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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 34...July 2002

President's Message

Donald Barnett

Let me say that it's an honor to serve as your President. I wish to thank Warren, our immediate past president for his service to the association for the last 2 terms or 4 years. He has led us to this juncture of success, which allows for momentum to take us to the next level of enhancement and growth. I am excited to be part of the perpetual and positive development of our association. Thanks Warren.
I wish to thank the newly elected board of directors who represent the engine that drives our association. One can't overstate the importance of this body of directors for they are truly the makers and shakers of the association.

Let me now address the latest financial statement which is of immediate concern. You will see from Ray Chang's Treasurer's Report in this edition, that our financial situation is stretched to the limit and our one fundraiser fell short of target in 2001. Our desired contribution of $10,000 per year to the school had to be topped up by the benevolence of an old Boy. We can't continue like that! This objective has to be borne, not by a few, but by all of the members of our association. As such, I am forced to appeal to you. All our members, the bread and butter of our association, need to step up to the plate and support the common cause for the sake of our alma mater. It doesn't matter where you are, since our membership transcends international borders. We have a common cause and your financial contribution will be consolidated for our school in Jamaica. We rely on you, our membership, to support our fundraiser and contribute to the annual dues. It's obvious that we can't exist without your cooperation. The executive is your representative and your support is vital to the survival of the association.

Would you believe that our Jesuits of old are our most faithful contributors in spite of their vow of poverty? This should say something to those who have not taken the vows of poverty but have abstained from contributing. Our priests believe in our cause and our executive is motivated by their example.
Another cause for pride is the tremendous amount of complimentary feedback to the executive in regard to our newsletter. Robbie Vernon, a man of many duties, must take credit for this quality output. As Ray attests, we receive a $10,000 quality newsletter appreciated by many for a mere $4,400 all because of donated time by dedicated supporters. You can see why we are appealing to you for your contribution to the cause. We have enclosed a REMINDER with the newsletter for those of you who may have forgotten to send in your dues. As well, the reminder is also designed to allow for updates to addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.

Child's Month 2002 at St.G.C. A message to parents everywhere

As far as is known, we are the only newsletter in town and the demand is great. The cost is also great which is now well documented. In order to alleviate your having to remit on an individual basis, i.e. exchange conversion, stuffing of envelope, addressing and stamping, we suggest that you drop the money off with Fr. Dziak or his designate. We are asking just enough to cover the total cost of the newsletter in the amount of Ja$300/year. We thought of batching the 60 or so newsletters in one package which would certainly reduce the mailing costs but we felt that this method would be less convenient to you. 
In closing, by now, you will see where my energy will be focused. We must put the association in a financial position to help the school. This is a major mandate of the association. However, this will not be at the expense of our activities in Canada. We must continue to find opportunities of fellowship here in Toronto to foster our Jesuit spirit of St. Ignatius Loyola "teach me to be generous; teach me to serve you as you deserve, to give and not count the cost".

New Executive: Back, L-R: Ray Chang, Pat Garel, Milton Hart, Danny Ho Lung, Neil Dalhouse, Michael Charley, Warren Abbott.
Front: Pat Ferguson, Chris Chin, Stanley Chin, Don Barnett, (President), Robbie Vernon, Eddie Chin.



St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #34 





Robbie Vernon

Since our February newsletter Uncle P (Pat Ferguson) and the Care Committee have been busy with condolence/get well cards. Our prayers go out to Georgians who lost loved ones: Patrick Smith (Skedron), Devon Leckie, Dexter Lue, Wilbert Wong, Arthur Chai, Richard Domville, and Charles O'Connor. Charles lost his eldest and youngest sisters in the space of six months. Also received news of the passing of Andrew Johnstone, Keith Smith and Dickie Coke (K.C. old boy and Honorary Georgian). We mourn as well the loss of two senior Georgians: Pancho Rankine (see Neil's My Views page 10) and Calvin Bowen. Both Pancho and Calvin featured prominently in our 150th Anniversary celebrations (see Good & True issue #28 Feb.2000). They were strong beacons of light to the Georgian and, indeed, Jamaican communities. Calvin, who spent his working days at the Gleaner where he rose to prominence and was former News Editor and Assistant Editor, was very helpful in the unforgettable 150th Anniversary Supplement to the Gleaner.

Calvin Bowen

Recovering nicely is Alty Lawton, and at 93 he is probably our oldest surviving Georgian. Alty lives right here in Burlington, Ontario and Uncle P reports in chatting to him that although not in the pink of health as yet he hopes to be up and about again shortly (maybe in time for our Fundraiser with Fab 5 and Pluto Shervington on Aug 2nd.). Both he and son Pat are strong supporters of all our functions. Looking forward to seeing you there again this year Alty.

Had a long chat with Mrs. Alexander who has not been well, and not able recently to make it to our functions. Having spent over 32 years at St George's as secretary to so many headmasters, she is beloved by many former students. She spoke fondly of her eight - yes, 8 great grandchildren and reminisced about Chapelton and the Abrahams and Lopez families (she was an Abrahams) and, of course, St.George's College. We will have to capture some of these stories for another issue.
While on the topic of 'Grands' congratulations to recent Georgian grand-fathers; Paul Bunting, Patrick Smith (Skedron), and Lloyd Pinnock. Lloyd had two granddaughters 11 hours apart.

Philip Lee & his bride, Nicole

These were joyful times for Dr. Louis Lee and wife Claudette as on May 24, they shared in their son Philip's happiness on his marriage to Nicole Pequeneza.
Hey fellows!! - How about some relaxing exercises (Sounds like an oxymoron?)
Well, Heather and I joined in for Tai Chi classes every Wednesday evening 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the Tsung Tsin Association hall in Scarborough. Lots of other Georgians and their wives are there to keep us company - Alex & Ethlyn Ho Shue, Stanley & Jeanette Chin, Patrick & Loraine Lee, Percy Lowe Ching, Phillip Young, Ray Lodenquai and Gerry Lew. We find it different and most interesting for us as we learn from Tai Chi Master Nick Ho Tom, through numerous exercises, how to really relax. He is gradually opening up to us the theory, principles and practice of this Chinese discipline, which contributes much to fitness, health, and a balanced sense of well being.

Janice Garel with Markham Mayor,
 Don Cousens

Congratulations to a shining member of our community Janice Garel, wife of social director Pat. Janice, a distinguished artist, studied fine arts and design at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica and the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. She has hosted several Art exhibitions at The Kathleen McKay Art Centre, including some with her own works, and was recently presented with an Award for her outstanding contributions and service to the Markham community. Here she is seen accepting her award from Markham Mayor, Don Cousens.
Fr. Hosie, for many reasons, is very special to us here in Toronto. Who on the executive will forget his moderating efforts at the executive retreat in the tiny village of Collingwood in Ontario in September 1997. There we were, groping about with flipcharts in separate groups in efforts to map a course for the future of the Ontario chapter as we faced fatigue and burn out, and there he was moving from group to group challenging, stimulating ideas. How well we remember the very special mass in the cramped cabin? As facilitator Fr.Hosie brought a spiritual touch to the weekend activities and we really appreciated his surrendering his personal time to play a major role for us.

Get-together at Dalhouses. Photo by Louise

 Who will forget his quarterbacking from Boston with Neil Dalhouse in Toronto of our unforgettable 'Thank you' visit to the Jesuit Retirement Centre in Weston, Mass. in Oct. 1999? And here he was again with us for our Annual Mass and brunch. However behind the scenes and helping to make this possible were Louise and Neil Dalhouse who opened up their home to Fr.Hosie for his stay here. Louise and Neil, our thanks for playing host and making this possible, and for going even further with the splendid get together with present and former members of the executive. Those who were able to attend reminisced, shared views and chatted about almost every topic under the sun the school, church, priests, laity, friendships, life! God bless you Louise and Neil for opening up your home and allowing for these special moments that have great meaning to us and I'm sure to Fr. Hosie as well.

Tai Chi class

The AGM on March 24th ushered in the new executive team. Good to see some new faces: Milton Hart, our new Sports Director, Pat Garel, Social Director and Eddie Chin, Co-Social Director. Our outgoing President Warren thanked the executive for their efforts during his term of office and our new President Don Barnett spoke of his eagerness to take the chapter to the next stage as it continues in its efforts for the school.

Last chance to see Saskia Garel in The Lion King. She is on again in the role of Nala, but this run will end in August. She gives a great performance!

'Sports Corner'- Look out for this section as a regular feature in our next newsletter. St. George's and the Jesuit influence has always emphasized the rounded person and in addition to academics, sports has been a part of our psyche. Great to see emergence of new sporting activities such as basketball and the school's success in this.

We have a rich legacy in Sports and this section should be of interest, which brings us to:
'Letters to the Editor'- We welcome suggestions, ideas, and news. This is your magazine. Send us your articles, photos. Write us at our mailing address on the back page of this newsletter or Email (attachments in Word or Wordperfect) via our Alumni Listing section on our website:

Robbie Vernon

Please drop us a email if you read this Newsletter online.

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