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ISSUE #35 
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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 35...Dec. 2002

President's Message

Donald Barnett

It has been a hectic seven months since taking over as President.  It has, however, been very stimulating.  Our Summer Ball was a tremendous success following on the heels of our first ever Communion/Lunch with Fr. Hosie.  Sell-out crowds seemed to have been the order of the day.  Next came our family picnic which was a concerted effort including our very dear sister schools of Alpha and Immaculate.  I like to think of this union as the Trinity - three Alumnae in one cause, i.e. the welfare of our schools back in Jamaica.  Again, the turn out was pleasing.  In between all of this was a memorial Mass for Archbishop Carter, which was arranged and coordinated by our three Alumnae.  I see these events to be most important in showcasing the better side of our Jamaican identity.  The Jamaican image has been tarnished over time due to a small element of wrongdoers who have left an indelible negative mark… a mark on which we are unfortunately measured.  We must present the positive balance with every opportunity.

I was impressed by the outpouring of your generosity in response to my appeal for financial support.  This support came in the form of dues as well as donations.  To break it down,  $3,960 was received from within Canada and $2,617 was donated from our brothers living in the United States. This was a far cry from previous years. I would also like to thank all those "Old Boys" from both sides of the border who duplicated their annual benevolence. To you, our American patrons, we thank you for your allegiance to our Chapter here in Toronto.  We do appreciate your motive which benefits our school.  It really doesn't matter where you live as long as the beneficiary is common to all. We heard from three via the Jamaican connection who responded to our appeal.  We are still hopeful that our Jamaicans back home will continue to welcome our newsletter and will support our effort.

We just completed a one-day retreat lead by the dynamic Herb Phillipps Jr. who is presently commuting between Jamaica and Canada on business.  Herb found time to share his tremendous experience with us.  The thrust of the Retreat was to determine a strategy of attracting the youth of the day to carry on our tradition and support for our school.  Our present Canadian executive is made up mainly of Georgians who were mentored by Jesuits.  We realize that this crop of Georgians needs replacing at some point and our future is reliant on the new generation of post Jesuit Georgians.  We have to begin paving the way for our successors.  The Retreat was a most satisfying exercise and the younger members on our executive certainly came through in a big way, which has encouraged optimism.  It was realized from discussions that in order to attract the younger members, we have to promote our association more effectively.  It was also suggested that we begin to formulate a focal point to which our younger members can identify.  Our executive will be working towards these strategies and our membership will be kept abreast of our decisions, approach and progress.

The setting of example is a very effective way of attracting the younger generation.  One such example is the various volunteering works that this executive is involved with outside of the StGCOB association. This came to light at our recent retreat, and really shows the mettle of this group and why I am proud, as we all should be, to be associated with some movers and shakers in our community.  It's worthwhile to mention a few which represents a cross section of activities:

*          Weekly visits on two prison chaplaincy programmes;
*          Promotion and coordination of youth sporting activities;
*          Coordinating Community Financial advice workshops;
*          Running Soccer Associations;
*          Promotion Diversity community involvement & activities;
*          Pro-Life movement;
*          Meals on Wheels;
*          United Way;
*          CCA executive;
*          Pro Jam;
*          Canadian Cancer Society neighborhood canvassing;
*          Providing transportation for cancer patients to & from treatment Centers;
*          Co-founder & fundraiser for the Cerebral Aneurysm Survival Support Association (CASSA);
*          Organizer for the Terry Fox Run;
*          Heart and Stroke Foundation;
*          St. Vincent DePaul Society;
*          a Toronto University Board Member;
*          a Toronto Hospital Board Member;
         Creator of a Farm Project-Jamaica;
*          The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) mentor;
*          Church Financial Committees; ushers, etc.

It's obvious that this executive is BIG on volunteer work, which even transcends borders.

In closing, we are well on our way to financial stability, which is still reliant on your continued support.  As well, we are attending to the future of our association by investigating ways of attracting the younger Georgians.  They are our lifeline if we are to survive.  It is an on-going preoccupation with this executive and any ideas from you, the membership, are welcomed.  Laus Deo Semper.

Don Barnett

Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu shares a joke with Robbie Vernon



St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #35 





Robbie Vernon

Great news to share: Rick Garel, son of Patrick & Janice was valedictorian at his high school graduation from Markville secondary school. Rick is now enrolled in Engineering at Waterloo University. Way to go Rick! Patrick & Janice we share in your joy. 

Congrats too to our soccer star "Elvis" and his wife Michelle on their new daughter. 

Quite a number of Georgians joined Deacon Patrick Chang at a reception at St. Aidan Roman Catholic Church hall on July 13th to help him celebrate his 60th birthday.

Patrick and Jean are caught twisting the night away.  

Patrick & Jean Chang twisting on his 60th birthday

What a summer of celebrations:

On August 10th Lloyd and Celina Chung gave away their lovely daughter Hilary to Wayne Rowe. It was great to be with my classmate Lloydie for this important event. Patrick Smith (Skedron), Delroy DaCosta and Uncle P (Pat Ferguson) his close Georgian buddies also joined in the festivities.   

Hilary and Wayne: What a charming couple they make.

Lloyd Chung & daughter Hilary at her wedding

The same group of Georgians was again with Lloyd and Celina on Sunday October 13 for their 30th anniversary and Lloydie's 60th birthday celebrations. They were so pleased to have their son Steve and his family who came all the way from Switzerland.  

On August 17th beautiful Nadia Charley exchanged vows with Jerry Benedik in an idyllic setting at the Black Creek Pioneer Village. Nadia is the daughter of Michael (Buski) and Beba Charley. There was much fun, gaiety and laughter among family and friends celebrating with them and Nadia's charm radiated over the entire evening. What a lovely girl!   

Nicole, Michael (Buski), newlyweds Nadia and Jerry Benedik & Beba Charley

It was great to see Max Charley, his wife Lorna, and their lovely kids Christopher and Lisa. Yes fellows, I told them we did miss seeing them at our functions. Max and Lorna, hope to see much more of you now. 

A group of thirty Hakka Chinese including Georgians Patrick Lee, Arthur Yap and Ray Chang left Toronto on September 12th on a ROOTS tour of China. The first order of business was the nostalgic tour of Southern China, including several stops in villages in Guangdong Province, source of many of the Caribbean Hakka communities. They continued with a visit to a section of The Great Wall of China (6,000 kilometers), and to their amazement spotted a Georgian golf shirt and the wearer was none other than Marsden Chen, on a similar tour out of New York. What a coincidence. "Bwoy Georgians are everywhere!" 

They later toured the Forbidden City, in Beijing, which served as the seat of Imperial power during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911), and journeyed up the great Yangtze River to the Three Gorges. 

Wish we were there with you. 

Thanks Ray for sharing your photo with our Hakka Georgians.   

Pat & Loraine Lee, Marsden & June Chen, Levy Wong, Donette Chin Loy, Ray Chang

Congratulations to the Alpha Academy Alumnae Association on the huge success of their October 26th dance. There were so many Georgians there you would have thought it was a George's event - but isn't any Alpha or Immaculate event just that. As Don B our president says, "we are all one". The boys are still talking about the great time they had. 

Since our last newsletter we have had our moments of sadness and our prayers go out for the speedy recovery from illness of our Georgians and their families: Val Chong, the spouses of Tony Holbrooke (Tyrone's brother) and Frankie Chong; Fr. Geo Bardowell's sister, and Marie (Skedron's daughter) 

Our prayers too for the deceased Georgians and the families left behind: Arthur Williams, Roy McKenzie, Roy Taylor and Winston Long. Winston was at our August picnic. 

We are also saddened by the death of Eric Coverley, husband of beloved Louise Bennett; both of whom featured in our Feb2002 Newsletter. And as well Ian (Beeny) Roberts, Past President of the Jamaica College Alumni Assoc. Ian was at most of our functions and a leading light in the community. We grieve with his family and our J.C. colleagues. 

Our prayers too for the following Georgians who suffered the loss of relatives: Lloyd Pinnock, Clifton Chin, Pat Garel, Clive Yap Sam, and Max Charley who lost his teenaged daughter Lisa just days after the big get together for her cousin Nadia's wedding. What a loss: Max & Lorna we are with you. 

Our thanks to Uncle P (Pat Ferguson) and the care committee for the cards, visits and the excellent job ensuring the old boys keep in touch with each other at times of need. 

The death of the Most Reverend, the Honourable Samuel Carter S.J., O.J., Archbishop Emeritus of the Archdiocese of Kingston on September 3 was felt by all across the Caribbean and here too in Canada, and a memorial mass was held on Sept.9th at St. Aidan Roman Catholic Church in Scarborough. Bishop Carter was no stranger there. Celebrant was Rev. Joseph Fenech and officiating were Georgian deacons Patrick Chang and Peter Rickards. Our President Don Barnett read the first lesson; deacon Patrick the Gospel and deacon Peter delivered a moving eulogy capturing the highlights of a distinguished career, which included the founding of Campion College. What great teamwork in St.George's, Immaculate and Alpha getting together so quickly to organize this mass and tribute to a great Jamaican. 


For our website Buski Charley reports 1551 hits in September and advises they are now at the 2000 monthly level. We have Georgians checking in from The United States, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, India, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, New Zealand, South Africa, and of course Jamaica

Letters to the Editor: 

It was great hearing from so many of our readers and from such diverse locations; the Good & True will share some of the comments: 

Re  Issue #34 July, 2002 

To the Good and True 

My address is as shown in your files 

For the youngsters who read Fr. Hosie's recollections: Douglas Judah was the brother; the youngest of Frs. Sydney & Charles. The brick building was constructed 1913 when I was five years old and would be by their father Braham I. Judah, a civil engineer & Commissioner K.S.A.C. Of course none of you were born. 

Alty Lawton 

Editor's note: Alty at 93 is perhaps our oldest surviving Georgian. He lives in Guelph, Ontario and is an avid supporter. He was at our August picnic

 Fellow Georgians and Jamaicans, 

The Carter family would like to thank the Toronto Chapters of St.G.C.Old Boys Assoc, the Alpha Old Girls Assoc. and the Immaculate Conception High School Assoc. for honouring  and celebrating the life of the Most Rev Archbishop Samuel E Carter, S.J, D.D., O.J., O.D. We treasure the memories of the respect that was shown to him by all the people who attended on Sept. 9th, 2002. That mass and subsequent official funeral held on Sept. 11th, 2002 at the Holy Trinity Cathedral confirmed once again for all of us that the man we all knew as "Uncle Sam" was a significant and important person in the history both of the Roman Catholic Church and Jamaica itself. 

Again thanks to all. We will all preserve Archbishop Carter's memory if we live by his motto "That All May Be One", and his favourite saying "This is the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it".  AMDG 

Douglas G Carter, Mississauga, Ontario 

Editor's note: Thank you Douglas, Archbishop Carter was indeed very special to all of us. 


I graduated 55 + higher schools. In my time Fr. MacMullan was headmaster, Fr. Fuchs ran the boarding school,  Fr. Raftery was Mr. Raftery and Fr. Campbell was sportscaster - those days are long gone. 

I visit the island yearly and stay at Half Moon for two weeks. I have no relatives there as my parents were from Honduras and Ireland. 

I have much to be thankful for - not only to StGC but also to Campion Hall. 

I wish you the best of the best 

Dr. Patrick Mazier, Michigan 

Editor's note: Thanks Patrick, glad to see you enjoying our newsletters. Fr. MacMullan actually visited our chapter in Toronto before he died. Fr. Raftery was at the Thank you  visit we made to the Jesuits in Weston in Oct. 1999 (refer on webpage to Good & True issue#27 Dec. 1999).

From the other Letters to the Editor: 

Never has so few done so much for others. 

Bernard Chin, California

 A million thanks to STGC Toronto for doing all you do - Much Appreciation for the Good & True. 

Wilfred Lai, Miami

Outstanding newsletter- keep up the great work. 

Dr. Francis Wong, North Carolina 

 Editor's note: We appreciate the feedback. This is great encouragement to continue. 

Our thanks to Fr. Dziak and for the use of pictures.

Robbie Vernon

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