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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 38...Oct. 2003

President's Message

Donald Barnett

The Executive is greatly concerned in regards to the unwelcome news emanating from Jamaica about our Alma Mater. We intend to do as much as we can to help Fr. Dziak, who has our unquestionable support. We must strategize to help him attain his goals. (see Fr.Dziak's report page 5) We need your partnership in this endeavour.

Our major fundraiser was a huge success in terms of crowd, camaraderie and good times but unfortunately our financial gain was minimal. We were down even before we started because of the loss incurred from the required prepaid deposit with the hotel which, to our horror, went into Receivership three weeks before our dance. Our committee of Ray, Neil and Michael had to immediately find a replacement site to meet requirements. We are proud to acknowledge the professionalism demonstrated by these gentlemen who were again forced to attend to the myriad details implicit in these events as they effectively brought the whole process to a satisfactory conclusion. It has now become a priority to make up for this financial shortfall. We wish to collect as much as possible to meet our financial objective for the school. At this writing, my wife, Jennifer would hopefully have contacted you by now to ask for your support. This exercise is not meant to embarrass but to remind since it has been our experience that most of us wish to contribute but because of "Senior" moments forget to get the cheques in the mail. We have not increased our subscription of $25 since the Chapter's inception. Our newsletter is second to none, thanks to Robbie. With printing, postage and handling, it costs between $8-$10,000 per year. It is our desire to have the annual subscriptions at least cover this, leaving fundraising dollars for assistance to the school and, as well, our local commitments such as the annual $1,000 scholarship (see cover photo & story page 3) The phone contact was also designed to update our records such as: address changes, e-mail address, are you receiving the newsletter, and do you wish to continue receiving the newsletter. Every wrong address costs us money which deprives our school back home. The back page of the newsletter will advise where to direct your cheques. The other source of fundraising will be our Fall dance to be held jointly with our very dear sister school, ALPHA. It has been a very happy experience to hold hands with these Alpha ladies in our mutual endeavour (I still think of them as girls from the old days) led by Loraine Lee who happens to be the wife of Patrick, one of our George's boys. Her committee has been very dynamic in helping their Alma Mater back home. The date is October 25 and we need your support. Start salivating to Curry Goat and Jerk Chicken. It's only $35 each. You may contact any one of our Directors found on the front page of our Newsletter for tickets. As Eddie Chin puts it, this amount is a bargain because, had we put on two separate events it would cost twice as much so consider yourself blessed. Pat Garel and Eddie Chin are our two lucky Directors working with the Alpha "Girls" on this project.

1st V.P. Robbie Vernon, Brian Mitchell ($1000 Scolarship winner),
 President, Don Barnett and Treasurer, Ray Chang.

To further help the school, financially, the Old Boys down in Florida, led by Dennis Barnett are coordinating a fundraiser for March/April 2004 with music by Byron Lee & the Dragonaires. What better time for Northerners to attend a dance in the South than in wintry months? This group made up of prominent Old Boys like Ronnie Nasralla, Keith Noad and Dennis Chung to name a few, are expecting our support BIG TIME. What better excuse to go south? The New York, New Jersey, NC, Atlanta crowd should be clogging that corridor leading into Miami for this event. You may refer to our Directors or website for further info.
We need your support. We are Georgians and we are in this together. Many thanks!


Don Barnett



St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #38 



Robbie Vernon

You can tell lots of us are getting long in the tooth as the list of grandfathers grows.
Since our last newsletter Lloyd and Celina Chung had another granddaughter, and all below joined this honoured group being blessed with their first grandchildren- Randy and Jenton Fung, Daniel and Jo Jo Ho Lung, Francis and Maria Cooke and Paul and Melanie Bitter in Jamaica. The Lord did say, " Go out and be fruitful". These Georgians have certainly done their share and are here to enjoy the fruits of other generations.




Ed & Simone Chin

Yvonne & Gerry Lew

On May8/03 Ed Chin and Simone Phillips exchanged marriage vows in the beautiful setting of Negril, Jamaica. Ed is the son of our social director Eddie Chin and his wife Sworney (Alpha). Yvonne Lyew (President Immaculate Alumnae Assoc.) and Gerry Lew also tied the knot on August 30. Congrats to all.

Sad news of the passing of Sam Mahfood Food for the Poor), Val Chung in Florida and Ivor Best. Ivor gave us the Belize photo highlighted in our last issue. Our prayers go out to them and their loved ones left behind.

Don B (centre) congratulating Stan Chin & Robbie Vernon

Stanley Chin and Robbie Vernon were surprised and indeed pleased at the surprise gifts from their StGC executive colleagues to help them celebrate their retirement. This special presentation was made by president Don B at the executive meeting held at Ray Chang's home on May30/03. Stanley retired after 28 years with Zurich/Ing Insurance and Robbie as Manager, Group Risk Management, Business Markets, Central Canada for the Royal Bank - after 42 years service.

Congratulations to the Tsung Tsin Association of Toronto on their successful Mid Autumn Festival on Saturday Sept 6th with Hakka dinner, entertainment and dancing. Heather and I were caught up with this rich cultural heritage enjoyed by many of our Chinese Georgians and their wives. Singers Lipton & Shirley Wong, Patrick & Loraine Lee, Clive Yap Sam swooned the crowd with the more traditional western ballads.

Keith Lowe with Tina Lee & Kenneth Young

Congratulations as well to the Chinese Cultural Centre (CCC) and our Georgian director Dr. Keith Lowe on their successful summer fundraiser ball at the Toronto Convention Centre raising over $300,000 for the association. With tickets at $200, only the well established could afford the ball, and Keith was successful in arranging sponsors for two promising young people in the Hakka community to attend. Guess who these were? Tina Lee, daughter of our Patrick & Loraine Lee and Kenneth Young, son of Charles (Fredel) & Mavis Young. We commend the parents for the examples set and the youngsters for seizing on these values and exploring the richness of your cultural roots and sharing it with others.

U of Windsor wide receiver Joe Vernon congratulated by brother Alex

Joe Vernon son of Robert & Heather Vernon having completed the business degree (Coop Programme) from Wilfred Laurier University is pursuing the rigorous route of a combined law degree from the University of Windsor and Detroit Mercy University across the river in Detroit. Joe finds time not only to participate in the Big Brothers association, enjoying the mentoring aspect, but also devotes much time and effort to the football programme as a wide receiver on the Windsor Lancers. There was quite a celebration in Windsor when they handed the University of Western in London, Ontario a thumping in the seasons opening game. Believe it or not this was their first victory over that team in 25 years. Here Joe is captured after another victory, this time over York University. With him is brother Alexander; our first StGC scholarship winner, and himself a law student not far away at Ave Maria University in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Michael Charley & CASSA

The Mississauga News featured a series of articles - Aug. 15, Aug. 22 and Sept. 12 entitled "A killer Headache". This scary condition, a brain aneurysm, affects up to 5% of the population and the articles had very revealing information from the neurological experts such as Dr. Dennis Izukawa and Dr. Dominic Rosso at Trillium Health Centre. Over 71 brain aneurysm operations were performed at Trillium last year.

Only 30% of these patients live to see the next day and those that do need a lot of support to cope with the loss of memory, incoherency, depression and other short-term defects that are normally expected. Life will never be the same afterwards. Featuring prominently in this article was our Public Relations Director Michael (Buski) Charley, a brain aneurysm survivor as well, who was one of the founders of the Cerebral Aneurysm Survivor Support Association (CASSA). The article described Michael as "a Jamaican immigrant with a slim build, big eyes and an even bigger heart (isn't that our Buski). It went on to highlight the tremendous role he and the group are playing in helping the survivors return to the world with confidence.

Miss Vivia  E. Betton, Consul General, Mr. Lloyd Seivright, Mrs. Raphaelita Walker, Mr. Raymond Chang, Mrs. Grace Carter-Henry Lyon, Mr. Paul Barnett, Mrs. Mary Anne Chambers, Mrs. Valarie Steele, Mrs. Eileen Marshall and His Excellency Carl Marshall, High Commissioner.

The Jamaica Consul General to Toronto Vivia Betton spoke of this individual's personal commitment to the educational and social programs for inner city youth in Jamaica, his involvement with the St.George's Alumni Assoc. in Toronto and its big fundraising efforts. His Excellency Carl Marshall, Jamaica's High Commissioner for Canada, in presenting the Prime Minister's Medal of Appreciation, highlighted the recipient's confidence in the country of his birth with significant investments in Walkers Wood and Island Village. He also spoke of his tireless efforts for St. George's College both here with the Canadian Alumni Association and directly in Jamaica with the G.R. Chang Foundation. Both were talking of course about our Treasurer Ray Chang. Ray made a touching acceptance speech, mentioning that although he has lived in Canada twice as long as in Jamaica, as he put it "Mi yard de a Jamaica". He could not join the other recipients of this award at the special presentation in Jamaica, as he was busy- with? - You guessed it! - The St George's big fundraiser Dance on August 1th. This just shows his level of commitment to our association, and sets a fine example for all the directors and indeed the members on what our support level could be like. The other Award winners were however on hand to congratulate him at this special presentation ceremony on September 26th at the Consul General's office in Toronto.

Was I ever proud of Ray and cognizant as well of the high esteem with which he is held in Toronto. From the comments of the main speakers and those attending the reception it was obvious the strong presence the St.George's College Alumni Assoc. Toronto Chapter had in the Jamaican community.

The cancellation of our mass and family dinner on April 26th, due to concerns on the SARS outbreak, necessitated a change in plans for the presentation of our annual scholarship award. This was to take place at the family dinner.

Our scholarship winner this year, selected by our distinguished panel consisting of Dr. Keith Lowe, Dr. Louis Lee and Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong was Brian Mitchell.

Scolarship presentation reception:
Grace Williams, Brian Mitchell, Nadine Jackson,
 Patrick Smith (Skedron), Don Barnett, Lloyd Chung, Joyce Powell

Brian left St.George's College in 1998 with passes in 8 CXC subjects and 3 Advance (A level) subjects. He was a member of the historic 1997 Sunlight Cup Cricket team that won the trophy that year for the first time in several decades. He was an Honour Roll student, class monitor and prefect in the 13th grade. He is presently at the University of New Brunswick studying to obtain a BSc in Civil Engineering with emphasis on Structural Engineering. He is an Educational Proctor for his Hall of Residence and peer mentor for new engineering students. Brian expects to graduate in May 2004 and hopes to go on for an MBA, with a long- term goal of owning and operating his own Structural Engineering Consulting Firm. Grace Williams, daughter of famed Jamaican entertainer Ranny Williams, is his strong supporter in Toronto, where her home is a sort of home away from home for him. It was at her residence that the formal presentation was made on Sunday June 29th by our Treasurer Ray Chang, surrounded by Brian's close friends and supporters. It was a wonderful evening full of friendly Jamaican banter and "nuff" food to eat. Thanks Grace for your hospitality and for making this evening so special for us and for Brian.

A St. George's O.B. Cricket or Football XI Lunch time, Sat. June 21st. at Ronnie Nasralla's House, Miami, Florida. Back row:L-R: Louie Howell, Keith Noad, Frankie Lewis, Frank Watkins, Selly Mahwingkee, Gene Burkett M.D. Front: L-R: Wilfred Lai, Allie Binns, Ronnie Nasralla, Dennis Barnett, Richard Domville. Weslie Taylor is shown in insert.

Saturday June 21 was fun day at old boy Ronnie Nasralla's home in Miami, Florida. Other Georgians, getting together with him, are forming the nucleus of a support group in Florida for the Alma Mater. Hearing great things from Dennis Barnett on this, and we Torontonians are looking out for the Byron Lee fund-raiser dance in March/April/-2004.

Wesley Taylor was also at this event but arrived after the picture taking. (Picture inset)

Winston Cook, Cecil Naylor, Keith Noad and Wesley Taylor had a wonderful get-together at the Orlando home of Roy McCatty. The Florida boys are on the move!

Robbie Vernon

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