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Good & True 
ISSUE #36 
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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 36...Mar. 2003

President's Message

Donald Barnett

I am happy to report that our association saw positive financial results for the 9 months ending December 31, 2002.  Many thanks to you!  As much as our Fall dance fell short of our expectations, our treasury increased by a shade under $2,500. The fundraising dollar is stretched to the limit here in Toronto which will force us to strategize differently in the future. Our Liaison Director, Neil Dalhouse has just returned from Jamaica, where he went at personal cost to present our cheque for C$10,000 to the school. These funds are earmarked for a Basketball court and the re-surfacing of the Tennis courts. Neil reports enthusiastically in this newsletter on the Jamaica trip.

Fundraising dollars in the past have gone towards computers, tractor, books and other needy areas as defined by our Alma Mater.  We will hear from the school of their needs for 2004.  We will be presenting the bursary of $1,000 to a child of a StGCOB at our Mass/Dinner on April 26th. Please send in your applications (see page 3 for “How to” details). At this Mass and dinner we will be honoured to have as guest speaker, Archbishop Lawrence Burke, S.J., a StGC old boy. Don’t forget our AGM on March 30th at St. Aidan’s.

 It is easy to measure generosity in monetary terms but much more difficult to do so in qualitative terms such as service - time and knowledge given to a cause.  This is true of our entire executive, but mention must be made of our Public Relations Director, Michael ‘Buski’ Charley who comes to mind - our unspoken STAR who hates the headlines.  I won’t embarrass him more than I have to but his imprint on our achievements should be recognised by our chapter for his ‘Behind the scenes’ work, not only in showcasing our website which is second to none, but being custodian of our data base.  He has just recently been instrumental in developing the new feature on our website in the form of ‘Current news and views’ and his contribution to the success of our Summer Ball is noteworthy. His portfolio is an on-going chore, which takes much of his time and he does it out of love for his School.  Buski’s portfolio encompasses every aspect of our chapter and I know we would be lost without him.  MANY THANKS BUSKI!  YOU ARE A TRUE GEORGIAN!

This Chapter has had the urge for a long time to own a Recreation facility outside of Jamaica which would be entrusted to the School.  This could be seen as a focal point and permanent address for new arrival of ‘OldBoys’ to North America.  We are aware that our association is unknown to many new arrivals who could use some help in acclimatizing to this environment.  The permanent address would also help to perpetuate the existence of this source of fundraising for the school, which needs help.  This site is envisioned to be large enough to generate revenue for the CAUSE.  It would also be available for social functions to promote solidarity.  The BIG QUESTION:  How could we fund such an enterprise?  Any ideas?  The thought of PLEDGING is one of the many possibilities.  We have over 700 names in our database for Georgians worldwide. Your feedback is important. Please communicate to us in the format below.

Don Barnett

Would you be willing to pledge a donation to a building of this nature?
o  YES      o  NO
 Address To:    St. George’s College Old Boys Assoc.,
504 Karen Park Cres.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5A 3C6

or email us on the website:

Hope to hear from you.
Laus Deo Semper             

Don Barnett


Andrew Aarons prepare to take a bow after his performance
 at the Annual Christmas in the Caribbean concert in Toronto



St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #36 



Robbie Vernon

Lots to share with our readers since our last newsletter.       

            On Friday November 29th, our own Dr. Keith Lowe was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal for his many contributions to the Canadian community. Senator Vivienne Poy presented the medal in a ceremony at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Toronto.

Also there to witness the ceremony were his wife Amoy, and his sisters Ruby Vijaykumar from Red Deer, Alberta and Barbara Eckel from Atlanta, Georgia.

Success is no stranger for this former Head Boy and honour student at St.George’s. Keith graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and gained a doctorate from Stanford.

            He migrated to Canada in 1979 after 10 years with the Ministry of Education in Jamaica

Senator Vivienne Poy & Keith Lowe

            After stints of university teaching Keith joined the Ontario Public Service and now works as a policy analyst with the Ministry of Education of Ontario. He was a staff consultant to the House of Commons Special Relations Committee on the Participation of Visible Minorities in Canada.  He has been a director of the Ontario Multicultural Association for over 10 years and served a term as president. Keith was also largely responsible for the highly successful Hakka Conference in December 2000 at York University.

The Christmas season was then upon us with parties and celebrations galore.

Many Georgians were at the lovely home of Lipton and Shirley Wong for their Christmas sing-along party. We viewed the beautiful paintings decorating most of the walls, product of the talented Shirley who with Calvin Chung (Sugar)  and others entertained us with their dexterity on the guitar. Not to be outdone was the George’s quartet of Don Barnett, Robbie Vernon, Neil Dalhouse and Buski Charley, whose rendition of Elvis Presley’s ‘I can’t help falling in love with you’ had the ladies swooning. That’s what they say- there were other views.

Singing quartet, Don, Robbie, Buski, Neil

Talk about another success story. Lipton was himself a former Head Boy of St.George’s and Jamaica scholar as well, graduating with a B.Eng. from McGill and an MBA from York University.

On Sunday December 1, Arts and Culture Jamaica Inc, under the patronage of Ms Vivia Betton, Jamaica’s Consul General to Toronto, presented their annual Christmas in the Caribbean concert, an evening of music showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Jamaica to the wider Canadian audience. Heather and I were there not only to enjoy what we already knew, but particularly to support our own. Featured on the program was the Heritage Singers with our own Lloyd Chung.  Lloyd provided beautiful support to the male vocal section of the choir and his solo rendition of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song was unforgettable. Another featured artist was classical pianist Andrew Aarons, son of Dr. Gilbert and Adrienne Aarons. Andrew has won numerous competitions,both nationally and internationally since age 7. He has been guest soloist with a number of orchestras including the Toronto Philharmonia, Quebec Symphony and has made his Carnegie Hall debut in New York City. He will appear with the York Symphony Orchestra in May with the Saint-Saens Piano Concerto #2. On this occasion we were treated to insightful and meaningful interpretations of Schubert and Chopin.

Adrienne, Andrew and Gilbert Aarons after the performance

Gillie and Adrienne were visibly proud of their son and his musical accomplishments. So are we all and we wish him every success in this very competitive and demanding career.

Pat Ferguson (Uncle P) from our Care Committee updates us on the following:

On February 7, the legendary Frank Watkins alias ‘the Tester’ celebrated his 70th birthday. Anyone who thought he could keep goal was subjected to ‘the tester’ and if he could save it, he could indeed keep goal. From all of us Frank, keep testing, if not with the feet with the mind: to keep that fullness of life working for the benefit of self and others. On February 15, Donald Scott alias Concho and his wife Beverley celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

Also celebrating their 40th anniversary in February were Stanley and Jeanette Chin. Stanley is our Regional VP. They were married on Feb 3, 1963 with Frs. Quinlan and MacMullan officiating. Fr. Q, when you see this it should improve your record. I remember your telling me at the visit to the Campion center ‘bwoy- I don’t have too much luck with weddings!

Fr. Quinland blesses Stanley & Jeanette on Feb.3, 1963.
Below, they are seen here with Fr. Breen left & Monsignor Gerald Breen after renewing their vows.

Stanley and Jeanette renewed their vows at St. Thomas the Apostle Church with Monsignor Gerard Breen and Fr Basil Breen officiating. Congrats to you both and thanks for helping out Fr Q improve his averages.

Patrick (Skedron) and Norma Smith are as well celebrating the birth of their second grandchild Kyla, daughter of Bayette and Cathy.

Both Skedron and Lloyd Chung were very impressed with Brian Williams, engineering student in New Brunswick, when they visited him at the home of Gracie Williams in Toronto. Brian, despite several adversities, has been achieving excellent grades and is a proctor at the university. He hopes to graduate in March 2004. He was also very grateful for the assistance from the StGC Old Boys in Toronto.

Skedron, Brian Williams & Lloyd Chung

President Don Barnett and Jennifer, Heather and I spent a lovely evening with deacon Peter Rickards and Diana at their restored Brampton home. They have now settled back in nicely after the disastrous fire that had them living out of hotel rooms for months. Peter, our founding president, is attached to St. Jerome's parish and we attended the 5:00 p.m. mass, where he delivered a most moving homily - Peter at his best.

Diana & Peter Rickards

The evening was made even more pleasant by the presence of his pastor Fr. Vid Vlasic, and visiting seminarian Thomas Skydinsky. Diana was as mysterious as ever as she offered up one culinary delight after another .The poor clergy were blown over by the abundance of exquisite home cooking and I was pleased to see that the grand piano had been replaced and to get the opportunity in the glow of after dinner conversation, to try out its tone and sonorities. What a splendid musical instrument! What a delightful evening!

Fr. Ho Lung was back in Toronto on Feb1 &2 with his annual musical production fundraising for his Missionaries of the Poor, which is doing tremendous work in Jamaica, Haiti, India and the Philippines.  The production ‘Amazing Grace’ at the Burton Auditorium, York University, was a moving drama based on the life of a Jamaican mother from the ghettoes of Kingston who found it in her heart to forgive the killer of her son. Many were saying this was the best show in years and in speaking with Phyllis Chen, chief organizer, she was very appreciative of the individual and collective support of the Old Boys in Toronto for their St.George’s colleague and his work with the poor. She mentioned in particular the Toronto chapter’s contribution, making it possible for some children in the challenged Jane/Finch area of Toronto to see the show and benefit from the powerful spiritual messages inter-woven in the rich musical tapestry of reggae, ska, calypso and mento. Phyllis, we take our hats off to you for your tireless efforts for Fr. Ho Lung and his work with the poor.

The little ones with Fr. Ho Lung

Our prayers go out to Georgians who lost loved ones: Skedron and his beloved aunt Veronica Payton. Bill and Jimmy Valliant on the loss of their mother Carmen Valliant. Mrs. Valliant, I remember well from her art classes at St. George’s, a very refined and cultured lady. She also taught at Alpha for many years. We remember too, Lloyd Pinnock and his wife’s Aunt Cissie and Laddie & Terry Kong on the death of their father Arthur Kong.  Also just heard of the passing of Howard Wong - class of 1973, Pascal Wong Ken and Albert Richards brother of Joe Richards.

Our greater Georgian family shares in your collective grief. Glad to see that Celina Chung (Lloyd) and Pat Chin (Richard) are recovering well from recent Surgery.

Uncle P, again our thanks to your care committee for the cards, visits and the excellent job ensuring the old boys keep in touch with each other in times of need. I know you are also going to great lengths to reassure the widows of deceased Georgians that they remain a part of our family and are also kept in our prayers.

$1,000 SCHOLARSHIP GRANT- Deadline extended to April 1/2003. Applications are sought from all children of dues-paying old boys in Canada, who will be or are currently attending college/university. Past unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to reapply. All you need is to submit a profile of yourself including details on the choice of studies, why you chose the field and where you are or hope to be attending. In addition the successful candidate will also have expressed their own reason why he/she should be recipient of this grant. The award is not necessarily granted to the person with the highest grades. Community involvement and potential contribution to society are also factors.

Mail to: St. George’s College O/B Assoc.,
504 Karen Park Cres.
Mississauga, Ont.
L5A 3C6 

Robbie Vernon

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