with wife Cecile & Loraine & Patrick Lee at book launch

Congratulations to Patrick Lee and his wife Loraine in their attempts to bring awareness of the Jamaican Chinese culture with the launch of their new book Jamaican Chinese Worldwide - One Family. This took place in Toronto on February 8th at  the Seneca College Conference Center. The book is timely as this year marks the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Chinese in Jamaica. Also St. George's College was the school of choice for many Jamaican Chinese and the book and its story is of special relevance to us.

The brothers Donald and Dennis Barnett are no strangers to StGC sports lore.

Hear this story!!! -Talk about a surprise, as Don Barnett our president put it, it was more of a shock reaction.

November 29th was a big day for Dennis, his 60th birthday, and he sat quietly with a small group in his Florida home celebrating.

Unbeknownst to him, brother Don and sister Cynthia had driven all the way

Dennis Barnett surprised
 by sister Cynthia at door

 down from Canada.

“Ring, Ring” rang out the phone in Dennis's home- "Hi Don", says Dennis, "how are things in Canada?" "Fine" says DB "just calling you to wish you happy birthday", and the chit chat goes on for a while, with Dennis not suspecting that his brother is outside his door.

Then the doorbell rings, Dennis opens it, and sees, to his utter amazement his beloved brother Don.

A couple minutes later, just recovering from the shock, the doorbell rings again. Dennis opens it and is confronted by sister Cynthia. Another shocker!

Dennis, your prowess in sports in the school’s jersey is legendary, the Toronto old boys and, we are sure, many other Georgians when they see this, will join us in wishing you belatedly, all the best.


Alma & Alty Lawton renewing their wedding vows

Talking about milestones- this one is hard to beat.

On Saturday October 4th at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Guelph, Ontario, Georgian Alty Lawton and his wife Alma stood holding hands together and repeated the wedding vows they had exchanged 70, yes 70 years ago in 1933-. WOW!!!!!

Just 15 days later on October 19th, Alty celebrated his 95 birthday.

Many friends and relatives gathered afterwards to celebrate with them at the Holiday Inn in Guelph.

Tony Sani

Our thanks to Tony Sani for his generous donation of C$1,000 to our chapter. This says lots about Tony, his commitment to St.George's and also appreciation for the work our chapter is doing for the school.

Thanks Tony, may others follow suit. The school needs all the support it can get.

In the news again is our Treasurer Ray Chang. Ray is on the Board of Governors of Ryerson University in Toronto. Several friends were invited to join the President of Ryerson, Mr. Claude Lajeunesse, at a reception at his residence in celebration of the naming of the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education and to express the University's sincere appreciation for Ray's outstanding leadership gifts and commitment to the University.

The Continuing Education programme at Ryerson offers over 1,000 courses encompassing more than 70 professional certificates.

As Ray commented at the reception "I have great appreciation for the kind of education Ryerson offers. It provides relevant programs that can change people’s lives."

Ray was also presented with a plaque and a chair.

Ray Chang receiving plaque from
 Ryerson President Claude Lajeunesse

You know the saying, "if you want something done give it to a busy person", and believe me there are few busier than Ray.

Ray, we and the community, appreciate your efforts in your various endeavors in Jamaica, Canada and especially on our own board. You set a shining example for others to follow and the tireless work in support of your causes is worth emulating.

We urge more Georgians to step up to the plate in support of our school.

Ray's appointment as well to the Board of directors of the StGC Endownment fund is welcome news. Our congratulations to him.

L-R: Clive (Elvis) Yap Sam, Calvin (Sugar) Chong, Alex & Robbie Vernon, Paul Chen, Don Barnett, Lloyd Chong, Franklin Lue & Patrick Lee showed the Alpha and Immaculate girls how it's done.

Many Georgian, Immaculate and Alpha alumni, were among the happy gathering at Lipton and Shirley Wong's for their annual Christmas Sing-a-long.

And sing we did, with back up provided by Calvin Chong and the “Over the hill Band”.

First up to the mike were Alex and Heather Vernon, followed by solos from the veterans Lloyd Chung, Clive Yap Sam (Elvis), Patrick Lee and Lipton Wong.

A little singing competition began as the impromptu mass choirs (save us Lord) of St.George’s, Alpha and ICHS, competed against each other with their selection of carols. From a George's perspective, we won (of course a biased opinion) due largely to the vocal help of Lloyd, Patrick and Lipton. Robbie & DonB contributed to the noise section of the choir.

There was great food, excellent company including renowned photographer Ray Chen who could be seen with camera in the group, clicking away, and we all had a great time.

Thanks Lipton, Shirley- great Christmas party!!

Quite a number of Georgians including Chris Chin and Charles Young had the opportunity to catch Lloyd Chung in concert with the Heritage Singers on Saturday November 15th at the All Nations Full Gospel Church. Lloyd has toured overseas with this well known choir and his warm tenor voice is often featured in solos.


Newleywed Craig Chen See &
 Micheline Lyew

Here is a good story surrounding the wedding of Micheline Lyew and Craig Chen See on November22/03.

Micheline has her Masters in Statistics from the University of Toronto and Craig is also a graduate from U of Toronto with an Engineering degree.

Amongst thousands of students at this highly esteemed place of learning, they, by chance, met and, noting a similarity of accents and desiring a commonality of interests and values, were drawn to each other, only to discover that their fathers were not only St.George's old boys but were good friends in school; and graduated the same year - 1963.

Bradford Chen See

Winston Lyew

Brandford Chen See from the school yearbook was described as 5B's songbird…alias "Elvis" with giant sized T.C with plans to become a mechanical engineer.

Winston Lyew "Casa", was described as excelling in Math, Physics, and Chemistry…. loves tinkering with engines, especially Hondas…. future a big question mark.

Where are they now?

40 years later

Brandford called "Brad" is an IT researcher at Canada Trust TD Bank.

Winston "Casa" pronounced "Casha" is a very successful medical doctor in Toronto operating out of the North York Hospital.

And so 40 years after that graduation day, with each going there separate ways, they are brought together again due to the flickering of sparks in two young hearts at the University of Toronto campus.

Talking about flickering of hearts, the World Youth Day and Papal visit in July 2002 in Toronto drew over seven hundred thousand youth from all over the world for a week of faith sharing and renewal for these young Catholics.

Alex & Carole

Among a small church group from Holcombe, Wisconsin was Carole Staudacher, who met a young Alexander Vernon while helping to carry some signs to a Pro-Life prayer vigil. They have been inseparable ever since and were engaged on U.S Thanksgiving weekend in Wisconsin on November/03. Alexander, our first StGC Scholarship winner is a law student at Ave Maria University in Ann Arbor Michigan and Carole a student at the University of Wisconsin in River Falls.

Important happening: For the first time, this year our dues and donations & newsletter revenue have topped the C$10,000 level; made up of newsletter ads $1,449,dues $5,499 and donations $3,437. Total $10,385 to be exact. Obviously you, our members, think what we are doing is of value. Keep it up, the school certainly is benefiting (over J$2,000,000 over the last five years). We also have annual scholarships going to Georgians and children of Georgians for educational purposes and are able to have fellowship by participating in scheduled events and via our newsletter, which now goes out to over 600 Georgian households.


DUES AND DONATION PAYMENTS MADE EASIER: Dues and Donations payments can now be made by credit card over the Internet. Just go to our website, and log onto the dues & donations section.

Flash: Summer Ball - Friday July 30th features Byron Lee & the Dragonairees PLUS The Fabulous 5. Book early - it will be a sell out.

Robbie Vernon

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