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Good & True 
ISSUE #33 
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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 33...Feb. 2002

President's Message

Warren Abbott

Greetings and best wishes to my fellow Georgians, our families, friends and supporters.  Our prayers go out for the ailing and deceased relatives and friends.

      With our upcoming AGM on Sunday, March 24th, this will be my last newsletter as President of the chapter and it's time to say thanks.  First of all, let me say an overwhelming thank-you to the other members of the executive without whom I would surely have gone down in flames.  Talk about being the wind beneath my wings. Gentlemen, your support has been amazing and you continue to impress with the love and dedication that you so obviously have for our alma mater.  Robbie, Ray, D.B, Stanley, Uncle P., Buski, Lloydie, Neil, Chris and Danny, thanks to you, we have managed to pull off another successful term during which we were able to provide meaningful contributions to the school while also providing spirited and entertaining opportunities for fellowship amongst the old boys.  For those of you who may not know it, those two things are key components of our chapter's aims and objectives. I also want to thank previous members of the executive (Bob Wills, Pat Garel and Francis Cooke) for their time and support during their tenure on the executive. 

For the obvious reason of space restrictions and also the fact that I would probably forget a key name and cause major grief, it's not my intention to name everyone that I really would like to thank individually, but I certainly want to thank all of the old boys, friends of old boys, visiting Jesuits and all who have supported me and the association during these past four years.  Last, but by no means least, I want to thank the wives and families of the executive members for generously allowing them time away from their families to help out with this family.

Remember the $1,000 scholarship deadline is March 20 (see page three for details) and mark your calendars for these upcoming events which are all on our website

March 24- Sunday, 1:30 p.m.
 - Annual General Meeting St. Aidan's Catholic Church

3501 Finch Ave. E. Scarborough, between Birchmount & Warden

April 14 - Sunday 12:00 noon 
- Mass & Family Brunch

Milliken Mills Community Centre
7600 Kennedy Road, Markham (North of Denison Rd.)
$20.00 per person, children under 12 - FREE
$1,000.00 Scholarship Presentation
Special Guest: Fr. James Hosie, S.J.

August 2 - Friday (1st Day of Caribana Weekend)

6:30 p.m. - Annual Summer Ball
International Plaza Hotel, 655 Dixon Rd. Mississauga
Music by The Fabulous Five

August 18- Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Family Picnic with Alpha & Immaculate
Milne Park, Shelter Area/Lakeview, McCowan , S. of Hwy 7.

While my term is coming to an end, I won't be disappearing into the woodwork and look forward to working with the incoming President, and his executive.  Before I go however, I would like to continue to stress that we need and welcome your support, your ideas and most of all, your help and involvement with the association. We need to keep the channels of communication open and moving in both directions. Without a doubt, we can definitely as a matter of fact, we can only do it if we do it together.  God Bless.  A.M.D.G.

Warren Abbott




St. George's College 
Old Boys Association 

Good & True 
ISSUE #33 





Robbie Vernon

I share with our readers some good news: Leilani Garel, daughter of John and Cecile Garel, has received the 'Fogarty Award'.  This is from the Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario and is granted for leadership in social and charitable activities.

Leilani Garel

Leilani must be thankful for the talents given her by God and being allowed to shine as an example for our youth. We certainly need this.


Congratulations Leilani, congratulations John and Cecile- the chip hasn't fallen far from the block.

* * *

Our prayers go out for the speedy recovery from illness of our Georgians and their families: Donny Ettrick, Pascal DePass, Carly Morales, Keith Loundes, Neville Russell and Winston Cooke. Winston was a former executive on our Toronto chapter, and contributed significantly to our association before, Joan, he and the family moved down to Florida. 

Our prayers too to Georgians who lost loved ones: Uncle P (Pat Ferguson) Errol & Derrick Shim, Greg Lee; Kirk Chin, Robin & John Gyles and Maurice & Owen Cooke. To your deceased relatives as well may they obtain the eternal peace promised by our saviour.

Thanks Uncle P for the many cards sent out on behalf of our association and your sterling work on our Care Committee.

* * *

Sad news to report as fire destroyed the family home of Deacon Peter Rickards over the Christmas season. Fortunately no one was hurt, but I know there must have been sadness at the loss of precious personal effects, and particularly the grand piano.

* * *

Two members of our executive are in celebratory moods these days having become grandfathers for a second time. Bob Wills and Lloyd Chung.

Fellows, we await cigars.

* * *

      Expanding the family ties were Danny &  JoJo HoLung as they are caught celebrating with their son Mario and his new bride on Nov 1, 2001.  

Danny & Jojo HoLung with their son Mario & his bride Cindy

* * *

      On November 4th last the executive had a special meeting with selected guests who, it was felt could be encouraged to contribute more to our chapter. Ray Chang played host and twelve of the invitees showed up. President Warren gave a brief outline of the history of the Toronto chapter since its inception in 1984, with two of the foundation members Robbie Vernon & Neil Dalhouse both still present. The guests were informed on the workings of the executive with respect to its major annual projects, and their guidance and insight were sought on these and the direction they thought the executive should take the association in the future. They all were asked to attend the AGM on March 24 and consider positions on the next executive.  While all may not wish to be on the board, those desiring to take a more active part in our association on committees, etc. were invited to sign on before leaving: The following did: Tony Sani, Fen Chang, Milton Hart, Josh Thompson (tel. Committee), Charles Young (for projects), Alex HoShue, Clive Yap Sam, Frederick Russell, Patrick Lee,  Derrick (Mello) Melville.  

Don Barnett, Alex HoShue, Milton Hart & Tony Sani in background.

At our subsequent December executive meeting it was decided that all those who signed indicating their willingness to take a more active part in the association's activities would be invited to be part of an advising Council to the executive.

* * *

Msgr. Gladstone Wilson Awards Banquet

Pancho Rankine & Anthony Hill

 Awards were presented to two outstanding Georgians at a reception held on Dec. 1, 2001. They are Mr. Pancho Rankine (class of 1935), well known for his philanthropy, and in the sporting world, and Ambassador Anthony Hill (class of 1954, see photo page 5), for global diplomatic accomplishments on behalf of his country. Dr. Michael Witter made the presentation address outlining the achievements of  Pancho Rankine and Dwight Nelson did the same for Ambassador Hill. Both awards were presented by Herman Athias, president of the Old Boys Chapter in Jamaica, which sponsored the function.

Ray Chang, our treasurer, presented our annual donation to the school in the form of a cheque for Cdn. $10,000. This was accepted on behalf of the school by Mr. Lloyd Fearon, headmaster.

A bit about the late Monsignor Gladstone Wilson, PhD, D.D, D.C.L, C.B.E  (class of 1921)

An internationally-recognized scholar with doctorates in Canon law, Theology and Philosophy, and the first native Roman Catholic diocesan priest in Jamaica, he was named the St. George's College Student of the 20th century, and inducted into the St.George's College Hall of Fame in the dual categories of Education and Religion.

Msgr. Wilson obtained three doctorates by the time he was 30, and spoke several languages fluently, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Latin, Greek and Hebrew.

* * *

Lloyd Chung's vocal talents are in great demand as he continues with his hectic schedule with the Heritage Singers and is caught here with them on their recent tour to Mexico. The group represented Canada at the International Folk festival and paraded through the streets of downtown Zacatecas, where the media reports had them as crowd favourites. Current engagements include their participation in the pantomime "Augus Mawnin" at the convocation hall at the University of Toronto, and a busy schedule ahead for the rest of the year.   

Lloyd Chung, 9th from left with Heritage Singers in Mexico

* * *


Laddie Kong in Miami wrote:

Dear Georgians,

I resent your new website!

Are you trying to make me and the rest of us Georgians in other parts of the world feel bad!  You are hot or wat?

Best Wishes on the site. You guys are a source of inspiration. You keep up the good work.

* * *  

Seen at the ICHS Communion Breakfast with President Yvonne Lyew are
 L-R: Robbie Vernon, Ray Chang, Buski Charley, Fr. Jules Wong,
 Deacon Patrick Chang & Lloyd Chung.

At the October 26th Mass and Communion breakfast of the ICHS Alumnae Association, Yvonne Lyew, the energetic president, was visibly pleased at the large turnout of StGC old boys, including the celebrant Fr. Jules Wong (class of 1959 - same as Lloydie & Robbie on the executive) and Deacon Patrick Chang who assisted at Mass.

Buskie and DonB laid into the mackerel & banana. 

* * *

$1,000-Scholarship Grant  - deadline extended to March 20, 2002

Applications are sought from all children of dues-paying old boys in Canada, who will be or are currently attending college/university. Past unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to reapply. All you need to do is submit a profile of yourself including details on the choice of studies, why you chose the field and where you are or hope to be attending. In addition the successful candidate will also have expressed their own reasoning behind why he/she should be the recipient of this grant. The award is not necessarily granted to the person with the highest grades. Community involvement and potential contribution to society are also factors. 

* * *  

We have just received news of the passing of Monsignor John A. Meaney who was Senior English Master at StGC 1956-1957. Msgr. Meaney (July 24, 1915-February 13, 2002) also served as Headmaster of St. Mary's College, Above Rocks, St. Mary from 1960-65.

In recent years, Msgr. Meaney was a driving force in planning to build a chapel on Cayman Brac. If you would like to honour his memory by helping with the chapel's building fund, please send your donation directly to: Mr. Gerald Kirkconnell, P.O. Box 893, G.T., Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, British West Indies.

Robbie Vernon

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